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Summary of Corona Gov Website Information Management System


Most people infected with the virus experience mild to moderate respiratory illnesses and will recover without special treatment. On this website, you can find information and guidance from WHO regarding the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak that was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019.


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Communication is everything in a health emergency. Without public health information at our fingertips, many would-be dangerously under-informed about the scale and severity of the issue.

Bangladesh's government is closely monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak. This website features important advisories, guidelines, resources, and materials on the COVID-19 outbreak for all Bangladesh country duty stations, offices, personnel, and their families, visitors, and healthcare workers, as well as advice on maintaining wellness. It is updated with the latest available information.

What is Corona Gov Website?

COVID-19 Open-access data and computational resources are provided by federal agencies, including NHI, public health, IEDCR public consortia, and private entities, and are available on this website. This website provides information on the current status of Covid-19, wearing masks and social security, information on vaccinations, corona prevention, and corona healing.

Corona News Is Available On Twenty Four Hours
Purpose of the Corona Gov Website

The purpose of an information-centric website is to convey specific, helpful information to a specific user/audience so that the reader learns something new or understands a topic better. These websites are geared around more actionable information and may contain “how to’s”, tips and tricks, fix and repair, guidance, support information, directions, instructions, etc. This website is designed to be easy to navigate and frequently updated in order to keep users coming back for more information. Users can be made more engaging by using dynamic content, such as videos, podcasts, slideshows, etc.

The main purpose of this website is to design an interactive site that makes the entire experience more interactive and interesting for the user. Websites that are designed with this approach are not only visually appealing but fun to use as well.

Healing of Corona
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How will this help users?


  1. Users will see the current status of COVID-19 by the last 24 hours, seven days, & 30 days.
  2. Helping to understand the principles of concern for COVID-19 symptoms and actions.
  3. Users will want more information about the latest government directives, press releases, and vaccine information.
  4. Importance of severe acute malnutrition as a public health problem.
  5. Helping to understand the prevention and cure of COVID-19.
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Why is this important?

  1. The whole user interface is very simple and understandable to all users.
  2. The website has detailed content of COVID-19 related information.
  3. The website has covered proper prevention and cure knowledge about COVID-19, with interactive content.
  4. The website materials and content reviewed by relevant presenters from
    • DGFP- Directorate General of Family Planning
    • DGHS- Directorate General of Health Services
    • a2i- Aspire to Innovate
    • Cabinet Division
    • ICT- Information and Communication Technology Division
    • UNDP- United Nations Development Programme



The website has easy navigation, attractive design, and relevant content which is user-friendly. The website has well attractive user authentication, data visualization, & process.

Trending News on COVID-19

The website has lightweight, extendible text content. The main features of this module are given below:

  • Simple, clean, and beautiful texture.
  • The current information about the corona is shown by
    • 24 hours
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
  • Number of sample test
  • Number of identified corona patient
  • Number of recovery patients from corona
  • The number of dying patients.
Trending News on Covid

Social Security

Users can view any data of covid related information. The main features of this module are given below:

  • Responsive design
  • Interactive images
  • Four major areas of getting information - COVID-19, community services, emergency services, better future.
  • Rules for wearing masks.



The website is built with an attractive and accurate layout that is attractive to the end-user and makes them spend a lot of time on the website.

  • Visual design
  • Interactive graph
  • Real-time data
  • User interactive graph
  • Vaccine related information
  • Emergency call center
Website Layout

Vaccine Related Information

The website contains information on all lightweight vaccines. The main features of this module are listed below:

  • Content of how the Covid vaccine works
  • Process to register
  • Vaccine side effects
Vaccine Related Information

Prevent of Corona

The main features of this module are listed below:

  • Content on handwashing rules
  • Details topic on corona patient care
  • Follow the hygiene rules to prevent corona
  • What to do to keep children safe in Corona.
Prevent of Corona
Mask Wearing

How will this platform impact the responsiveness of browser and device?

Our responsive web design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. Below are the features for browser and device responsiveness:

  • Our built-in visual composer ensures that the website design will automatically be adapted for mobile devices.
  • Our powerful stacking controls adapt the layout for the mobile and enable the content to be displayed in the desired order.
  • We adjust backgrounds, paddings, and margins and add various background effects like CSS animations, gradient overlay, and parallax.
  • Hide and show elements.
  • Browser size changes.
  • Browser zoom-in and zoom-out.
  • Screen resolution changes.
  • Design a website with a flexible grid that can be easily resized to any width dynamically.
  • Provide various styles for the browsers and devices based on the context, such as the orientation of the device, viewport, etc.
Prevention of Corona



The website has easy navigation and a well-structured backend panel. It’s responsible for storing and organizing data, and ensuring everything on the client-side actually works. The backend communicates with the frontend, sending and receiving information to be displayed at the front website.


Our system will integrate a well-structured backend into the system. The main features of modules are given below:

  • Robust structure search layout to find data easily.
  • The data is visualized in a more efficient way.
  • Data is visualized by
    • Infected 24 Hrs
    • Infected Total
    • Recovered 24 Hrs
    • Recovered Total
    • Death 24 Hours
    • Death Total
    • Test 24 Hrs
    • Test Total
Statistics of Backend Website

Page Categories

The main features of this module are given below:

  • Users can easily add a page category by inputting page name, category name, and status on the front page.
  • Users can also view the page category table by
    • Name
    • Slug
    • Status
    • Created date



To add a new page the user needs to create a section from the backend panel using the following fields:

  • Select category
  • Title
  • Short Title
  • Slug
  • Body Message
  • Photo
  • Select Status
Pages of Backend Website.

Press Release

To add a new press release the user needs to create a section from the backend panel using the following fields:

  • Select Type
  • Name
  • Src Type
  • Release Date
  • Status
Press Release

Hospital Excels

The main features of this module are listed below:

  • Export the data in .csv format.
  • Import the data in .csv format.
  • Users can see all hospital-related information from the backend panel.
  • Users can change the status of the dataset.
Hospital Excels

User Role

The admin can see all the details of the user. The main features of this module are listed below:

  • Superadmin, admin can see user details
  • Superadmin can customize user profiles together with custom user registration, login, password recovery, and account customization
  • Role’s editor
User Role of Backend Website


The Result

The COVID-19 pandemic, though a global health emergency, has exposed the vulnerabilities of migrant workers in developing economies like Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi people can always get information from the corona gov website to protect themselves from the Corona epidemic.

This website provides clear and practical guidance for inpatient treatment and management of COVID-19. This website is fit for most people in Bangladesh.

Website Screenshots

Cured of Corona
Prevent the Corona
Screenshot of Latest News Section
Hospital Bed and ICU Service
Government Instructions
Diving Into Technology
Technology Used

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