Odoo ERP Solutions

Why Get Odoo ERP Solutions?

Odoo is the world's most popular platform for ERP software your business needs. It offers Accounting, Sales, CRM, eCommerce, Manufacturing, Inventory, HR, and many other modules. 

You can save lots of time by using Odoo ERP solutions. Get the following advantages with Odoo ERP software with Riseup Labs.

Odoo's integrated ERP package eliminates the challenges of various applications and replaces them with a single, linked, and efficient solution. Explore the benefits of Odoo ERP from below:

Complete solution

Complete Solution

Choose from over 30 Enterprise apps and 18,000 Community apps for a complete solution.

Affordable solution


Alternative ERP solutions are 10-15 times more expensive than this one.

Scalable Solutions


As your company expands, you can add more users and modules.

Customizable Solution


Easy and simple systems to adapt for partners.

User Friendly

User Friendly

Intuitive UI for both basic and advanced users.

Painless Integrations


Assume you have different software solutions that operate but don't communicate with one another. In such an instance, you're often entering data and not getting a complete picture of what's going on.

Between the Odoo programs and the tens of thousands of Community apps, there's something to help you handle your company needs in a single and adaptable solution: no more juggling several technologies.

Odoo apps work seamlessly together, allowing you to automate your company operations and realize the benefits fully.

Odoo ERP Integrations and Mockups


Everything you need, with a stunning UI


Evrything You Need with Odoo ERP


Odoo suite of apps integrates effortlessly, allowing you to automate and track everything you do - all in one place, online, and available from any device.

It allows us to tap into a global community of thousands of developers and business professionals to create the world's biggest ecosystem of fully connected business apps.

With a contemporary and attractive technological architecture, Odoo's unique framework helps you to deliver top-notch usability that scales across all apps.


Boost Your Sales with:

  • CRM
  • POS
  • Sales


Integrate Your Services with:

  • Project
  • Timesheet
  • Helpdesk

Streamline Your Operations with:

  • Inventory
  • MRP
  • Purchase

Build Stunning Websites with:

  • Website Builder
  • eCommerce

Manage Your Finances with:

  • Invoicing
  • Accounting

Amplify Your Marketing with:

  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation


Odoo ERP Solutions we Work with

Odoo ERP Solutions Riseup Labs work with

Odoo comes with thousands of solutions, and Riseup Labs can help you adopt those solutions in your business. With Odoo implementation and customization, you can completely overhaul your enterprise systems. So, unleash the full potential of your organization with us.

Odoo is a great platform for ERP software used in finance, manufacturing, distribution and more.

  • Odoo Finance ERP
  • Odoo Sales ERP
  • Odoo Web ERP
  • Odoo Inventory & MRP
  • Odoo HR ERP
  • Odoo Marketing ERP
  • Odoo Services
  • Odoo Productivity


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Odoo Finance ERP Solutions

You can track your money using the best Odoo Financial ERP systems. You'll discover everything you need to manage cash flow in one place, from recording transactions to summarizing and reviewing financial reports. Track your cash flow in real time.

  • Accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Expenses
  • Spreadsheet (BI)
  • Documents
  • Sign


Odoo Accounting

In less time, you can accomplish more. Popular Odoo Accounting ERP features and advantages that will alter your business, as well as all the time-saving tools you need to expand your company.

  • Bank Synchronization
  • Invoicing
  • Manage Bills & Expenses
  • Easy Reconciliation
  • Get paid faster
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Clear, dynamic statements
  • Your reports, the way you like them.


Get Accounting ERP


Odoo Invoicing ERP has simplified online invoicing. Manage contracts, recurring bills, timesheet billing, and get paid quicker. Popular Odoo Invoicing ERP features and benefits that will change and grow your business are:

  • Get paid faster
  • Turn Quotes into Invoices
  • Automatically generate invoices based on sales orders, delivery orders, contracts, or time and materials.
  • Online payments and automated follow-ups.
  • Make your accounting more clear.
  • Keep track of bank account movements
  • Status of invoices
  • Analyze your sales
  • Access insightful data


Get Invoicing ERP


Expense management using the internet. Manage staff spending with ease. Odoo Expenses is a user interface for Odoo. The following are some of the most popular Odoo Expenses ERP features and benefits that can help you improve and develop your business:

