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here is the poster of meena facebook game with meena raju and mithu in a village scenery
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Facebook instant games are the type of games that you can find directly on Facebook. That is, in the news feed or even Messenger conversations. This game applies to both your mobile devices and desktops. Meena facebook game, in other words, which was meena facebook messenger game to some extent, is no exception.

From 2016, Facebook lets developers build mobile-friendly games in HTML5. It is something that can work on both Facebook and messenger. In addition, the good news is, you won’t need to install such a game.

Because, it’s here now!

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What is the Meena Facebook instant game?

Meena’s Facebook game is an endless running game for you. As the name suggests, it is directly on Facebook. As a result, you won’t need to install the game anywhere. 

This is an adventure running and jumping game developed by a software company called Riseup Labs. UNICEF is the creator of the Meena cartoon, and they are working together with the development company.

Since Meena is from a rural area, the game is directly based on village scenery, beautiful graphics. 

But, this is not the first Meena game! It went live on Facebook just a few days back, on 16th November 2020. But, there is another version of the game which crossed 3 million downloads already. So, why is it on Facebook? Let’s get a bit deeper first.

Meena waving from the logo of the cartoon
Unicef’s Meena from the cartoon

What is a Facebook game?

This time, Meena comes without any installation. That is, directly on a Facebook game for you. 

A Facebook instant game is there on the platform, which doesn’t need any installation. Above all, let me ask you directly, in this age of online streaming, do you believe that downloading anything is mandatory? The answer is a big no.

The meaning of a Facebook instant game is that it is available on any device 24/7. However, the only condition is that your device should have access to Facebook. That’s it. 

This arrangement saves a lot of time and effort. In other words, we bet you love instant things and rewards today, which is exactly what a Facebook instant game does.

Therefore, this is how you can get started with a Facebook instant game.

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Which type of game is Meena Facebook Game?

Unicef’s Meena is on facebook in the same manner now. In a beautiful village scenery, where the cartoon is originally set, Meena is on an adventure run. 

She has a noble wish of helping others, which you’ll get to know in the level section of the game. In addition, a description has been given below as well. 

In addition, everything in the game aligns with the Meena character herself. All in all, it is an adventure game. 

What is Meena doing inside a Facebook Messenger Game?

Meena is on your mission only. Because indeed, you have the wish of helping people too. Similarly, Meena is running with her life in hand to help others, in this meena facebook messenger game. Because that’s what she stands for as a cartoon character that has been widely accepted around the world.

Similarly, many countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Laos, Cambodia, Srilanka, and Vietnam saw this character. Unicef’s Meena cartoon was aired in all of these countries, and people accepted them immediately. Similarly, parents wanted their kids to be sensible and responsible like Meena. Meena is doing the same part here in this Facebook messenger game, like a multimedia content.

This is how instant gaming and Meena clicks together.

Meena with raju on the facebook game poster
Meena Facebook game poster

How is running gameplay as a Facebook instant game?

Instant games are for your instant fun. For example, you will never play a game that you don’t understand instantly. You are too busy to understand and then start playing a game. The reason is simple. We all have too much content and games with us today.

So, Facebook instant games have to be that fast and instant to connect with us.  

Running gameplay is fit for this situation because people love exciting things. You will surely prefer something more comfortable and reactive. In other words, that should create wonders as a product video.

Running is such an instance. Now, what remains is the controls of the game. So, let’s get to know about them, too, after the game benefits. 

Meena Facebook Game trailer

Learning and enjoying at the same time: meena instant game

The game has a lot to do with education, learning and manners. Children learn best when they enjoy it. This game from your facebook account has been a constant favourite of many children in this way. Not only for children, you can play the game irrespective of your age.

a scene taken from the cartoon
Village scenery from the cartoon

Meena Facebook instant game

The rules of this game are simple and straightforward. The basic rule is running. Although it has many layers and levels:

  • You must keep running. In addition, the main aim in between is crossing boundaries and obstacles. 
  • There are five levels in the game.Similarly, each level has different tasks and aims for you as Meena .
  • Meena can collect stars too. That is for revival. That’s also a difficult challenge since she has to do it while maintaining her life. You are the controller here.
  • For staying fresh and active, the game already has beautiful village graphics. In addition, all you have to do is avoid those obstacles and stay alive.

