Riseup Labs has developed the myGov Mobile Application. They are also providing maintenance and change management services for the myGov app.


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What is myGov?

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myGov is a single application where you will get all government services. The services of various government institutions of Bangladesh Government are provided through a single digital platform called 'myGov.'

The 'myGov' platform has been developed under the Aspire to Innovate (a2i) program, which is already being implemented by the Information and Communication Technology Department and the Cabinet Department and is managed with the support of UNDP. Digital services of all ministries will gradually be added to the myGov platform so that people can access all government services from one platform. It is also possible to provide any type of document and payment online through this app. You can receive services quickly at a low cost in less time. Along with these services, identity verification of the service recipient has also been arranged through the Porichoy platform.

Benefits of myGov App

Benefits of myGov App

myGov is a single platform that allows Bangladeshi citizens to access government services such as submitting necessary documents, paying fees online, and tracking application updates.

Access to Government Services

myGov provides 172 services across seven categories, with plans to expand the range of services available.

Users can obtain service inquiries, make applications, and receive post-application updates using voice commands.

The identity of the applicant is confirmed through the NID of the citizens.

myGov offers support via a call center that can be reached by dialing 333.

The platform automatically connects users to the closest digital center for additional support.

Problems faced by Aspire to Innovate (a2i)

Aspire to Innovate (a2i) was facing problems with the myGov website. So, they wanted to develop a mobile app to give better service to the citizens. The scope of Work for the myGov app is concerned with the services of the government. So the tasks are also based on them.

Here is the scope of Work for Riseup Labs to develop the app:

  • Integration
  • Dashboard
  • Notifications
  • My Gov Promo
  • Service Access
  • Service Tracker
  • A Training Manual
  • Profile Management
  • Govt Gate Visit Pass
  • Value Added Services
  • Mobile Service Builder
  • Post Live Support Activities

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Features of myGov App

myGov aims to simplify the process of accessing government services by providing a single platform for all relevant activities. With its convenient features, including voice-activated inquiries and automatic connection to the nearest digital center, myGov is well on its way to becoming the preferred choice for accessing government services. Explore the features of the myGov App.

Profile Management:

  • Login and registration for citizens
  • Login and registration for Govt. officers
  • Identity verification through NID/BRN/Passport etc.


Profile Update:

  • Multiple account management
  • Accessibility
  • Account settings


Service Access:

  • Easy search and Navigation within service categories
  • Category-wise service showcasing and searching capabilities
  • Showcasing Recent, trending, popular, and recommended services
  • Service-related information such as necessary attachments, payments, service delivery time, etc.
  • Service application filling up, uploading attachments, and submission
  • Preview and draft facilities before application submission
  • Service bookmarking and invitation
  • Application launching on behalf of others' profile



  • Push notification for recommended services, trending services, new update releases, etc.
  • Application related notification
  • Reminders of draft application bookmarks, profile completeness, etc.
  • Centrally information broadcasting facilitie


Dashboard & Mobile Service Builder:

  • Application statistical and detailed information
  • Service configuration
  • Application form building


Services of myGov App

Services of myGov App

Citizens of Bangladesh can access necessary services through the myGov Mobile app. There are 172 different services across 7 categories. Explore the service categories of the myGov App.

  • Land and Lease related services
  • Certificates, Attestations, Non-objections, and Permits related services
  • Grants, allowances, and loans related services
  • Training related services
  • Education related services
  • Internal (Government Officers-Employees) related services
  • Freedom fighter-related services
  • Personal Application related services
  • Finance and Banks related services
  • Registration and Licensing related services
  • Law and order and justice-related services
  • Agriculture related services
  • myGov for Expatriate related services

myGov App Impact on Users

MyGov is a citizen engagement platform launched by the Government of Bangladesh to promote the active participation of Bangladeshi citizens in their country's governance and development.

Through the mobile App, the country's citizens now have access to the necessary services. It also allows users to upload documents, submit applications, and get 172 different types of government services.

So far 37 Lakh members have registered on the platform to get access to necessary government services.

Why Do You Need myGov App?

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myGov is very crucial for the citizens of Bangladesh. If you need access to various government services, then the myGov mobile Application allows you to get the following services submitting necessary documents, paying fees online, and tracking application updates. 

Know the reason why you need to use myGov Mobile App:

  1. If you need Land and Lease related services
  2. If you need Finance and Banks related services
  3. If you need Registration and Licensing related services
  4. If you need Law and order and justice-related services
  5. If you need Agriculture related services
  6. If you need Certificates, Attestations, Non-objections, and Permits related services
  7. If you need Grants, allowances, and loans related services
  8. If you need Training related services
  9. If you need Education related services
  10. If you need Internal (Government Officers-Employees) related services
  11. If you need Freedom fighter-related services
  12. If you need Personal Application related services

There are more government services you can access via myGov mobile App. Besides, you can get instant Call center support by dialing 333.

myGov App FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the myGov mobile app. We have noticed that most of our buyers seeking professional mobile app development solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. It will help you to get an instant answer. Contact us for more information.

Is it possible to request a service without registering in the App?

You have to register using your cellphone number to use the myGov service.

If you are an authorized individual, then you may submit applications on behalf of the service receiver.

  1. The profile may be used to hold important data and documents needed for service applications.
  2. During the service application, all of this data and documents may be utilized without being uploaded.
  3. By login onto the profile, applicants may view the details and most recent application status for all departments.
  4. The profile's data and documents may occasionally be updated by making modifications.
  5. The application form will automatically fill in the required fields with the data from the citizen profile.

The tracking number obtained at the time of Application may be used to find out the most current application status after clicking on the link for the Application's current status. Additionally, the service manager will be able to tell you the status of the submitted applications.