ERPNext Solutions

Why Get ERPNext's Solutions?

Why Get ERPNext's Solutions?

ERPNext is the most agile ERP and one of the world's best ERP platforms. Therefore, you can save lots of time by using ERPNext's solutions. In addition, you can move module by module and get excellent support to migrate your whole work. Besides, you can have the following advantages if you get an ERPNext Solutions through Riseup Labs.

Faster Development

Faster Development

ERPNext is built on the Frappe framework, a very low-code platform for quick and easy app building.

Cloud-based Platform

Cloud-based Platform

As a cloud-based solution, ERPNext can be self-hosted easily. You will be able to control your ERPNext server while keeping your data safe and secure.

Responsive on Mobile

Responsive on Mobile

A complete mobile responsive platform so that you can run your operations anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive Modules

Comprehensive Modules

ERPNext has industry-specific modules that offer various solutions, from manufacturing to agriculture.

Benefits You can Get

Riseup Labs provides ERPNext implementation and customization services to manage your business process faster.

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ERP consulting experts closely inspect your company's needs and provide efficient ERPNext implementation.

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Throughout the development lifecycle, our customized ERP services give enhanced flexibility.

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In the ERP development process, we offer complete transparency.

Professional Developers

Professional Developers

 Our experts have extensive expertise in developing ERPNext, and they meet a wide range of corporate needs.

Maintenance and support

Maintenance Support

Riseup Labs' QA engineers are experts in running multiple quality tests to find flaws, software issues, and possible failure spots.

Complete, versatile, and powerful Features of ERPNext

ERPNext's System is Designed for both simplicity and power. Explore the super responsive features of an ERP built on ERPNext.

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Diving Into Technology

ERPNext offer an Extensive Set of ERP Solutions

ERPNext comes with thousands of solutions, and Riseup Labs can help you adopt those solutions in your business. With ERPNext implementation and customization, you can completely overhaul your enterprise systems. So, unleash the full potential of your organization with us.

ERPNext offer an Extensive Set of ERP Solutions

ERPNext is a generic ERP software used by manufacturers, distributors, and services companies with diverse ERP modules, including:

  • Financial Accounting ERP
  • Order Management ERP
  • HR and Payroll ERP
  • Manufacturing ERP
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Projects ERP
  • Helpdesk ERP
  • Asset Management ERP
  • Web Solutions


Financial Accounting ERP

Using the best ERPNext accounting software, you can keep track of your cash. From recording transactions to summarizing and evaluating financial reports, you'll find everything you need to manage cash flow in one location.  Track your cash flow in real-time.

Explore all the benefits and facilities of ERPNext's Accounting ERP Software. Our experts can help you get all of them as per your needs.

Financial Accounting ERP

Benefits of Accounting ERP Software:

  • Real-time view for accounting books
  • Account Charts
  • Journals & Payments
  • Billing & Pricing
  • Multi-currency Accounting
  • Auto-invoicing
  • Banking
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Multilingual Accounting Software
  • Journal Entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Sales and Purchase Management


Order Management ERP

Order Management ERP

With the sales and purchase tool, you can reinvent your sales and supply chain.  All-in-one sale and purchase ERP, track inventory levels, replenish stock, and handle sales orders, customers, suppliers, shipments, deliverables, and order fulfillment.

Benefits of Order Management ERP Module:

  • Real-Time View Of Your Sales & Purchases
  • Item Variants
  • Track Serial Numbers
  • Manage Lots
  • Multi-Channel Sales
  • Elegant Print Formats
  • Powerful Marketing Tools
  • Journals And Payments
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Access
  • Unified, Tracked Emails
  • Documents Storage
  • Stock Replenishment
  • Promotional Schemes
  • Vendor Management
  • Supplier Portal
  • Accounts Payable
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Multi-Currency Sales
  • Multilingual Sales & Purchase
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Self-Onboarding & Implementation


Leave Management System

Set weekends and the duration of work time for a department or a whole company unit, provide authorization to transfer leaves, and many other fantastic features to configure Leave Management choices for a department or an entire business unit.

Easily store all relevant employee information like Leave Period, Leave Policy, Type of Leaves, List of Holidays, Attendance of Employees, and many more.