Objectives of Meena Facebook game

  • The responsive design of this game is and will be user-friendly. 
  • It can run on any device since it needs no installation except the Facebook application; that is the main motive.
  • The navigation is perfect. Therefore, the swipe up feature for the character is enough to keep playing the game. So, everyone will understand the game rule instantly.
  • Friendly graphics for people of all ages.
  • Balanced game size even if you don’t need to download it. The gamers get an excellent feeling.
the technology used behind Meena instant game
Technology behind Meena Facebook instant game

What type of strategy and research lead to Meena coming on Facebook?

The main aim of any game is satisfying a gamer’s creativity, power of imagining things, testing the gamer’s problem-solving attitude, the level of patience, and supporting the emotional health.

In other words, with that, it is the main duty of a game to catch the attention of the target audience. Similarly, the route to success for this comes with a well-thought plan and idea.


The use and finishing of graphics of this game are to the point and clean. Similarly, it is fit for all ages. All in all, the addition is the engaging village scenery.

The game fits the formula perfectly: Education + Entertainment = Edutainment 

The combination of these two is a killer. A gamer is playing and learning at the same time. So, this HAS to be enjoyable.

Inspiration from Meena Game

The game is inspired by another game called Meena Game. That was again a collaboration of Unicef and Riseup Labs. Many levels of that game are also included in this messenger game with a new look.

The main difference is that the principle game was mainly for platforms. That needed installation. On the other hand, the facebook game is free of such things.

The time to load this game

The loading time of the game is below 10 seconds. However, that’s a big plus considering the limited patience level of people these days. 

The theme and power of the story

You can relate to it because it has a lot more characters inside the game. Each and everyone there has a part to play and complete the story. 

The story of this whole game is relatable. Most of the people know Meena and her stories very well. In addition, there are many more characters inside the story to complete the story.

How is this an edutainment game? Why will parents approve this for their children?

This is an edutainment game in every aspect. Similarly, the character itself has a lot to convey. 

If you know the Meena cartoon, you know her aims and motto as well. In other words, the first motive has always been entertainment. Similarly, with that comes the educational topics.

The cartoon has always covered educational content. Within every episode’s story, children could learn something useful. Something they could remember and implement then and there (mostly). For instance, if you’ve seen the cartoon episodes in your childhood, you might relate.

So, when you play the game, you’ll see a clear vision of edutainment in it. When you jump, run, and cross obstacles, you complete some effective missions. 

a girl and a boy happy on the edutainment world
Children enjoying the world of edutainment

Parents thus will approve this game for their children any day. The cartoon has already set an example worldwide, along with the previous version of the game. Moreover, the easy controls are making it relatable for everyone to get the rules instantly. 

The difficulty level depends on perspectives, in any case. The ultimate guide for the game below can shed some light on it.

The controls of Meena Facebook instant game

man presenting a controller in hand
Man with a controller in hand

Every game has many aspects and layers. Meena Facebook game also has some aspects and levels as you process. However, the main rule remains the same, which is the adventure run. But, the story itself is very engaging for this game.

This is how to play this instant facebook game

  • The game starts with your running. However, you are in control of the character Meena inside the game, who is running. 
  • You need to avoid obstacles.
  • Similarly, with each increasing level, the challenges will keep changing.
  • After every level, you will run forward for the next challenge.
Inside the game controls 
  • Swipe up to jump
  • After that, swipe up and hold to long jump
  • Collect stars 
Game over: Collusion with any obstacle
Stories inside the game with regular game background

cycle game, walking in the rain holding umbrella, riding in a police car back.

Stories inside the game with magic world background:

flying with a magic carpet, riding a magic horse

The different levels of Meena Facebook game

Meena on cycle

Start of the gameplay in level 1

Meena starts running in a beautiful graphics world. This is the start of the game where you understand the concept totally and start jumping immediately without any delay. Because you know that without running, you will make a collision and lose your life immediately.

After that, she goes to the medicine shop to take orsaline (a Bangladeshi saline type). 

Finally, Meena will find a cycle in front of the shop and start riding it.

The main gameplay in level 1

Meena needs to avoid obstacles and run forward to the medicine shopkeeper. After that, she has to start riding on cycle and keep avoiding obstacles.

