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Speed Tapping
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"Speed Tapping" Game in a nutshell


  • Publisher Name: Riseup Labs
  • Developer Name: Riseup Labs
  • Game Type: Entertainment 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android and Windows
  • Published on: iOS App Store, Amazon and Microsoft
  • Total Downloads: 1750000+ (1.75 Million+)
  • Release Date: 14th July, 2015
  • Product Working Type: Completed 
  • Product Device Type: Mobile
  • Product Type: Entertainment  
  • Category: Game Development
  • Development Period: 2nd March, 2015 to 14th July, 2015

Tapping games are exciting as they sound. However, this term is usually used in different ways. That is, the exact meaning varies. Mostly, it either means the physical act of touching something actually for the gameplay. Or else making use of the resources for an element of the game, which is the case of Speed Tapping.

What kind of game is Speed Tapping?

Speed Tapping is a game where you can tap till the end. But hey, there is  a time limit. You just need keep tapping with your fingers as fast you can. Sounds simple right? Yes, it indeed is!

In other words, it is a game that has a red button in the middle. There, you have to use your fingers and keep tapping. You can have a place on the global leader-board too. All in all, this game will talk about your tapping skill and how patiently you can carry on with it. 

Speed Tapping game play display
How does Speed Tapping work?

This game's sole aim is just like the name itself. That is, to keep on tapping. Once you start tapping, you have 30 seconds to get a high score and secure a position in the leaderboard. 

The timing is a measurement of how calm, patient and strategic you are in this game.

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Why is Speed Tapping a fun game?

Now-a-days, fastness is a basic criteria of many games. Chances are that if you are fast, you are going to excel in any game. The situation is a bit similar here. If you keep on tapping, you will get to know a lot about your speed level itself! 

In fact, this game might be the answer to increase your speed level.

That also has a direct effect on your patience level. For instance, if you are smart and patient enough, you’ll eventually know how to secure a position in the leaderboard. Everything combined together makes it a super fun game.

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Platforms and Downloads

The game is available in the App Store (ios platform), Amazon (Android version), and Windows store (for windows phones).

It has been downloaded over 1.75 million times on all platforms.

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History of Speed Tapping Game

Speed Tapping Game is the creation of the development company Riseup Labs. They started the development of the game back on 2nd March 2015. 

Their plan was evident as the game is seen today. That’s the reason why they finished the game in around four months on 14th July 2015 and released it immediately.

Speed Tapping game views

Why did the Game become Famous?

The game became famous for various reasons. The best part is the simplicity. Moreover, there is no customization or cheating in the game. No other gameplay features to crowd the fun. The straight cut aim is to find your finger skill and the strength on how far they can go. 

Although playing the game is super-easy, you'll soon realize that getting a good score is not that simple. There are some strategies for sure, and only you need to find them in your way. Although the strategies' help is tapping a longer time, it won't help you score more.

But no worries, because the real strength and power are in your fingers. And, you need to do the unfolding throughout the game.

These are the main reasons why the game is still famous.

Features of Speed Tapping game

  • Simple, colorful UI
  • Single mission game
  • Total downloads of 1.75 million
  • It is the fastest tapping game in the app store
  • Global leaderboard of tapping game
Screenshot of the Speed Tapping game start

Benefits of the game

  • Works instantly if you want to change your mood
  • If you are angry, this game is the perfect solution
  • It fits for people of all ages
  • It is a time saving game. You can learn a lot in every session of 30 seconds
  • Your can have a look at your score always to keep a tap
Screenshot of Speed Tapping game

The Result


Let's get straight to the point here. It's a challenging task to score more than 800 in 30 seconds. 

You don't need to suppress your anger now anymore. You can take the perfect revenge by this ultimate tapping game. You need to press and click every single time until your fingers go crazy!

Start screenshot of Speed Tapping game
Score screenshot of Speed Tapping game
Game over screenshot of Speed Tapping game
Restart game screenshot of Speed Tapping game
Diving Into Technology
Technology Used

Frequently Asked Questions

On which platforms is the Speed tapping game available?

App Store, Amazon and Windows


Apple Store- 14.2 MB

Amazon- 4.4 MB

Windows- 12.8 MB

iOS App Store- Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Amazon Android Version- Android 2.3.3 (minimum)

Windows- Windows 10