Learning is the Key to Building a Successful Workforce

Engaging Content Videos, Web pages, Presentations, Documents - watch on any device!
Metrics Measure participation, feedback and see revenue reports.
Rapid Editing Drag & drop creation of pages with infographics and animations.
Quizzes and Reviews Check how well people are learning and what they think of the content.
Self-paced Learning Group lessons into sections and show participants their progress.
Certifications Score advanced tests and see how many attempts lead to success.
Learning Page
Easy To Organize

Easy to Organize Lesson For Your Learners

You worked hard to prepare the lessons for your courses, and now, they deserve to be presented in the most organizing and engaging way to your learners. So, we give effort into designing a beautiful and easy-to-use interface for you and your learners.

Learners Engagement & Show Their Progress

Lessons, Quizzes, badges, and certificates show which measure the learner's activity. Participants retain more and can help each other - decreasing the time it takes to level up! Meaningful learning experiences lead to increased attention and focus, higher levels of critical thinking, and more productivity!

Learners Engagement


All in one LMS Solution

You can build your LMS platform by using WordPress technology for the website with the Flutter app.

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Organize Content

Each course is a channel that manages the content which you add to your LMS system. Create more courses as you have topics to teach.

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Multimedia Assets

Add all kinds of content to your courses: 

Videos, images, animations, presentations, infographics, web pages, quizzes, and certifications.

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Your website is translatable in as many languages as you prefer.

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Track Progress

Keep track of participation in the course with easy-to-understand indicators of activities, completion, and progress.

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Share online

Allow your learners to share your courses on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email, with a permanent link or embedding them.


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Advanced Reporting

Get advanced reports about the performances of your courses, performance of your learners, contents, reviews, quizzes, progress, and certifications.

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Learners who successfully complete the course receive their certificate after passing.

Learning Process

WordPress solution with
Flutter App

The complete combination of WordPress LMS solutions will let you build an excellent eLearning platform. The flutter app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

Whether the learners have an Android device or iPhone, the app perfectly fits the smaller screens, so learners still easily access any type of content and get a high-quality user experience.

The app fully synchronizes with the LMS website and smoothly delivers the content you publish on your platform. Every change on the website applies and displays in the app.

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Front-end & Laravel Solution with
Native Android App

You can create your LMS solutions with the Native Android app in the impeccable aggregate of Front-end & Laravel solutions.

The app fully synchronizes with the Front-end LMS website & Laravel website. So, the website and app smoothly deliver the content you publish from your laravel platform. Every change on the website applies and displays in the app.

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Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting
gives you real-time insight

Charts or tables - you'll find the perfect way to get insights into your courses and certifications, the performance of your learners, and the revenues they generate.

Select the metrics that are relevant to you, apply predefined or custom filters, and pivot or group the results however you want them!



Technology Used
WordPress Icon WordPress
Encourage To Learning
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