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The animation is the most thrilling aspect of today’s digital industry. After all, it is a method to manipulate figures as moving animated videos or images. Product animation thus comes into the scene in the same way. 

UNICEF Meena Animation in 3D

Storytellers and businesses have a lot of scope in this sector of animation and animated video. So, if you’re a business holder, manager, marketer, or even just a storyteller of your product marketing, you must start with product animation. 

So, what exactly is animation? And, what are the types of animation for a product? Let’s start so that you can have some fantastic product animations anytime!

Some software and IT companies are already at it.

But before that, you must make sure that your product has the exact correct image. 

What is animation?

The animation is simply a photographic sequence of models or drawings. Our eyes can hold a picture for 1/16 of a second. When different pictures show up in quick progression, the brain mixes them into a solo moving image.

The animation is the way to design, plan, draw, and make different layouts for that sequence. After that, they are coordinated in gaming and multimedia products. Thus, product animation is on the rise now. 

The animation is mainly an illusion, but a good and effective one for a website. An individual who creates these animations is called an animator. He/she utilizes different computer innovations to catch the still pictures and afterward to animate these in the desired sequence.

Animated ads on Facebook are too famous nowadays. Not only that, animated ads on every platform are doing great.

Key entering the keyhole

What is product animation?

Product animation is nothing more than displaying the product in its best form. It plays a vital role in displaying the product.

After all, multimedia content and business is connected today. 

An ideal product animation is that which understands the pain points of the target customer. For instance, if you want to buy something online, chances are that you are looking for a product animation. Or at least, an animated version of the product.

What it does is, it creates a strong visual in your mind of what to expect. People love to see things before they make a purchase. A product animation video can make things very easy for you.

All in all, as the name proposes, the correct product animation is about product delivery, but in visuals. With it, the illustrator can clarify any new product or a current item or packaging. It is planned to give a realistic and precise portrayal of the product. Something that is already there or going to launch. 

With this cycle’s assistance, the connection and communication between the designer and the end client are created. As the planner can precisely show the end client about his arrangements. On the other hand, the end-client can essentially look at the plan before the plan is really dispatched.

Above all, through the product presentation, the designer shows the various highlights that the item or bundle will have. It is a perfect solution for giving a practical perspective on the item before creating the final product. Just as many Facebook animated ads show.

How to have an effective product video – the best use of animated characters in a product animation 

The right type of product video can change the game for you. 

An animated video can convey your business thought in a quick, appealing, and catchy way. It is mostly called an animated explainer video. However, animated characters are among the favorite styles for graphic designers and marketers, among the various sorts of explainer recordings. 

animation of laptop letter mobile and glasses
Infographic of animation videos

This is also because they have an extraordinary capacity to give your brand image a good portion of feeling and character. That is, in the digital space. In only a few seconds, that also assists you with standing apart from the crowd. 

In product animation, the most famous technique is storytelling, as it’s your vast asset to present the tale of the main character. That animation video should, at least, speak to your buyer persona, which is the target audience. In other words, that is someone who is attempting to take care of their pain or problem. With your product or service’s assistance. For this situation, the animated characters are the real point of your story!

Even if it’s not a story, your product needs to detail everything in an animated video. Only then will you have a win-win product animation for you.

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The ultimate guide of product animation types

Let’s directly jump into the central fact now. Your products need more coverage. For that, you need to have a clear image of the product in an animated video.

You need a fruitful product animation video for your brand or your client’s work. So, for that, you need to choose the best animation type based on your product.

table of a graphic designer
Necessities of a graphic designer

Just have a clear idea of your product because below are the lists and ideas for your next product animation:

2D animation

The best 2D product animation video depends on convincing characters. Above all, these characters can run in between complexity, from essential to complicated drawings. 

What is 2D animation?

It’s the art and skill of creating movement in a 2-Dimensional (2D) space.

These characters can talk, or they can be storybook props to show your product’s genuine human estimation. For instance, the character creates a bond between the target audience and the product.

A 2D animated video may be ideal for your product if you need to convey your message traditionally, including a start, middle, and end—through which characters change and develop. Above all, here, your product has to be the primary story material.

Best types of 2D product animation video for you

Explainer company video

Explainer videos add energy and give a one of a kind method of portraying an organization, business, or giving a show where a filmed video creation isn’t as important. 

Even a mobile application might need an explainer video. 

Animated videos for business

2D animated video creations give organizations an occasion to make content that is bound to connect rapidly with their crowd. That animation is targeted to teach, engage, and inform clients. For instance, that is to create value. In this way, it gives more exposure to a company.