Leave Management System

Explore all the Benefits & Features of Leave Management System:

  • Employee Information
  • Leave Period
  • Leave Policy
  • Type of Leaves
  • List of Holidays
  • Leave Allocation
  • Attendance of Employees
  • Leave Application
  • Email Notifications
  • Monthly Attendance Sheet
  • Leave Encashment
  • Employee Leave Balance Summary
  • Customizations on the fly
  • Multilingual Leave Management
  • Implementation & Self-Onboarding


HR and Payroll ERP

HR and Payroll ERP

For your expanding business, HRM and Payroll Software is a must. ERPNext's software makes it simple to hire, manage, and track personnel and handle onboarding, training, and appraisals. In addition, with flexible salary structures and personalized payslips, you may execute payroll quickly and easily.

Explore all the Benefits & Features of HR and Payroll ERP:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Employee Repository
  • Employee Training
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  • Expense Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Tax Slabs & Payroll Period
  • Configurable Salary Structures
  • Payroll Entry
  • Verify Attendance
  • Verify Time Sheets
  • Personalized Payslips
  • Variable Pay
  • Password-Protected Payslips
  • Customizations on the fly
  • Multilingual HRMS & Payroll
  • Implementation & Self-Onboarding


Manufacturing ERP

With clever cloud manufacturing ERP software, you can move beyond old technologies. A modern cloud manufacturing ERP software streamlines the manufacturing process, tracks material usage, displays capacity planning, and manages to subcontract, among other benefits.

ERPNext Manufacturing ERP Module

Explore all the Benefits & Features of Manufacturing ERP Module:

  • Total Control Over Your Production
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Subcontracting
  • Item Variants
  • Batched Inventory
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Material Resource Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Quick Stock Balance
  • Stock Replenishment
  • On-the-fly Customizations
  • Cloud Manufacturing ERP 
  • Multilingual Software


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

With the World's ERPNext's CRM, you can close sales quicker. ERPNext is the most effective solution for doing more tasks in less time. With a simple customer-centric CRM, you can get leads, generate sales, automate monotonous chores, interact with prospects, and expand your business.

Explore all the Benefits & Features of CRM Module:

  • 360-Degree View Of Your Business
  • Omnichannel Interactions
  • Automate Daily Chores
  • Sales Team Efficiency
  • Sales Visibility
  • Crisp, Beautiful Quotations
  • Digital Marketing
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Multilingual CRM


Projects ERP

Best Project Management Software that can help you improve your working style. Using a task-driven strategy to organize, schedule, plan, and evaluate projects streamline team communication and speed up your work.

Projects ERP

Explore all the Benefits & Features of Projects ERP Module:

  • All-In-One Workspace
  • Agile
  • To-Do List & Real-Time Chat
  • Document Storage
  • Emails
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Time-Tracking & Billing
  • Customer Access
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Multilingual Project Management Software


Help Desk ERP

Help Desk ERP

Better customer service with SaaS help desk. ERPNext can refine your customer support in one place: ticket management across multiple channels, SLA tracking, process automation, reporting, and more.

Explore all the Benefits & Features of Help Desk ERP Module:

  • Level Up with Real-Time Insights
  • Omnichannel Interactions
  • Automate Ticket Assignments
  • Team Excellence
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Customer Portal
  • Knowledge Base
  • Scheduling Maintenance Visits
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Multilingual SaaS Help Desk Software


Asset Management ERP

Asset Management Software makes asset care simple. From acquisition to disposal, IT infrastructure to equipment, ERPNext makes asset management simple. A single centralized system covers every branch of your company. To better manage assets, use amazing features crammed into a single application.

Asset Management ERP

Explore all the Benefits & Features of Asset Management ERP Module:

  • Asset Lifecycle
  • Asset Inventory
  • Purchasing Assets
  • Selling Assets
  • Automating Asset Depreciation
  • Scrapping Assets
  • Asset Value Adjustment
  • Asset Reporting
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Multilingual Asset Management Software


ERPNext Web Solutions

Web Solutions

A system that allows you to build, maintain, and develop your web presence precisely as you want it in minutes. Build Stunning Websites with ERPNext's Website Builder, where Riseup Labs can help you effortlessly build, design, manage, and develop your web presence.

