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Adventure games are a special type of play. They don’t find a way into any one genre or category. They can be a part of multiple genres at the same time, like Meena facebook game.

Because, parents nowadays are serious about allowing a game to their children.

What is an adventure game?

The main genuine prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is to give you an experience and take you on an adventure. That is a description of most of the games.

In this type of game, there is a story and a narrative for structuring the gameplay. In addition, in this game, the individual player expects the main lead in an engaging, intelligent action. 

Above all, it usually includes running, fighting, using intelligence, or solving puzzles to keep progressing and passing the levels.

What is a graphic adventure game?

Graphic adventures are experience games that utilize illustrations to pass on the game environment to the player. Games under this type consist of different input types, for instance, from text parsers to the touch screen interfaces.

After that, these types of graphic adventure games vary in how they present the main character. Each position is displayed with the best effects with the help of a context-sensitive camera. 

a watch pushing a woman for work graphic
Woman with a big watch

Software and IT companies are thus interested in developing such games.

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The types and parts of adventure games

I. Point-and-click adventure games

Ii. Puzzle solving

Iii. Gathering and using items

Iv. Story, setting and themes

V. Dialogue and conversation trees

Vi. Goals with failures and successes

1. Point-and-click adventure games

Point-and-click adventure games are those where the player commonly controls their character through a point-and-snap interface utilizing a PC mouse or comparable pointing gadget. However, different control plans may, likewise, be accessible.

The player clicks on the screen. To move their character around, interacting with external characters, regularly starting discussion trees with them. Also, looking at objects in the game’s settings or with their character’s thing in stock. Above all, numerous point-and-click games incorporate lists of on-screen action words to depict explicit activities in the way of a book experience. Yet, fresher games have utilized more context-sensitive UI components to delete or reduce this methodology. 

Frequently, these games come down to gathering things for the character’s stock. When is the correct chance to utilize that thing; the player would need to use hints from the game’s visual components, portrayals of the different things, and dialogue from other characters to sort this out.

2. Puzzle solving

Adventure games consist of various riddles, message decodes, finding and utilizing things, opening doors that are locked, or finding and investigating new locations. 

In addition, solving a level puzzle will increase the game’s status and uncover a more significant game story. Logic puzzles, where mechanical gadgets are planned with dynamic interfaces to test a player’s deductive thinking skills, are usual.

a graphic design of a brain
Brain cell graphics

3. Gathering and using items

Many adventure games utilize an inventory management screen as a transparent ongoing interaction mode. Players are simply ready to get a few items in the game, so the player, as a rule, realizes that only objects that can be obtained are significant. Since collecting some things might be tricky, and cost them their life inside the game. So priorities should be set. 

Numerous riddles in these games include assembling and utilizing things from their stock. After that, players must apply sidelong reasoning methods where they apply genuine information about objects in surprising manners.

4. Story, setting and themes

Experience games are single-player encounters that are generally story-driven. More than some other genre, adventure games rely on their story and setting to make a convincing single-player experience. They are commonly arranged in a vivid environment, frequently a dreamland, and attempt to differ the setting from level to level to add curiosity and interest to the experience. 

Since adventure games are mainly based on narrating, character development generally follows emotional and personal development instead of new powers or capacities that influence ongoing interaction. The player regularly sets out upon a journey or is needed to solve a mystery or circumstance about which little is known.

5. Dialogue and conversation trees

The adventure games have solid storylines with meaningful dialogue sometimes. In addition, they sometimes utilize recorded dialogue or narration from the fit voice actors. 

This sort of game usually represents dialogs as a conversation tree. Similarly, players can draw in a non-player character by picking a line of pre-written dialogue from a menu, which triggers a reaction from the game character. These discussions are regularly planned as a tree structure.

6. Goals with failures and successes

Above all, the essential objective of adventure games is completing the allocated mission. 

Player’s death is an essential failure condition in adventure games. Without the plainly recognized enemies of different kinds, its consideration in adventure games is to some extent controversial, and numerous designers currently either stay away from it or find a way to show it differently.

What is edutainment?

