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Online & Offline Survey


 U-Report App UNICEF offers to collect feedback from offline users. Our U-Report App offline server process and converts flow run data from Rapidpro into U-Report format. The application will take feedback from the users without internet. The feedbacks are sync automatically once the internet is connected. Users can submit their survey when the device offline.




U-Report App UNICEF offers to hear the story details in speech by clicking the text-to-speech button. Our U-Report app isn’t  making you bored to read the stories. The Application has a text to speech function and it can read all the texts. Read to English and Bangla language text.









Opinion & Result


U-Report App UNICEF offers users to give their opinions both online and offline, check the latest question and give their opinion which will show in the Results. 

Our U-Report App shows the survey all of the questions answered, users location,users age,users gender. You can observe the users opinion through graphical statistics for each opinion by our U-Report App.




Multi- Language


U-Report App UNICEF will be available in multiple languages as per your requirements. For now, It supports English,Bangla and Burmese languages.


What we are offering?



Our U-Report App is based on three main components which are Rapidpro Server, U-Report Offline Server and U-Report Application. We will accept more customization as per your specific requirements in our U-Report App.

Support and Maintenance

Our Support and Maintenance offers - 

  • Technical administration guide.
  • Functionality Check.
  • App updates after bug fixing.
  • Prompt response to all queries.
  • Testing & Bug fixing.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • User manual.
  • Protected from hack & virus.



Our U-Report App offers multiple languages as per your country or region. We provide localized service to meet the needs of a particular language,culture or desired population in our U-Report App. Our U-Report App provides you a successfully localized service.



Diving Into Technology

Used Technology

Android Native

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the most crucial motive of the app?

Helping adolescents to speak up.
Google Play Store
Yes! Users' shared data is secured in the U-Report app.

U-Report app is supported in multiple languages.

Yes, U-Report is available for offline use.
Everyone can use the U-Report application.

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