Augmi - AR Furniture App

Highlights of Augmi Augmented Reality (AR) App

Place and view furniture at home with Augmented Reality

Feel precisely how big a piece of furniture is and how it’ll fit

Discover new furniture in 3D and decor in 3D

✓  Professionally designed home in 3D before making the perfect buying decision

See the furniture in real space on mobile screens

Make the buying decision among various pieces of furnitures

Visualize while buying a furniture

Get the details of a product

Filter down products to design the place virtually

See which product is right in a space

Create virtual experiences quick and easy

Visualize all possible configurations for your product
| 3D configurator

Use technology to display a wide variety of items

You are free to make your own furniture catalog in Augmented Reality

Analyze your customers buying journey, best selling products, customer demographics


Elevate Your Furniture Business

Create, build and share incredible virtual experiences. Empower your customers to visualize and explore what you have to offer virtually.


Augmi AR Furniture App is an e-Commerce solution for any furniture business. With this you can present your furniture items to your customer anywhere as a physical product in Augmented Reality.

Your audience will be capable of exploring products in your online store, placing furniture on their homes in real-time, and easily make their purchase decision! They can see how their favorite furniture products would look at their home.


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AR Furniture Application and an e-Commerce Solution for any furniture-business

Core Features




Real Life Experience


Augmi Furniture app enables its audience to explore products in the online store and place on the surface in real time with Augmented Reality technology. Digitize your properties, communicate in real-time, and generate more high-quality leads at 1/10 of the cost!

Real Life Experience



Place the Furniture with Exact Measurement


AR furniture app gives you a clear idea about the product's original measurements and how it would look on the floors or walls and beside the previous furniture.

Place the Furniture with exact measurement



Play & Decorate


Level up your virtual experience with our Augmi AR app, an easy-to-use virtual experience builder. You can add your customization here anytime as well.



Achieve Higher Engagement Rate with 3D Viewer


You can showcase your products in 3D with Augmi AR Furniture App and your audience can play with your products. They can rotate, zoom in and out, fully interact and better engage with your product. Build your virtual showroom in seconds! Capture your physical space with your smartphone, or select a 3D showroom design!

Achieve Higher Engagement Rate with 3D Viewer



Capture a Photo & Share


Augmi AR furniture app allows user to capture photos after placing the product and let the user share the photo with friends and family. It’s always nice to hear feedback from the close one’s before placing an order.

Capture a Photo and Share



Simple & Easy Way to Decorate Place


Users get a clear idea about the furniture measurements, they will also see the furniture in 3D models, get related furniture suggestions, and have ideas about room decoration from this Augmi AR application.

Play and Decorate your Room Together



Get Instant Sales from Distant Users like Physical Stores


Your audience will be capable of seeing all of your products online and instantly visualize them with their smartphone in their places. They will be able to see the complete configurations of your product and interact with those. This increases higher chances for your products' instant sales like your physical store customers.


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Get Instant Sales from Distant Users Like physical stores
Room Decoration with Augmi ar Application

Simplified Features to Ensure Best Experience 


Registration / Login

Your users can log in through social media; Screenshot sharing is also available in the feature.


You can search the items and filter catalog by type, dimension, price, and color. 



One can browse the items, try them with AR. Functions are divided into categories such as Chair, Desk, Beds. Placement is also available for furniture such as living room, kitchen. These categories are also combinable. An ordinary photo can be added to the items, even not having AR capability.


User Profile and Dashboard

One can record the data, including viewed items, favorites, order history & card, credit card numbers, delivery address. It will ensure high- end-user data security. 

Push Notifications

Customer can get news about the new products, old products that are back in stock, discount, sales, offer and more.


Buyers can save the item or add it to their wish list. This enables them to check the products later.

Reviews/ Feedback from User

Users can leave feedback that is helpful for the growth of your business.


Object Manipulation

The customer can check the object from all sides, and it will be the same as the real-life size. Also, they can rotate and place furniture in a corner.

Buying Functionality

Users can buy directly using the payment gateway. Linking with store or organization website is also available in the function.


Screenshot, Video, and Easy Sharing

It can capture an image or video of a room with virtual items. That's also shareable with friends through email, Facebook, and Twitter. Screenshots also can be saved on the device.

Multi-Language Support

It can add more than one language, which will be user-friendly and convenient for the customers. 

Delivery Tracking

The customer can check the delivery status. In each stage of the delivery process, the customer gets an email notification and push notification. 


The owner can see user usage data, access the user database, filter complex data, and see important business information.   

Stock Availability in Nearest Branch

A user can check the stock availability near the branches of the user’s location.


With this feature, customers can contact questions quickly. The bot tells the user where to aim their camera and gently corrects them if they are not using the app properly.

Integration With Web 

Users can integrate the app with the web and manually modify the app as per requirement.  



3D Model File Size 

To make the models work within the app, each one must be squeezed down to a file size less than 1.5 megabytes large.




Proportion With Real World

The 3D model furniture is placed as a real-size after scanning the room. However, it is impossible to relocate the actual size.




Sound Effects

When a piece of furniture lands on a floor, it should land with a bit of a thud and a touch of haptic feedback. It includes that sound effects.




App Screenshots


Home Option from AR Furniture App
Sub Category from AR Furniture App
Camera View from AR Furniture App
Detail from AR Furniture App
Flower Vase and Desk
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the Augmi Furniture App’s user journey?

    Your customers will be getting the best UI experience, because this AR Furniture App is super friendly. They will be able to find all the stuff on the App effortlessly and without any lags. Simple four steps to use the app- Open the app, Select a furniture, Place it on the surface, and Hit the purchase button. 

    Yes, This AR furniture application "Augmi Furniture" gives your customers to explore products in real time  with Augmented Reality technology.

    Yes, your customers can see, the products are fit or not in any specific floors,walls or places.

    Yes, customers can detect existing furniture to find new better models from the Augmi Furniture App category section.

    Yes, Customers can share with their friends and family.

    With our Augmi ffurniture app your customers can rotate, zoom in and out, fully interact and better engage with their product.

    Yes, you can add full details of your products and your customers will get the furniture details through the app.