Educational entertainment is media intended to teach through amusement and a term utilized as right on time as 1954 by Walt Disney. In other words, it regularly incorporates content proposed to teach people yet has incidental entertainment in it. 

However, it has been used by the scholarly world, enterprises, governments, and different personalities in different nations. To distribute data in study halls or potentially through TV, radio, and other media to impact watchers’ assessments and behaviors.

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment 

Edutainment games

Entertainment and education seem like two unique viewpoints when you consider traditional methods. However, current age kids don’t learn that way. They love enjoying and playing the way toward learning. 

Because of various applications, edutainment games are accessible now for youngsters and kids.

a graphic representation of a man playing with lights and ideas
Man playing with bulbs and ideas

What is an edutainment game?

An educational computer game is a video game that gives learning or value of training to the player. Similarly, edutainment portrays a deliberate addition of computer games and academic exercise into a single game. 

In the smaller sense utilized here, the term depicts instructive software game principally about entertainment. Yet, in general, it also teaches and sells itself partially as an educational game. In other words, this sort of game isn’t organized towards school educational plans and doesn’t include academic advisors or teachers.

A new chapter in the edutainment industry: meena facebook game

The animation character Meena is the making of a fantastic group in UNICEF. Nonetheless, Meena is an image for kids everywhere. Since she is consistently this fearless young girl, she deals with her family and knows about her social duties. 

She is a character whom everybody loves. Above all, this cartoon was circulated in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, and even Vietnam. In addition, it gained immense popularity quickly. It was an image for youngsters to find out about various things.

meena facebook game scorecard with leaderboard behind
Meena Facebook game score page

UNICEF needed to give this animation an exciting form and carry it closer to the present children. Likewise, most children are utilizing cell phones for education and entertainment. Therefore, they needed to bring Meena in an advanced structure

A specific organization situated in Bangladesh named Riseup Labs met people’s high expectations. As a result, UNICEF chose them. To develop a game on Meena. Thus they did.

However, the first-historically speaking UNICEF Game made by a Bangladeshi tech organization became the town’s talk, with three million plus downloads at present. 

Edutainment games on Facebook

Facebook Instant Games

Facebook is a splendid thing. In addition to the fact that it lets us chat with our mates, whenever possible, at anyplace, for nothing except internet data or wifi.

Yet, it has some extra benefits in it, like the instant games. Facebook has, at last, got the clue and been adding many games into the principle application. 

Why do users like Facebook instant games?

One favorable position of planning a basic game through Facebook than some other application is the capacity to smooth out the client experience. The games don’t need to be downloaded independently; gamers never need to leave the application. 

What else do users and gamers like about Facebook games? They want quick loading times and enjoy when high scores get posted automatically. Graphics are usually not high quality, yet they are acceptable. The entire gameplay is smooth and straightforward to learn.

official people with uniforms for connectivity
Virtual connectivity

Is running gameplay fit for Facebook?

Facebook offers a few highlights intended to give your game a beautiful access to your players’ web browsers, permitting you to smoothly deal with a wide scope of window sizes, empower your players’ and your game’s utilization of Facebook features during play, and acknowledge cooperations from Facebook without upsetting your game. 

Running gameplay is totally fit today. Meena Game for Facebook is one such game. In other words, this is a mixture of street smartness and activeness of a player.

The player runs in a beautiful village scene with obstacles coming in front of her. Similarly, the character which the gamer controls is Meena. It is the game of stars and timing.

Fun and lesson at the same time: meena facebook game

We as a whole cherish the character “Meena” from the Meena animation and the lessons she showed us regarding wellbeing, cleanliness, obligations, and family. The Meena Facebook Game is very similar.

meena facebook game graphic with instruction to swipe up
Meena on cycle from Meena Facebook Game

Unicef’s work is outstanding. This permitted the entire series and facebook game to create awareness about the rural areas of Bangladesh. Each scene and level from the game is fun, engaging, and significant.

Meena Facebook Game rules:

– You need to continue running and continue crossing obstructions and limits. 

– Cycling, walking in the rain, police car ride, flying in a magic carpet, and riding a magic horse are all in a 5 level game. 