Explore all the Benefits & Features of ERPNext Website Module:

  • Your Website At Its Best
  • Responsive Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce
  • One-Click Web Forms
  • Website Chat
  • Social Login Keys
  • Multilingual Website Builder


ERPNext Development and Customization Services Riseup Labs offer

Need assistance for automating and organizing your business operations? We at Riseup Labs are ready to help you with ERPNext installation services to get a leg up on the competition and generate development across many industries.

ERPNext Implementation Service

To simplify your quest business operations and increase scalability, we provide end-to-end ERPNext development and installation services.

Get Implementation Service

ERPNext Implementation Service

Software Customization

Our ERPNext customization offerings include a unique ERP software solution that is flexible and scalable to innovative features.

Get ERP Software Customization

ERPnext Software Customization

Mobile and Web Development

We offer ERP-based mobile and web services so you can keep track of commercial processes at your disposal.

Get Mobile and Web Dev Service

Mobile and Web Development ERPnext Solutions

Analytics and Reporting

Riseup Labs' developers can provide powerful analytics solutions for acquiring insights into corporate data using ERPNext module development.

Get Analytics Service

ERPNext Analytics and Reporting

Custom Integration

We effortlessly integrate key ERPNext technologies with your traditional corporate systems to improve performance and effectiveness.

Get Integration Service

ERPNext custom integration

Technical Support

Our technical support staff regularly monitors your program performance and performs normal system checks to fix difficult issues.

Get ERPNext Supports

ERPNext Technical Support

ERPNext Solutions for Industries

ERPNext is a platform for ERP systems used by manufacturers, distributors, and service providers.

ERPNext Solutions for Industries

Accounting, CRM, sales, buying, website, eCommerce, Point of Sale (POS), Manufacturing, Warehouse, Project Management, Inventory, and services are included. It also includes domain-specific modules for schools, hospitals, agriculture, and non-profit organizations. Riseup Labs can help you customize and implement ERPNext Systems for your domains. So start now, customize your ERP software with Riseup Labs.

  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture
  • Non Profit


With clever cloud manufacturing ERP software, you can go beyond old technologies. A contemporary cloud manufacturing ERP software streamlines the manufacturing process, tracks material usage, displays capacity planning, and manages to subcontract, among other benefits.

Manufacturing ERP solutions we offer for:

  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Textile Product Manufacturers
  • Metal Fabrication Manufacturers
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Rubber Products Manufacturers
  • Plastic Products Manufacturers
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Chemical Manufacturers
  • Food Manufacturers


Get Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Solutions


With the best ERP for the services market, you can sell services more efficiently. We can help you with the ERPNext customization that runs your services business more efficiently. Know your prospects and clients, create subscription plans for your services, use a loyalty program to establish relationships with repeat customers, manage and charge various projects, arrange maintenance visits, and more.

  • Manage Your Customers
  • Campaigns
  • Subscription
  • Project Management
  • Help Desk
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Record Warranty Claims
  • Maintenance Visit
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Multi-currency Accounting
  • Billing and Pricing
  • On-the-fly Customizations
  • Multilingual Services ERP Software


Get ERP for Services

ERP solutions for services

Distribution Solutions

With the best ERP for the services market, you can sell services more efficiently. We can help you with the ERPNext customization that runs your services business more efficiently. Know your prospects and clients, create subscription plans for your services, use a loyalty program to establish relationships with repeat customers, manage and charge various projects, arrange maintenance visits, and more.

  • ERP For Supermarkets
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Inventory Management System
  • FMCG Distribution Software
  • Wholesale Distribution Software
  • Supply Chain Management Software
  • Logistics Management Software
  • Procurement Software


Get Distribution ERP Solutions

Distribution ERP Solutions

Retail ERP Solutions

ERPNext Retail Solutions is ideal for all types of retail businesses. With simple yet effective Retail ERP Software, you can sell more quickly. With a complete cloud solution to help you optimize retail management, track inventory, manage customers, and boost business profitability, you can measure, manage, and sell more.

