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Adolescent Nutrition Training
Adolescent Nutrition Training
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Nutrition e-Learning Platform
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Nutrition e-Learning Platform in a nutshell


  • Client Name: UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Publisher Name: UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Developer Name: Riseup Labs
  • Application Type: Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Platforms: Mobile and Web
  • Published On: The Google Play Store, Web
  • Total Downloads: 90000+ ( Ninety Thousand+ )
  • Release Date: 8th October, 2020
  • Product Working Type: Completed
  • Product Device Type: Mobile and PC
  • Product Type: e-Learning Management System 
  • Category: Web and Software Development
  • Development Period: 22nd June, 2020 to 29th September ,2020


The E-learning field is trendy now, and for the right reasons. Throughout the most recent couple of years, natural learning software has seen jumps in contribution. This total learning experience is fun, intelligent, and eventually engaging. So what precisely is an E-Learning Platform? 

An internet learning stage is an interactive arrangement of intelligent online services. It gives mentors, students, and others associated with training with data, devices, and assets to help and upgrade the management and delivery of education. One kind of E-Learning platform is the learning management system (LMS).

What’s in the Nutrition e-Learning Platform?

The nutrition e-Learning platform is an online training system and animated training materials on Adolescent Nutrition knowledge for service providers and adolescent club members.

According to the WHO- World Health Organization, adolescents fall under 10-19 years.

It is a training portal with an animated presentation slide of all sessions. 

There is a login system where users can log in and participate in the training courses. There will be six modules with various topics. It also provides a FAQ section after each session. At the end of each session, there will be an assessment in which the user will get 80% marks to get a certificate.

Nutrition E-Learning Platform Mockups

How will this help users?


The participant will learn about:

  1. Nutrition status of adolescents in Bangladesh


  2. Components of adolescent nutrition Interventions and process of formation of the Student Adolescent Clubs at Secondary Schools 


  3. Component of the nutrition education session and how to conduct nutrition session at secondary schools through Student Club


  4. How to categorize nutrition status among students at secondary schools through measuring individual weight and height and calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) by students themselves


  5. Causes and prevention of anemia and implementing steps for weekly Iron Folic Acid (WIFA) supplementation among girls at secondary schools


  6. Know about deworming week and process of a referral system between School and Adolescent Friendly Health Facilities

UNICEF has prepared presentations for FACE to FACE training for the online training modules with some modifications. The representations are animated and include voice-over.

This platform teaches about the importance of adolescent nutrition in Bangladesh, teach about adolescent nutrition services and adolescent nutrition management strategies, and help people gain implementation skills.

Why is this important?
  1. The whole training materials and user interface is very simple and understandable to all types of people.
  2. In the training, proper nutrition knowledge has been covered in a limited amount of time, with animation and voice over of six modules in total.
  3. The training materials and scripts were reviewed by relevant presenters from: 
  • DSHE- Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (Bangladesh)
  • NNS/IPHN- Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (Bangladesh)

Impact of the Platform

E-Learning Website and App Model Development Services

Total Registered Users: 103624 and countingTotal Attended Users: 90864 and countingTotal Passed Users: 76848 and countingCertificates Download: 75533 and counting



  • You will see the overview of all upcoming courses and easily find your courses by searching. 
  • To enter each training, you should log in and join the training.
  • The homepage will feature the upcoming courses.
  • The full Course is downloadable in the course section.


  • The training system is controllable from the backend.
  • The website controller can create a new training under the category by adding a course, creating modules, and selecting sessions. 
  • The total number of download certificates, complete registration in each training, Gender wise by Division/District/Zila/Upazila is also there.
System requirement to use the Platform
  • Android 4.4 and above
  • Ram 1 GB
  • Quad-core, 1.3 GHz
  • Network 2G, 3G
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The Modules

Module 1: 40 minutes The importance of adolescent nutrition
Module 2: 25 minutes Adolescent nutrition activities & implementation strategies
Module 3: 35 minutes Adolescent nutritional status diagnosis & monitoring
Module 4: 30 minutes Adolescent nutrition education
Module 5: 45 minutes Adolescent anemia and ways to cure it
Module 6: 45 minutes Physical exercise activities

Who can do this course?

The course is primarily developed for the teachers' training so that they can get a complete insight. Even adolescents and other people can learn a lot from the system directly. 

They are:

  • Deputy Director of Education
  • District Education Officer
  • District Training Coordinator
  • Upazila Secondary Education Officer
  • Thana Education Officer
  • Thana Secondary Education Officer
  • Senior / Junior District Health Education Officer
  • Health Inspector and Assistant Health Inspector
  • Health assistant and sub-assistant community
  • Head teacher
  • Assistant Headmaster
  • Assistant teacher
  • Guide teacher
  • Upazila Academic Supervisor


Total Registered Users who did this course is 1,03,624+

The History

Background of Nutrition e-Learning Platform

According to the plan, NNS/IPHN, and DSHE jointly developed Operational guidelines for adolescent nutrition interventions with technical support from UNICEF. 

NNS/IPHN, DSHE, UNICEF jointly completed training on adolescent nutrition interventions for health managers and service providers from all over Bangladesh. As next steps, Upazila Secondary Education Officers and Academic Supervisors should receive Face to Face training on adolescent nutrition interventions from all over Bangladesh.

The joint plan was that although they will receive Face-to-face training for other managers and service providers, school teachers and adolescent leaders of the Upazilas of the rest of 64 districts will receive online training on adolescent nutrition intervention scale-up of the program all over the country.

Features of Nutrition e-Learning Platform

App Features

  • Responsive app design for varying screen sizes
  • Simplified Mobile App Navigation
  • Search bar
  • Scorm Compliant
  • Easily login & register to the app
  • Nutrition Course Management
  • Animation Training course
  • Take training in offline
  • Course download
  • Quiz session
  • Review Session
  • Get a digital certificate through image processing (ML)
Nutrition E-Learning App Scene

Web System Features

  • Nutrition course management
  • Module management
  • Search bar
  • Scorm Compliant
  • Responsive design
  • Profile management
  • Get a digital certificate through image processing (ML)
Nutrition E-Learning Software Certificate


Benefits of Nutrition e-Learning Platform


  1. An online training system including the mobile application with animated training materials on Adolescent Nutrition interventions for service providers and adolescent club members. 
  2. Online training materials of 6 modules in a total of 3.5 hours session.
  3. Illustration animation and voice over of the 6 modules. 
  4. There will be MCQ/FAQ section after each session.
  5. A training portal, mobile application and backend panel including analytic dashboard.
  6. The online training will be interactive such as participants will complete Quiz and in the end, participants will receive a digital certificate.


The Result

Overall, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has implemented effective nutrition programs for mothers, children, and adolescents in this e-Learning platform. This provides the user to improve their knowledge and skills about different components of the nutrition program. 

Users can acquire knowledge and skills in various subjects by participating in courses on nutrition at any time, anywhere from the mobile & web platform. Due to the relatability, the whole process is comfortable and practical for the long run.

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Diving Into Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full name of the project?

Online training system and animated training materials on Adolescent Nutrition interventions for service providers and adolescent club members.
UNICEF Bangladesh and HPNSP- Health Population and Nutrition Sector Program
3 hours
29.3 MB
4.9 MB
PHP, JavaScript, Java
Laravel, VueJS, Android Native (MVVM)