  • Save time when it comes to expenditure reports.
  • Everything is in one location.
  • Stop throwing away receipts.
  • All receipts uploadd into the expenditure record
  • Employees can quickly attach copies of their receipts
  • Add attachments on the go
  • Save time and work more efficiently
  • Organize costs by team
  • Have a clear picture of a team's spending
  • As a manager, easily follow expense records


Get Expense Solution

Odoo expenses module

Spreadsheet (BI)

Spreadsheets can help you go the further step. Improve your Business Intelligence skills. Spreadsheets are one of the most extensively used tools in any sector, and you can now use Odoo to take use of its many features.

  • Make Projections
  • Understand your financial situation
  • Calculate Commissions
  • Devise a strong business plan
  • Analyze data
  • Make well informed and efficient decisions
  • Model & Manipulate your data
  • Keep your data up-to-date
  • Highlight information
  • Work with killer filtering options
  • Bring data to life: Graphs
  • A game planner.
  • Fully integrated.
  • Empower your employees
  • Empower decision-making processes
  • Empower your company


Get BI Solution

Odoo spreadsheet bi solutions

Odoo Documents

Become a paperless company by saving time documenting invoices, scanning contracts, and approving papers. You can effortlessly share, transmit, organize, and preserve scanned documents with Odoo Documents. You may also create business papers for manufacturing, such as vendor bills, tasks, and product sheets.

  • Move to a paperless approach.
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Email gateway
  • Collaborate with your team and clients
  • Seamless work with Sign
  • Process documents in batch
  • Integrated with Odoo Apps


Manage Documents with Odoo

Odoo documents

Odoo Sign

Odoo makes signatures simple. Online papers can be sent, signed, and approved. Upload your PDF and quickly drag and drop fields.

  • Get documents signed up faster.
  • Simplify your processes, boost your productivity.
  • Go paperless, increase ROI
  • Save time
  • Reduce errors
  • Eliminate all risks
  • Secure Identification
  • Documents Integrity
  • 100% Legal


Get Digital Signature Solution


Odoo sign

Odoo Sales ERP Solutions

Get Odoo Sales ERP solutions, including CRM, POS, Subscriptions, and more. You'll discover everything you need to manage your sales with Odoo Sales ERP software solutions.

  • CRM
  • Sales
  • Point of Sale
  • Subscriptions
  • Rental
  • Amazon Connector



The real customer-centric CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system tracks lead, closes opportunities, and gets accurate forecasts.

  • Accurate forecasts
  • Real-time overview
  • Stay connected to your customers
  • Real-time messaging to enhance collaboration.
  • Easily review your performances & next activities.


Get Odoo CRM Solution

Odoo CRM Module


Easy quotation software to send polished quotations with Odoo Sign and online payment.

  • Send Quotations, Close Deals, Get Paid Faster
  • Sell faster with electronic signatures
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently
  • Maximize profits by upselling
  • Sell more with clean quotations
  • Professionally showcase your products
  • Order & contract sorting
  • From quotations to sales orders
  • Contract management
  • Let your customers help themselves


Get Sales Solution

Odoo sales module

Point of Sale

User-friendly Point of Sale to Set-up in minutes sell in seconds. Odoo POS is compatible with any device.

  • Compatible with any hardware
  • Everything your shop needs Online or offline
  • Keep in touch with your customers
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Integrated Inventory Management
  • Real time control & accurate forecasts


Get POS Solution

Odoo Point of sale module


The easiest approach to handle recurring billing and subscription administration is the management of subscriptions. Build strong, long-term relationships with your subscribers.

  • No login is required, and easy signup
  • User-friendly portal
  • Automatic payments
  • Get a more efficient sales force
  • Save time on routine tasks
  • Analysis tools to optimize your business
  • Find out what metrics to act on in a click
  • Improved sales performance
  • Built-in analytics of your revenues
  • Project your future business


Get Subscription Solution

Odoo subscriptions module


We've got you covered with the only rental software that can manage your needs, from scheduling to billing. Everything can be controlled from one place. Create your rental order, schedule, deliver, return, and invoice from a single screen. 

