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Adventure Edutainment Game on Newborn Care
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Meena Game 2 in a nutshell


  • Client Name:  UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Publisher Name: UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Developer Name: Riseup Labs
  • Game Type: Adventure
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac
  • Published On: The Google Play Store and The App Store
  • Total Downloads: 3 million+
  • Release Date: 17th December 2020
  • Product Working Type: Completed
  • Game Device Type: Mobile, Tablet and PC
  • Product Type: Adventure
  • Category: Game Development
  • Development period: 16th December, 2018 to 14th July, 2022


Adventure games are very famous now-a-days. The reason is simple. People love uncertainties. They love to witness something in front of their eyes which they can battle and solve themselves. Since you’re here, no wonder you might also be a fan of adventure games and for that, you are on the right game page.


What’s in Meena Game 2? 

The theme of Meena Game 2 is regarding newborn care. The game is about being responsible. As a first child, Meena takes care of her family and mother in this phase. As a gamer, you are the main character, Meena, to face the tasks and challenges UNICEF made a great decision to develop this game in 3D along with Riseup Labs.


Mobile Graphics from Meena Game 2

How is Meena Game 2 helpful and effective?

Parents nowadays are cautious about the content their children are consuming. A child's mind is compassionate. Whatever a child consumes makes a significant impact on their minds. Meena Game 2 understands that. 


Why is Meena 2 an Edutainment Game?

Parents nowadays are cautious about the content their children are consuming. A child's mind is compassionate. Whatever a child consumes makes a significant impact on their minds.

Everyone cherished and loved the character "Meena" from the Meena animation and the exercises she showed us regarding wellbeing, cleanliness, duties, and family. The Meena Game takes it to a whole new level. Because it's in 3D, it has many more scopes.

UNICEF worked superbly, making this character. Since she is from a rural area, she has a lot to fight against in general. This permitted the entire arrangement to create awareness about the rustic states of Bangladesh. Each scene and an episode of the cartoon back then was fun, unique, and essential for many.

As a result, Meena Game 2 in 3D carries the legacy with a new story in the pipeline, but with the same old plan with the same familiar characters. In fact, this 3D game has many more characters along with Meena, including the known ones.

Making Gaming Real

Great 3D effects with clean graphics by humanizing the experiences as much as possible. You can download this game directly from Google Play Store and/or iOS App Store without any charge and play it offline anytime, anywhere!


Best Adventure 3D Game on Google Play and App Store for six years old above aged

Approval of Parents

This power-packed 3D game with a perfect balance of graphics and education got the parents' approval because it focuses on edutainment. Children got something instantly from which they could learn about newborn care. Not only children, but even the seniors can also play it.

Reliability and Fulfilling the Needs

Playing with a character that is more than 27 years old is an auto-confirmation of reliability. Because Meena is someone whom everybody knows. Moreover, the rural areas create a sense of community.  Anyone can play this game anytime after downloading, without any internet connection. That has a minimum hassle.

Improving the best: Since there were already two versions of the Meena game available, Meena game 2 already had a great competition and set a standard.

The Freshness in Meena Game 2

Everything about this game is new! It’s a new story where Meena has to face and pass all the challenges as a brave girl in every step. Her task is to brave all the odds. And guess what, it’s you who is the leading gamer behind her actions. 

Catching Bad Guys, Awareness about Hygiene, Health, and cleanliness, Standing up against bullies, social responsibilities, sharing and equality, the essence of friendship- this has been all about the first part and journey of Meena in UNICEF's cartoons and the previous two games. 

This time in Meena Game 2, the journey is entirely different, with many problems. The only common factor is the edutainment, which increased with time in this game. 

Who is Meena?

UNICEF’s famous cartoon character

Meena is the famous cartoon character of UNICEF Bangladesh since 1993. The best part is, she is a household character and there’s a great chance that you might know her already. Not only you, but the majority of the people who spent their childhood know her as a social character. The reason is simple, her steps and methods to change the world are accurate, to the point, and practical.

Meena will turn into 3D for the first time, along with other characters.

Life is nothing without a companion. Even inside this game, you, as Meena, will have some supporters Because Meena is not alone in her journey. All in all, she is there with her people, including her family, consisting of her mother, father, brother-Raju, and newborn sister Raani. Her pet parrot Mithu is someone who always stays by her side. All of them have a common objective.  