This level is the initial one so the story is crisp and short. 

Meena on a mission with cycle to collect stars
Meena riding a cycle to collect stars
Second half of level 1

At the second half of the gameplay, Meena goes to her house. After that, there she finds her mother sitting with Rani in front of the house. Rani was sick. In conclusion, you see that the saline was for her.  

So, you come down from the cycle and give orsaline to her mother. After that, she restarts her running for the next level of the game.

Controls inside the game for level 1:
  • Tap arrow to interact with specific objects/activity 
  • Swipe up to jump  
  • Then, swipe up and hold to long jump 
  • Swipe down for head down 
  • Collecting Stars

Game over when there’s : Collusion with any object

Meena on a magic carpet 

Start of the gameplay in level 2

Meena resumes running from the previous level. With that, she will see a Magic carpet and ride on it.

The main gameplay in level 2

There will be germs coming towards Meena. Those germs will frequently jump to collide and beat Meena. All she has to do is to stay safe from all types of germs. Above all, the flying speed of the carpet grows up as time passes.

The germs are an indication of an already famous episode of the Meena cartoon.  

animation of Meena on magic carpet collecting stars above germs
Meena on magic carpet collecting stars avoiding germs
Second half of level 2

Meena comes down from the magic carpet. After that, she calls for genie and helps a village boy to wash hand after coming out of the toilet. With that, she starts the running game for the next level.

Controls inside the game for level 2
  • Tap the arrow to interact with specific objects/activity
  • Tap to fly (on the magic carpet) 
  • Collecting stars

Game over when there’s: Collusion with any obstacle 

Meena walking in the rain

Start of the gameplay in level 3

At this level of the game, you’ll see that the rain will start immediately. After that, Meena will find an umbrella on the ground and collect it.

The main gameplay in level 3

Meena needs to avoid obstacles and run forward, holding the umbrella. The storm continues, so Meena needs to hold the umbrella to save herself from the storm. For this, Meena will also jump and avoid obstacles in the road holding the umbrella.

meena with umbrella running to collect stars in rain
Meena with umbrella
Second half of level 3

The rain and storm will stop at this point. From there, she directly starts running for the next level. 

Controls inside the game for level 3
  • Tap an arrow to interact with specific objects/activities 
  • To jump, swipe up
  • Then, swipe up and hold to long jump  
  • Continuous tap to hold an umbrella
  • Collect Stars

Game over when there’s: Collusion with any obstacle and losing umbrella by wind

Meena riding the magic horse

Start of the gameplay in level 4

Meena resumes running. Similarly, after that Meena will see a Magic horse and ride on it.

The main gameplay in level 4

Meena starts flying with a magical horse in the ground by avoiding obstacles and collecting stars. After flying for a distance, Meena will find another character from her cartoon, Doctor Apa, on the ground and take her in the magical horse with her.  

Then, the magical horse starts flying in the air. In addition, the player has to avoid bubbles in the air and collect stars. Flying speed grows up as time passes

meena on mission with magic horse collecting stars
Meena on magic horse with sister
Second half of level 4

Meena comes down from a magic horse with the doctor (doctor apa, that is the female doctor). The doctor will help the pregnant queen. She resumes her running for the final level. 

Controls inside the game for level 4
  • Tap the arrow to interact with specific objects/activity 
  • Tap to fly 
  • Collecting stars

Game over when there’s: Collusion with any obstacle

Riding on the police car

Start of the gameplay in level 5

From the running phase, Meena will find a police car and start riding on it. However, this is the final adventure of this game. 

The main gameplay in level 5

Here, again Meena needs to avoid obstacles, like- tree branches, flying obstacles, etc., while riding and traveling in the car. The car sometimes will go over the stones and shake; Meena needs to hold the car in that situation.

So, you have to be sensitive and tricky on this level while controlling her.

Meena facebook instant gameplay of a police car with meena on it
Meena on police car from the gameplay
Second half of level 5

Meena goes in front of a village neighbor where the shopkeeper, his son, and the neighbor’s family will be standing. In addition, they are a part of an early marriage situation. After that, Meena and the police come down from the car and stop the marriage.

So, all in all, everything is a representation of what Meena’s character stands for. 