  • Real-time Overview
  • Easily schedule your rentals
  • Professional Quotations
  • Highlight your products
  • Fully integrated with other Odoo Apps


Get Rental Solution

Odoo rental module

Amazon Connector

Odoo Amazon Connector allows you to synchronize your Amazon sales. Additionally, you can sync your Amazon orders and manage delivery in Odoo with the many supported marketplaces.

  • Out of the box synchronization
  • Easy management
  • Manage your sales, deliveries, and stock


Sync your Amazon sales

Odoo Inventory & MRP

Clean and fast warehouse stock management with a modern user interface hides the complexity. Multi-warehouse support and shipping integrations to improve processes, use the Odoo Inventory and MRP solution.

  • Inventory
  • Manufacturing
  • PLM
  • Purchase
  • Maintenance
  • Quality


Website Builder

Odoo Website builder for businesses. With the help of building blocks, you can create like a master designer.

  • Built-in Customer portal
  • Multi-language ready
  • Engineered for SEO
  • Based on a modern stack
  • Wonderful themes
  • No more painful integrations
  • Enjoy fully integrated marketing solutions.
  • Smart form builder 
  • Optimize your conversion rates 
  • Complete eCommerce
  • Powerful backend


Get Website Builder

Odoo website builder


Odoo online store and awesome product pages. Get Odoo ERP solutions, including Website Builder, eCommerce, eLearning, and more. In addition, you'll discover everything you need to manage your websites.

  • Custom product pages 
  • An All-in-One solution
  • Ready to use, out-of-the-box.
  • Marketing optimized
  • Increase your average cart revenue.
  • Suggested products
  • Payments are fully integrated.
  • Shipping


Get eCommerce Solution

Odoo eCommerce Solution


Odoo Blog can help you get up and running quickly. The drag-and-drop tool makes it simple to create a mobile-friendly blog with an appealing design that looks excellent right out of the box. Share your stories with the beautiful blogging platform and develop your content marketing strategy focusing on production.

  • Engage and maintain your audience.
  • Designed for ready blog post sharing
  • Create a blog that can be read on any device.
  • A responsive platform 
  • Create a contemporary website
  • Get the look of a high-end designer.
  • Ready-to-use Themes
  • Smart call-to-actions 
  • Increase your blog's traffic


Get Blog Solution

Odoo blog solution


Connect with your community with Odoo Stackoverflow & Quora alternative. With fresh material provided by your community every day, you can rank for more keywords and enhance your SEO. Search engines like Google always reward websites that provide unique and regular content.

  • Consider your consumers' requirements ahead of time.
  • Encourage cooperation and spark thought-provoking debates.
  • Provide exceptional client service.
  • Enhance your product support while lowering your workload.
  • Keep your audience interested and your material current.
  • Reward your contributions with incentive triggers.


Get Forum Solution

Odoo forum solution

Live Chat

Answer customer questions in real-time by engaging with visitors and delivering real-time support to customers.

  • Convert more visitors into leads and customers
  • Select your audience
  • Provide direct chat to a specified target
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Chat from within any module
  • Improve your level of service
  • Make sure to keep customers satisfied.
  • Answer more quickly with templates
  • Use pre-written answers to be faster


Get Live Chat Solution


Odoo eLearning is the ideal Learning Management System for community learning, information sharing, and inspiration. This resource will benefit educators, instructors, coaches, managers, onboarding staff, and even eLearning superheroes. 

  • Engaging Content
  • Rapid Editing
  • Self-paced Learning
  • Metrics
  • Quizzes and Reviews
  • Engage students and show their progress
  • Drive active learning with assessments and certifications
  • Advanced reporting and real-time insight


Get eLearning Solution

Odoo e-Learning solution

Odoo Web ERP

Get Odoo Web ERP solutions, including Website Builder, eCommerce, eLearning, and more. In addition, you'll discover everything you need to manage your websites.

  • Website Builder
  • eCommerce
  • Blogs
  • Forum
  • Live Chat
  • eLearning



Odoo's online warehouse management software can help you increase the efficiency of your warehouse. First, improve all of your internal processes by learning the most effective stocking approach. There are no stock inputs, outputs, or transformations in Odoo's double-entry inventory. Rather, all activities consist of stock transfers between sites.