Meena Waving from 3d Poster

Objectives of the Game

The main aim of Meena has always been about helping others and sticking to her family and friends. In every cartoon episode, we saw her solving problems around her in every way possible. She did not wait for anyone’s help specifically. 

This time on Meena Game 2, Meena aims to take care of her family directly. Her mother is pregnant with Meena’s younger sister Rani, whom we’ll see in the later levels. Meena’s aim, tasks, and challenges have been based on this objective from the start, although her goals keep changing with challenges.

You will be playing the character of Meena yourself. At every level, you will be facing many enjoyable adventures. All you need to do is stay calm and patient.

This journey and tasks inside the game includes knowledge of nutrition, health, gender equality, education, emergency, and protection. Moreover, all of it is in 3D because the game already had an inspiration, besides a strong motive.   

The Inspiration of the Meena Game 2

This is not the first time Meena is in a game. The first version of Meena Game was released on 10th December 2016, four years before Meena Game 2. Parents approved the game instantly

As a result, children got to see Meena on their mobile screens, thanks to the hard-working development team of Riseup Labs, who developed the game for UNICEF. It was released on two platforms- Google Play and iOS App Store. 

Meena Game has 3 Million plus downloads today. It covered learning awareness for child rights in the 14 levels of gameplay. With 50+ unique mini-games, 35+ characters, and 150+ animations, the game's total size is only 25 MB. 

A lot of videos are still live on youtube, which shows the levels of the game. Those demonstrations show that the craze of the game was and is still immense.

Three Million Plus Downloads of Meena
The Facebook Version of the Game

Thanks to UNICEF and Riseup Labs again, Meena was launched in November 2020 on Facebook as an instant game

This game is a fun and mini ride of joy since Meena is watching a beautiful gaming world. Meena Facebook instant game aims to create an edutainment journey for people and children. 

This is a running game with some challenges where Meena runs in her village, in beautiful graphics without installation because the game is directly on Facebook.

Meena Screenshot from Facebook Game
Meena Running With Mithu in Meena Game 2
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How the plan of Meena Game 2 took place

Here’s the research and strategy of the game.

After the great success of Meena Game, UNICEF Bangladesh is back with another surprise. Riseup labs is again there as the development partner. As a result, Meena is back in Meena Game 2 with many more features.

Meena Game 2 is the second season of a game that has 3 Million plus downloads already. And this time, this new game is in 3D.

Meena with her Father from Meena Game 2
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Here’s why you’ll love this Adventure Game

  • This is a big effective challenge of 10 levels.
  • It has an educational message about newborn care.
  • You can face various challenges, above 50 mini-games.
  • You will interact with at least 40 different characters throughout the game.
  • The achievements will be rewards-based. So, you will never feel demotivated
  • You can play in a different environment in this game.
  • You, as the main character Meena will be capable of moving 360 degrees.

The best part- You can play the game offline

Meena Shastoapa and Mithu
03 / 03

The History of Meena Game 2

Meena Game 2 went on floors 1.5 years ago. After the massive success of 3 Million Plus downloads of Meena Game, UNICEF paired up with Riseup Labs for an entirely new theme. Even before one month of the final release of Meena Game 2, it already had a Facebook version ready. It states the fact that the whole plan is synchronized. 

For Meena Game 2, UNICEF just shared some problems in the form of stories with the development team of Riseup Labs. Since the team there already had the development experience of the same versions of the game, they turned those problems into enjoyable playable games. The main theme was newborn care. Each of the 10 levels had different stories with multiple challenges.

The game was thus released with a lot of research and knowledge. For instance, pre-production, production, and post-production part works had immense efforts included by the production teams at Riseup Labs.

The sketches were drawn initially before the development procedure. UNICEF approved the storyboard, and only after that, the development procedure began. 

Almost half of the company employees worked day and night on this single project. 

The stories were set based totally on Meena and her surrounding characters. 

Present Scenario of Meena Game 2

meena in the magic carpet from meena facebook game

Meena Game 2 was at the Number 1 Position of "Top Trending Adventure Games" in Google Play within 2 days of release

This has been a significant achievement in and out!