Everything that Your Supermarket Needs:

  • Item Groups
  • Items And Pricing
  • Item Variants
  • Barcodes
  • Serialized Inventory
  • Batched Inventory
  • Promotional Schemes
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Point Of Sale
  • Configurable Print Formats
  • Offline POS & Syncing
  • Cashier Closing Voucher
  • Real-Time Inventory Levels
  • Quick Stock Balance
  • Expiration Management
  • Automate Stock Replenishment
  • Item-Wise Recommended Reorder Report
  • Quality Inspection
  • Customer Acquisition & Loyalty Program
  • Multilingual Supermarket ERP


Get Analytics Service

Retail ERP Solutions


ERPNext is a cutting-edge, do-it-yourself ERP system for educational institutions and schools. It provides an interactive gateway built on the platform that allows schools of any size to manage students, instructors, courses, and academic programs right out of the box.

  • DIY ERP For Educational Institutes
  • Student Applicants
  • Student Information
  • Document Storage
  • Instructors
  • Program Enrollment
  • Programs & Courses
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Fees
  • Assessment Plan
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Multilingual Education Software


Get Educational ERP

ERP for Education

Non Profit

Use the world's best NGO ERP software to do your best work. Maintain the seamless operation of your nonprofit organization by keeping track of members, memberships, volunteers, contributors, and grant applications.

  • Members
  • Membership
  • Membership Types
  • Volunteer
  • Donor
  • Grant Application
  • Multi-Currency Accounting
  • Billing And Pricing
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Multilingual NGO ERP Software


Get ERP for NGO

NGO ERP software solutions


Manage your farms with the best agriculture ERP software on the market. Crop cycles, locations, diseases, and fertilizers can all be recorded and tracked to help you manage your farm company.

Manage all your fields with one software:

  • 70+ Analysis Criteria
  • Manage your crops
  • Crop Cycle
  • Location
  • Disease
  • Fertilizer
  • Plant Analysis
  • Water Analysis
  • Soil Analysis
  • Soil Texture
  • Weather
  • Sales And Purchase
  • Billing And Pricing
  • Multilingual Agriculture ERP Software


Get ERP for Agriculture

agriculture ERP software Solutions


To make data-driven healthcare decisions, you'll have all the necessary information at your fingertips. In addition, hospitals, clinics, and dispensaries may benefit from ERPNext's contemporary ERP software.

  • Patient Repository
  • Healthcare Practitioners
  • Practitioner Schedule
  • Patient Appointments
  • Document Storage
  • Patient History
  • Emails
  • Patient Encounters
  • Prescriptions
  • Clinical Procedures
  • Medicines And Equipment
  • Billing And Pricing
  • Automated Stock Replenishment
  • Multilingual Healthcare Software


Get ERP for Healthcare


Healthcare ERP Solutions

ERPNext for Enterprise

Over 5,000 companies worldwide utilize this enterprise platform for the digital era. Get ERPNext Customization for Enterprise with the following services.

Product Warranty

This includes a guarantee for reproducible problems in supported features (as specified in the product handbook) for a particular version. The length of time it takes to fix a defect is determined by its severity.

See Warranties


Product warranty

Implementation Consulting

Our Consultants can save you time and help you avoid typical mistakes. So consult with the experts before starting the implementation of your system.

Talk to an Expert

Implementation consulting

DevOps Support

This covers ERPNext installation and custom configuration on your servers and monitoring, proxies, replication, and other features based on your needs.

Get DevOps Support

Developer Support

This covers support and warranties for site changes made through custom apps, server scripts, reports, and print formats, among other things. In addition, experts will be accessible upon request to assist you in getting the most out of your ERPNext implementation.

Get Developer Support

Functional Support

This covers support and warranties for site changes made through custom apps, server scripts, reports, and print formats, among other things. In addition, experts will be there on request to help you make the most out of your ERPNext implementation.

Get Functional Support

Functional support

Large DB Support

This is ideal for customers with large data volumes, consumer invoices, device data (IoT), or retail POS. The best engineers will help you optimize queries and indexing by profiling and setup queuing and concurrency so that you can ingest a very large volume of data regularly.