  • Less stock, no stockouts
  • Fully automated replenishment.
  • Advanced features
  •  Drop-shipping
  •  Cross-docking
  •  Multi-warehouse


Get Inventory Solution


A new approach to an old problem. Accurate planning based on measurements of actual manufacturing times. MRP, Quality, Maintenance, and PLM are all included in the Odoo Manufacturing solution.

  • Real-time Communication
  • Shop floor automation
  • The MRP software
  • Bill of Materials
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Routings
  • Worksheets
  • Supply Chain
  • Maintenance
  • Workcenter Control Panel
  • Optimize your inventory level
  • Barcodes, out-of-the-box
  • Great Reporting & KPIs


Get Manufacturing Solution

Odoo Manufacturing Solutions


Product Lifecycle Management is a must-have for today's businesses. However, it's all about communication when effectively managing technical changes. Odoo PLM takes advantage of the potential of a corporate social network to help you connect more effectively across departments.

  • Integrated Document Management 
  • Smart versioning with efficient diff and merge


Get PLM Solution


To optimize your supply chain and inventory effectiveness, use the Odoo Purchase module to handle suppliers and purchase orders easily.

  • Supplier price lists & product availability
  • Get the best offer with purchase tenders.
  • Get statistics on your purchases.
  • Analyze, forecast, and efficiently plan your orders
  • Manage Multiple companies


Get Purchase Solution

Odoo Purchase solutions


For contemporary manufacturers, maintenance software is essential. To keep your process operating, automate preventative maintenance. Odoo calculates standard data like mean time between failure (MTBF), mean time to repair (MTTR), and estimated next failure date to help you plan preventive maintenance and automate metrology and preventive maintenance scheduling.

  • Kanban and calendar views.
  • Dashboard & Statistics
  • Track performance through a dashboard
  • Create custom KPIs in minutes


Get Maintenance Solution

Odoo Web Maintenance ERP Module

Quality Management

Define quality control strategies for individual inventories or production processes to trigger quality inspections. Then, based on a quality control strategy, set up in-process, final, and reception inspections.

  • Manage Quality Alerts
  • Fully Integrated with Inventory operations.
  • Fully Integrated with Manufacturing operations.
  • Productive Maintenance


Get Quality Management Solution

Odoo Quality Management solutions


Human Resources for modern companies. All-in-one: Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, and more with Odoo HR ERP.

  • Manage your employees
  • Track time & attendance
  • Leave management
  • Streamlined expense management
  • Employee evaluation
  • Recruit top talents
  • Boost engagement with social tools
  • Enterprise social network
  • Gamification

Odoo HR ERP Solutions


Odoo Marketing ERP Solutions


Odoo Marketing ERP

Get Odoo Marketing ERP to manage Social Media, Web Push Notifications, email marketing, events, and more.

  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Events
  • Marketing Automation
  • Surveys



Odoo's ERP for Services can help you increase the efficiency of your projects. First, improve all of your internal processes by learning the most effective service management. Explore all the module to manage your services including Project, Timesheet, Field Service and more.

  • Project
  • Timesheet
  • Field Service
  • Helpdesk
  • Planning
  • Appointments


Odoo Services Solutions


Odoo Productivity


Odoo Productivity

Participate in a chat with your coworkers. Encourage dialogue at all levels of your organization. In the module's news feed, you can see all of the recently discussed topics as well as all of the new messages. There is also Approvals module, IoT, VoIP and more.

  • Discuss
  • Approvals
  • IoT
  • VoIP

Odoo ERP Development and Customization Services Riseup Labs offer

Do you need help automating and structuring your company's operations? Riseup Labs is ready to assist you with Odoo ERP installation services so you can get an edge over competitors and drive growth in a variety of sectors. We provide Design Solutions, Odoo Development, Odoo Customization, Integration, Implementation, and Constant Support for Odoo ERP.


Odoo ERP Implementation

Implement a set of modules that are sleeved with a clean Odoo installation.

Implement Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP Implementation

Odoo ERP Integration

We specialize in integrating Odoo as a complete solution or with your existing technologies.

Integrate Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP Integration

Theme Development

The designers at Riseup Labs create and customize stunning and attention-getting themes for your Odoo ERP Software.