The Target Audience

This game is for anyone above six years old. The whole issue has been handled very seriously and sensitively for you and anyone to understand the entire journey of taking care of both a mother and newborn child.

One of the aims is showing how anyone (not only Meena) can make the journey of a pregnant mother more comfortable. Especially when you need to collect resources in limited conditions. 

That’s just the beginning. The main journey of being a sibling is what the main attraction is.

Levels of Meena Game 2

Search for healthy foods Level 1
Helping mother Level 2
Going to hospital Level 3
Newborn Rani Level 4
Rani is in danger Level 5
Keeping Rani healthy Level 6
Nutritious food for Rani Level 7
Rani is sick Level 8
Special care for newborns Level 9
Taking care of Rani Level 10

Level 1: Meena in search of healthy foods for her mother 

Meena will go in search of nutritious food items for her mother in between a storm. This level has some more tasks before this final mission. 


Level 2: Meena helps her mother

In this level, Meena is planning to free her mother from all household chores. She starts with heavy work like pulling water in vessels. You're going to witness a mix of fun and difficulty for this level of the game. 


Level 3: Going to the hospital  

In this level, Meena has to take care of her pregnant mother, who is ill. How she takes care of such a situation with confidence and maturity will both entertain and educate you. 


Level 4: Newborn Rani

On this level, Meena’s newborn sister is already here, and she has to take care of her. Like, Meena has to remove some child care misconceptions of her own family. This is going to be an enjoyable learning experience for you since it has some fantastic adventures too.

The game will have six more levels in it, and they will release gradually.

Features of Meena Game 2

  • Newborn care educational message through the game
  • 10 Levels of gameplay
  • 50+ Uniques mini-games and tasks
  • 40+ characters
  • The gameplay will have reward-based achievements to encourage the users
  • You can play with a different environment
  • Meena can move 360 degrees
  • The game will be playable offline
  • Adventure in 3D
  • Brave all the Odds
  • Play in Multiple Roles
  • Solve the Problems
  • Explore Adventures
Meena Game 2 has Ten Levels


The Results

Long term benefits of playing Meena Game 2

  1. People of all ages get to know about taking a stand against wrongdoings and, most importantly, stand for what’s right. Meena completes challenges and tasks. People of all ages can take the benefit, mentally, directly.

  2. In this particular game, the sensitive message about newborn care is so clear that anyone above six years old can understand it correctly.

  3. Teenagers will get an obvious idea of staying calm and composed while maintaining the household environment in any situation.

  4. Nutrition, healthcare, patience, staying calm in difficult situations- this game is a mixture of many.
Meena Playing in Village School

Challenges during development


The Before Phase: The testing phase had, in fact, started before the building phase of the game.

The artworks were the main initial tasks. Scenarios of all the 10 levels of the game had been hand-drawn to avoid confusion and mismatch during the development.

The development team, which belonged to a renowned software company, had everything planned. So, the testing process was quite long before the initial development began.


The After Phase: The design of this game is so sensitive that the pre-production artwork was very tough.

Moreover, the game is entirely free of violence and the design puts target gamers first. The tasks, challenges, situations, and characters were double checked. 

The stories were set with great detail and care because in the long run and in the new year 2021, people and children want something fresh. The 3D design is such that the Meena character inside the game can take a 360-degree turn. 

It’s not such that people have never witnessed a 3D game before. But, Meena is a social responsibility and character with a strong message. Nothing can take away from the popularity of the name. 

As a result, this 3D design is set after a proper quality assurance.

Meena in open field area
Meena in front of boxes
Meena with Raju and Mithu beside pond
Meena with lali and father
Meena in front of huts
Diving Into Technology
Technology Used
C# C#
Autodesk Maya
Motion Builder
3DS Max
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Substance Painter

Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels does Meena Game 2 have in total?

10 levels
Starting from Jan 2021
Anyone above six years old.
One of the aims is showing how anyone (not only Meena) can make the journey of a pregnant mother more comfortable. Especially when you need to collect resources in limited conditions.
This game is fit for everyone above 6 years old. Because this game has no violence at all
No! It’s a totally new story.
Android and iOS
C# and Objective-C
Autodesk Maya, Blender, Motionbuilder, 3DS Max
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Substance Painter, RizomUV
117 MB
257 MB
Fingers crossed!