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Features and Benefits of Fantasy Sports App in a Nutshell



Fantasy Sports Platform is a perfect app for sports lovers

Create a virtual team with 11 players from two teams who play in the field

Achieve points based on the performance of the selected 11 players

Performance of a user is defined with points




Win real cash and/or coins

Players earn points on runs, wickets, catches, and others based on players in the live match in cricket;

Or, points on free kicks, penalties, goals, missed shots, and others based on players in the live match in football

Create a squad based on your sports knowledge




Squads score points based on real matches

Compete with other game lovers with their squad points

Multiple platforms and games/matches available

New features coming frequently and the customization option is always open





Packed with Exciting Features

In addition, we have developed an Admin Panel for professionals to run and maintain their work!



  1. Profile for user
  2. Quick registration
  3. Filter matches and search list
  4. Join contest, tournament or league
  5. Create a contest, tournament or league
  6. Analytics that are real-time
  7. Management of league or tournament
  8. Firebase integration 


      9.  Requests Management
     10. Content management system
     11. Push notifications
     12. GPS tracking
     13. Integration of E-Wallet
     14. Department for analytics
     15. Live updates and scores


Fantasy Plan App Riseup Labs


Ready for Multiple Platforms

Our Fantasy Plan Sports app is ready for both Android and iOS platforms. 

As a result, we can provide this app on both mobile application platforms quickly.

All you need to do is check the app and add your customization if necessary. However, we have taken care of all aspects of the app already.

As a result, you might not need to make any severe changes which save your time!


Get Customized Fantasy Sports App



Most Popular Signup System

Login is the most essential aspect of any application and system.

That’s where the story and flow of events start.

It has to be simple, fast, and trendy.

The Most popular login system is available in our Fantasy Sports app. You can signup with - 


  1. Enter your mobile number. You will get an OTP. Type it in the app. You are ready for Sign Up!


  2. You can also sign up using Facebook or Google account.





Order professional Fantasy Sports Mobile App solutions, at an Affordable Cost


  • Multiple Sports Covered
  • On-demand Customizations
  • High-Speed Time to Market
  • Zero percent Revenue Share
  • User-friendly and intuitive UI


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Order Professional Fantasy Sports Mobile App Solutions at an Affordable Cost

Launch your Dream Business in Industry through this White-Label Fantasy Sports App

If you are looking for both ready-made and customizable fantasy sports app, you are at the right place. This app can take your fantasy sports business to the next level of success. 

You can now stay ahead of your competitors. With this latest fantasy sports app, you can expect every bit of help and customization from Riseup Labs, the development company! 


The Primary Advantage of Fantasy Sports App White Label Solution


The Primary Advantages of Fantasy Sports App 



It is SEO-friendly

Make a quick market entry



Easy-to-use Transaction System

Multiple payment gateways and safety support bring comfort to your user base's payment transactions.



Marketing Support

Our Marketing Professionals are there already


Supports Multiple Devices

Not only this, it is a ready-made application in both android and iOS platforms, waiting for your customization



Maximum Security

High level of security in gaming functions and transactions


Zero Revenue Sharing

With Transparent Costing




Major Features

-Admin dashboard
-Super Admin Dashboard
-Referral Bonuses
-Badges for achievements
-Multiple Exciting Games


Want to add more?

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Major Features of Fantasy Sports App Riseup Labs

Which games can be made available in Fantasy Sports App?


Add More!




White Label Fantasy Sports App for Every Market Riseup Labs

White- Label Fantasy Sports App for every market

Get this ready-made software, add your own customization to it and start your venture instantly without any hassle. In addition, you can enjoy- 

More Money 
Gaming subscriptions grow your sports business. You can generate recurring revenue at a go.

Less work
Our developers and sports designers finish everything for you. You can only focus on getting your players on-board!

Satisfied and happy players
Since our app is a tried and tested formula, you can rest assured that we know what it needs to excite a player. 

Multiple Languages Supported



The multilingual support is something that makes your fantasy sports app easily accessible to your end users and players. That too, from various locations around the world, for sure. 




Here go the Two Most Popular Game Modes

For Cricket Matches

  1. Domestic & International Tournaments- ODI, Test, T20, BPL, IPL, Big Bash, etc.
  2. Bilateral and/or Trilateral Series - Bangladesh vs. India vs. Sri Lanka etc.

For Football Matches

  1. Domestic Leagues- English Premier League, Spanish La League, etc.
  2. Continent Level Club Tournaments- Champions League, Europa League, etc.
  3. International Tournaments- FIFA World Cup, Euro, Copa,etc.

What are You Getting through this Game?

An affordable App


The development cost for a white label app is thousands of dollars for this kind of app.

On the other hand, we offer you a very minimal price for this.

And, it is a one-time cost!

Generate high income


You get 100% revenue from your app.

That means you don't have to share any percentage with us!

Just, grab the opportunity to generate high income!

Custom and White-label


You can get a custom solution if you want and publish this app directly under your branding.

You just need to discuss what you need with us. After that, our development team is going to make the necessary changes and/or updates. 

Order and Get Any Game Fantasy App Riseup Labs

Our Fantasy Sports App Development Cycle

That is what we do right after getting a green signal from you:

  • Analyze the customized project
  • Interface design
  • Develop the application
  • Implement the back-end
  • Assure the security of the data
  • Assure the quality 
  • Customer support service and Maintenance 
  • Handling queries of users and much more



Our Fantasy Sports App Development Cycle
Why Should you Choose Riseup Labs as a Reliable White Label Fantasy Sports App Development Company

Why should you choose Riseup Labs as a reliable white label fantasy sports app development company


  • We aim to convert your online gaming vision into reality.
  • Provide customization options and services at an affordable price.
  • Help you in your new project by creating an elegant application.
  • Talented, reliable, and intelligent team of developers.
  • A good sense of understanding of white label sports app development.
  • Proper focus on quality assurance.
  • A creative and capable team of designers to solve all types of issues.
  • We work on a client-centric approach and work with professionalism.



Diving Into Technology
Technology Used
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I want this app. What should I do now?

    Congratulations! Feel free to contact us here!

    Fantasy sports are nothing more than games played online. Here, the difference is that imaginary teams of real-life players from professional sports are gathered by game lovers and participants. 

    After that, the virtual team directly enters into a competition with one another. And, the points depend on the performance of the players in real-life matches on the field.

    Fantasy Sports app is an online prediction game where you put together a virtual team of real sports players. The app is the platform.

    You earn points based on real-life statistics that are converted into fantasy points. The better your player performs in actual matches, the higher your fantasy points.

    Some of the popular fantasy sports include Cricket, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Auto Racing,Tennis  Soccer, and many more.

    Yes, always. 

    Our most popular games are Cricket and Football.

    You can have any game you want.



    You can create unlimited teams for a match.

    It takes 5-10 minutes sometimes. Or you can try again if you don’t get OTP code.

    Off course.

    Reach out right away!


    Note that all the match data for cricket and football is coming from Roanuz Sports API ( We have used their Cricket Fantasy Gold Plan, Football Fantasy Gold Plan & Football Business plans. Using these APIs will work for all the data. Using different API will need to work on the API part fully in the application end and in the back-end. If you have any other APIs in your plan you can contact us here for full customization offer.