Develop Theme

Odoo Theme Development

App Customization

We even create custom Odoo Apps for our clients, ensuring that they have access to a diverse range of technology.

Customize Your App

Odoo App Customization Services

Customization of Odoo

We'll perform a detailed investigation and tailor Odoo and its modules to your specific needs and business operations.

Get Odoo Customization Service


We can assist you with converting to Odoo from various ERP systems, including homegrown ERP systems, NetSuite, Dynamics, Oracle, and Infor, among others.

Get Migration Service

Odoo Migration


We keep our clients up to speed on current versions with continuing support services.

Upgrade Your System

Odoo Upgrade

Continue Support & Maintenance

We provide comprehensive support services. And we are all here to guide you from start to finish, with assistance 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Get Continue Support

Odoo Continue support and maintenance

Odoo ERP Solutions for Industries

Odoo is a big platform for ERP systems used by manufacturers, distributors, and service providers. Riseup Labs can help you customize and implement Odoo Systems for your domains. So start now, customize your ERP software with Riseup Labs.

  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Non Profit


With clever cloud manufacturing ERP software, you can go beyond old technologies. A contemporary cloud manufacturing ERP software streamlines the manufacturing process, tracks material usage, displays capacity planning, and manages to subcontract, among other benefits.

Get Manufacturing ERP Software

Odoo for Manufacturing Industries

Distribution Solutions

With the best ERP for the services market, you can sell services more efficiently. We can help you with the Odoo customization that runs your business more efficiently.

Get Distribution ERP Solutions

Odoo for distribution solutions


Odoo Retail Solutions is ideal for all types of retail businesses. With simple yet effective Retail ERP Software, you can sell more quickly.

Get Odoo for Retail

Odoo for Retail sector

Odoo for Education

Odoo is a cutting-edge ERP system for educational institutions and schools. It allows schools of any size to manage students, instructors, courses, and academic programs right out of the box.

Get Educational ERP

Odoo for Education


To make data-driven healthcare decisions, you'll have all the necessary information at your fingertips. In addition, hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries may benefit from Odoo contemporary ERP software.

Get ERP for Healthcare


Odoo for Healthcare

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    Frequently asked questions about Riseup Labs' Odoo ERP Solutions. We have noticed that most of our clients seeking professional Odoo ERP solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. We hope it will help you to get an instant answer.

    I have got an idea, how and where do I start?

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    Odoo ERP is only accessible in a few regions. However, new areas are added via Odoo-led localized or partner-led customization.

    You want to check out all of the available features and modules. As a result, you can contact us or our ERP Products for a free demo to know more.  You can use our aided setup tutorials, templates, or papers to get your project set up in Odoo ERP to help you get ready to do business.

    Odoo is available in two versions: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

    The Community version will be comparable to the Enterprise version but with some improvements to most of the modules.

    The Enterprise version will be built on the Community version plus a collection of exclusive Enterprise Contract modules such as Bank Reconciliation, Clean Layout, Mobile Device Responsiveness, and so on.

    Many sorts of enterprises use ERP software. However, manufacturing, retail, and logistics are the industries that have employed them the most.

    Material requirements planning (MRP) and customer relationship management (CRM) are two distinct sets of manufacturing (MRP) and marketing (CRM) features (CRM). ERP systems can integrate all company activities and data into a single system, including manufacturing management and CRM features.

    The primary distinction between on-premise and cloud ERP is software ownership. On-premise ERP often includes a licensing cost for permanent ownership of the system. In contrast, cloud ERP is typically delivered via a subscription-based model. As a result, the supplier retains complete ownership of the program.

    One of the most difficult factors of buying an ERP is knowing how much that will cost. Unfortunately, most companies do not reveal particular costs because of the numerous factors influencing ERP prices. Instead, companies and software selection specialists analyze the total cost of ownership for a solution rather than examining the price tag of an ERP solution.

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    Yes, we can.

    Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

    So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

    And each group includes

    - Project Manager

    - Architect

    - Product Designer

    - UI/UX Designer

    - 2D Artist

    - 3D Artist

    - Graphics Designer

    - ML AI Expert

    - AR VR Expert

    - Software Engineer

    - Q/A Engineer

    - Digital Marketing Expert

    - Consultant

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