Get DB Support

Large DB support
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    Integrate ERPNext with other Apps

    ERPNext enables built-in integrations that help your business grow faster. We at Riseup Labs can help you integrate ERP software with your favorite apps, including:

    • Paypal
    • DropBox
    • Razorpay
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    Best Alternative to Many Platforms

    ERPNext is the best alternative to many platforms

    When it comes to implementing an ERP solution for your company, it's critical to choose a system that meets your needs and is supported by market expertise. Don't be fooled by the internet; instead, choose an updated and simple-to-use system. Once you've compared wisely, you'll never regret it. ERPNext is one of the best alternatives to the following:

    Zoho CRM Alternative

    With a feature-rich and easy Zoho CRM alternative, you can sell more while paying less.

    Zoho One Alternative

    The Zoho One Alternative ERPNext allows you to accomplish more for less money. Manufacturing, project management, and other services are included.

    Freshdesk Alternative

    Maintain a strong connection with your consumers while keeping a high level of quality. Project management, maintenance schedules, and other services are available.

    Odoo Alternative

    An ERP system that does not impose paywalls in exchange for more advanced features. ERPNext is an Odoo alternative that combines all Odoo's functionality into one convenient package.

    SAP alternative

    A straightforward ERP system with a wide range of features at a modest cost. It offers a clean and light user interface, and it's also easy on the wallet.

    Microsoft Dynamics alternative

    Most adjustments are available out of the box, allowing you to focus on developing your business rather than modifying your ERP.

    Netsuite alternative

    Are you fed up with rising costs and complex customizations? ERPNext is a Netsuite alternative with excellent customer service.

    Salesforce Alternative

    A solid CRM system does not have to cost seven figures. ERPNext is a Salesforce alternative that is both simple to use and inexpensive.

    Zendesk Alternative

    Enjoy the easy-to-use interface. ERPNext comes with an easy customization tool that allows you to assist your clients precisely the way you want.

    Quickbooks Alternative

    All features are available online. Billing, payroll, projects, and more are available at a low cost.

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    FAQs about ERPNext Solutions of Riseup Labs

    Frequently asked questions about Riseup Labs' ERPNext Solutions. We have noticed that most of our clients seeking professional ERPNext solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. We hope it will help you to get an instant answer.

    I have got an idea, how and where do I start?

    Please contact us to know more.

    Yes, ERPNext is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition, ERPNext can also be used as a mobile application.

    ERPNext software maintains track of day-to-day business activities, making it easier and more cost-effective to run a corporation. In addition, it combines all of your company analytics on one platform, analyzing improvement opportunities and financial rules a breeze.

    Many sorts of enterprises use ERP software. However, manufacturing, retail, and logistics are the industries that have employed them the most.

    Material requirements planning (MRP) and customer relationship management (CRM) are two distinct sets of manufacturing (MRP) and marketing (CRM) features (CRM). ERP systems can integrate all company activities and data into a single system, including manufacturing management and CRM features.

    The primary distinction between on-premise and cloud ERP is software ownership. On-premise ERP often includes a licensing cost for permanent ownership of the system. In contrast, cloud ERP is typically delivered via a subscription-based model. As a result, the supplier retains complete ownership of the program.

    One of the most difficult factors of buying an ERP is knowing how much that will cost. Unfortunately, most companies do not reveal particular costs because of the numerous factors influencing ERP prices. Instead, companies and software selection specialists analyze the total cost of ownership for a solution rather than examining the price tag of an ERP solution.

    Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Software Development Company. They have a high level of recognition for their Mobile Application development services. Please visit.

    Yes. Riseup Labs have an online portfolio. Please visit

    Yes, we can.

    You can observe every bit of step during the app development period. So, you can fulfill each bit of desired requirements without any confusion. Client satisfaction is our primary goal.

    In that case, to ensure a secure service, we do not publicly detail all our security precautions.

    Yes, we can.

    Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

    So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

    And each group includes

    - Project Manager

    - Architect

    - Product Designer

    - UI/UX Designer

    - 2D Artist

    - 3D Artist

    - Graphics Designer

    - ML AI Expert

    - AR VR Expert

    - Software Engineer

    - Q/A Engineer

    - Digital Marketing Expert

    - Consultant

    You reached here because you have an idea; otherwise, you have fundamental business issues trying to solve.

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