– You can gather stars to restore yourself! That is, additionally, the test. 

– Beautiful illustrations with village views to keep you new and dynamic. 

All Meena needs to do in this Facebook Instant game is continue bouncing. However, it is a bit tricky. When you finish all the five levels, you surely deserve better! That is the reason your running speed increases in a similar game. 

meena in magic carpet animation
Meena in magic carpet from meena facebook game

Essentially, that is the game for an endless runner.

Objectives of Meena Facebook Game- Targets to improve gamer’s involvement in clean graphics even with no installation 

Some of the best parts of this game include- 

  • Significant level responsive plan (easy to use) 
  • The capacity to run on any gadget with the Facebook app on it
  • Fantastic route and swipe up for the character Meena 
  • Simple to-utilize and simple to-see graphics
  • For playing this game, you don’t have to install it. Still, you will get the best sentiment of a gamer. Since the game size has been adjusted.

Research and strategy: Foundation of success

A game must satisfy a gamer’s innovativeness, creative mind, critical thinking capacity, persistence, and emotional well-being. 

It is likewise essential to understand the target group’s requirements and rules of an organization working on that project. A very much arranged methodology to join the two is the base of a game’s long-term success. 

A strong graphic design that puts gamers first- 

The designs in this game are spotless and direct. For instance, it is with the end goal that gamers of all ages can play this. In addition, a lovely village view keeps you engaged and excited. 

meena graphic on a police car inside village
Meena in a police car

This game follows a straightforward rule, as much as possible- 

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment

The mix of these two is a hit combination.

A gamer is learning and playing simultaneously. Along these lines, this HAS to be exciting.

Motivation from another game 

We took the motivation from another game, that is called Meena Game. Although this is the creation of the same company, the challenge was to pick which levels to include in this game.

Furthermore, that game requirements installation. On the other hand, this game is directly accessible on Facebook. In this way, adjusting the loading size was likewise an issue. 

The load time of the game (that is under 10 seconds) 

With this loading time, you should simply click and start the game immediately. Nobody likes waiting, especially if it’s inside an app that has lots of things to offer already. So, that is a plus for any individual.  

The intensity of the story 

You can identify with it since it has many more characters inside the game. Each and everybody there has a section to play and complete the story.

The most important thing is that it is relatable and simple. 

Challenges and testing- This is how to train your game for stable growth 

Difficulties and testing-these are how to prepare your game for stable development. 

The fundamental issue was the jump of the primary character Meena. However, the significant part is, it is the main piece of this game. How the principal character Meena, the player, bounce through the different types of obstacles and collect stars and keep running. 

Different other issues were-The User interface, leaderboard, loading time issue, positioning of an object. 

With numerous testing arrangements, the game was delivered with the guarantee that all is great and solved. The controls were set where the gamer swipes up to bounce, holds it for a long hop, and afterward gathers stars. 

Finally, all aspects of the game were checked and tested to jump rapidly with a swipe up and continue running.

animation of meena with a horse and rainbow
Meena in front of stars and rainbow from meena facebook game

Result: Best game on Facebook for all age groups

When the company began building up this game, they realized that they had a considerable extension and battleground.

Let’s be honest; even today, numerous individuals don’t come forward for the effort to download a game and afterward play it. Our point was to arrive at everybody’s hands, each age gathering, without trading off the game’s quality. 

All of this without any installation. Keeping the honor of a famous game on other platforms with 3 million-plus downloads was indeed tough. 

Giving any individual what they need 

The finally released game was something to which everybody could relate. Meena jumping through the walls and obstacles, meeting with everybody, and taking care of their issues can freshen up any gamer’s day. 

Adapting the game as much as could be expected (Here’s a hack before the completion) 

The difficulty level of this game is a bit tricky. For instance, if you check the leaderboard, we’re sure you’ll see a significant difference between your friends’ scores. 

The difference edge in scores is enormous because the trouble level isn’t the equivalent for all, at first. Yet, if you continue playing, you’ll get a good score among your companions soon, without a doubt.

In case you want to check the technology used in the game- Here you go.

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