Controls inside the game for level 5
  • Tap the arrow to interact with specific objects/activity  
  • Tap and hold to go steady on the car 
  • Swipe up to jump 
  • Also, swipe up and hold to long jump 
  • Swipe down for bringing the head down 
  • Collecting Stars

Game over when there’s: Collusion with any obstacle and fall in the car

What is the value of collecting stars in this game?

The stars have a special place in the whole game. For instance, you can use the stars and revive after a game over. 

The game is at a stretch. In other words, if you lose your life in any level or place of the game, you have to start the game from the beginning of the level.

The requirement for revival will be multiplied by 3 after every game over in a single run, such as- 

1st revive:  100 stars 

2nd revive: 200 stars 

3rd revive:  300 stars

Similarly, the star need keeps getting increasing by 100 stars for each revival.

Game over

When the game is over, you will be asked to revive in 5 seconds. 

Then the player will see the leaderboard score, where there will be an animation of beating the other player’s score. 

Then, the player will see the status of the last game. That is, running distance and total stars collected. After that, the player can go back to the main menu or restart the game.

leaderboard of meena the messenger game showing the top scores
Leaderboard of Meena facebook game


A leaderboard shows the leading players and their scores. This game will also offer a leaderboard who played the game. That board will be based on the running distance and the collection of stars. 

There will be three leaderboards overall. 

  • Weekly top runner (last seven days data of the game which includes your friends ) 
  • All-time top runner (all-time data of highest distance coverage) 
  • Top Star collector (all-time data of highest star collector in a single run)

Invite Your friends to play Meena facebook instant game

You won’t have to run alone on this adventure. Although Meena is one in the game, the game is present in everyone’s mobiles. 

So, you can invite your friends too to this game. The leaderboard scores will display what everyone is capable of. Because although the game is the same for all, the capability to cope up and survive will depend on the gamer’s tactics and smartness. 

BOT Messages

In this game, players will receive meaningful bot messages on messenger for motivation. Similarly, those will include:

  • Different quests with rewards (with the start button) 
  • Quest completion message  
  • Challenging specific friends (with challenge button) 
  • Leaderboard messages- Top persons in the leaderboard and if someone passes score

Daily game quests

For quest, the Player needs to enable the notification of the Meena game. After that, quests will be sent via bot messages.  

In conclusion, players will be sent different quests with different targets & rewards.

All in all, different quests may have different time lengths to complete. For example, one quest has only 2 hours to complete. Another quest has 20 hours to complete. 

Starting a quest from bot-message will directly open the game and start activities counting to complete the quest. In addition, the Player will receive a bot message of quest completion and get stars as a reward.

meena game showing final score after a game from facebook
The score display to share it on Facebook

What were the challenges and testing in this Meena Facebook instant game development?

Now, you already know that jumping is the central part of this game. Similarly, how you make Meena jump through the obstacles is the main twist of this game. 

Similarly, other significant issues include a User interface, leaderboard, time to load the game, and an object’s positioning. 

The game got a release after a full check-up and testing. Everything was ok and solved to play the game. The controls were smooth, where you have to swipe up to make Meena jump, hold it for a long jump, and only after that, collecting stars- all without causing any collision. 

All in all, every part of the game was checked and tested to jump and run quickly with a swipe up and maintain the run pace. 

Result: In the end, we get a game of an iconic character on Facebook without any installation for all age groups

When the game started its journey, it had a vision. That was, to reach everyone’s hands with a minimum technology. Facebook is presently the common field with a huge playing scope and field. So, a game without any download hassle on this platform will reach to you and people of all ages and groups. Parents can share this with their kids from their mobile phones directly without taking any installation time at all. 

All in all, the game released with full technical support and satisfaction without compromising the quality of the game at any point. You can be sure of that.

Giving any individual what they need 

The released game was something to which everybody could relate. Similarly, Meena passing through the obstacles just for helping others and taking care of their issues can change anybody’s day’s scene and mindset. 

people enjoying games together
People enjoying games

Humanizing the game

The game has a tricky difficulty level. The score differences in leaders might be too huge for this reason.  

For instance, everyone won’t find the game easy instantly. You will need to observe things before gaining a high score. The good news is, you can play this game on any device that supports Facebook. So, you can choose any device for a high score! And brag about it with your friends.

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