2D product animation

2D product animation is an extraordinary method to present your business item in a genuinely exceptional and imaginative manner. Unlike 3D animation, 2D animation gives a 2D visual portrayal of your product

This type of format is less in-depth than 3D. Hence, it is more qualified to present a story about the product itself, how it works, or how it may collaborate with an individual or environment. This gives organizations an ideal sales video that is custom.

Here’s an example:

Also, for product and game promotions, a 2D animated product video could be utilized to provide an energized product presentation, indicating an idea or how another product coming to market may work.

Animated health and safety video

This kind of 2D animated video creation is effective, educational and data based. 

However, many games are based on that too.

Animated marketing video

Marketing videos can be created in various manners. But, animated content gives a chance to change the video production at a stage later if needed, with fewer efforts. 

After that, animated marketing videos help organizations to catch their crowd’s consideration.

Whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation is a method of utilizing blank areas to create artwork that has a natural flow. For instance, in presentations, sales video letters, and internal training animation.

A large portion of them is made inside different sorts of software, with custom design and outline with animated overlay impacts. Above all, whiteboard animation is ideal for combining a lot of data in a more absorbable arrangement.

Isometric animation utilizes isometric projection. However, the point is to make a visual portrayal of a three dimensional object in 2D. 

3D animation

Today, 3D animation and computer animation is a common type. In addition, if you have the right web system for your business, you can see massive success with 3D animation.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is the method of producing three-dimensional moving images. In a digital environment, of course.

In 3D animation, the animator utilizes a program to move a character’s body parts around. They set their computerized outlines when the entirety of the character pieces are in the correct position. After that, they execute this for each frame, and the PC calculates the movement from each frame.

3D animation is extraordinary in that, in contrast to 2D or other conventional strategies. The character’s whole body is consistently watchable. In case a character turns to the side, the artist needs to draw the side profile 2D animation, however, in 3D, the whole body should be noticeable.

man pointing at a report with a cup of tea beside him
Report with a cup of tea!

Best types of 3D product animation video for you

Digital 3D

Also termed as computer produced imagery, this is the formation of special effects and animations utilizing computer software. In other words, this is cinematography: making special visualizations and views that can’t be accomplished or gotten utilizing traditional techniques. 

It is very effective for a product video, but in limited ways.

However, most animations can be done in 2D as well. Like the ones below are possible in both 2D and 3D.

Stop motion animation

It is made by taking frame-by-frame photos of elements. The space for innovativeness is boundless here: you can utilize objects, toys, items, dolls, etc. For instance, this sort of animation is utilized for tv ads, music recordings and presentations. 

Motion graphics

This is an enormous area, including both 2D and 3D headings and having a huge field of utilization: advertisements, TV projects, item and explainer recordings, introductions, games, live streams and considerably more, where the dynamic development of text, logos and pictures can be helpful.

Cutout animation

It is a type of stop-motion animation utilizing characters that are flat, props and foundations from materials, for example, card, paper hardened texture or even photos. The props would be removed and utilized as manikins for stop motion.

Typography animation

It is the movement of text in a product video. However, it is going viral nowadays. It is also known as kinetic typography.

Infographic animation

Similarly, an infographic animation is nothing but a method of imagining data. That is, visualizing it. It is a combination of symbolism, representations, diagrams, charts, text, and different components. All of those are animations.  

Slideshow video, screencast video and live action videos

All of these are there for product animation in every way.
Slideshow videos are very regular today. Screencast videos are best for tutorials since they are recording to computer screen output. However, live-action videos mostly use photographs.

Specially, IT firms are doing great with these.

3D mechanical animated video

This type of video for a product is the way toward making reasonable three-dimensional computer generated Imagery (CGI) activity, that is, animation, to outwardly present the config, bits, and parts of different mechanical products.


This can be a crucial part of promoting and branding your business or product.

In 2D modeling, we have mainly character models, object models, and glass asset models. And in 3D modeling, we have solid modeling, wireframe modeling, and surface modeling. 

All of these types are great for outsourcing, which is a great opportunity today. 

Ultimate best examples of product animation for all types

  • Specific product animated video
  • Branded video with or without animated characters 
  • Cartoons
  • Explainer animation
  • How-to product animation video
  • Presentations
  • Sales video letters
  • Internal training animation
  • Object rotating, object moving across, object moving into place (mainly through stop motion animation)
  • Corporate video
  • Promotional video
  • Statistical video
  • Informational or list animation video
  • Timeline
  • Explainer video
  • Demo
  • Testimonials
an animated man signing a report after the calculation
Man approving a report after calculation

Benefits of effective product animation 

Would you like to present your story, realistically? That is, do you want to give your audience a real feel? If the answer is positive, at that point, you should attempt product animation videos. 

That will guarantee that you are demonstrating your crowd a communicating and engaging video. That is something beyond a typical and traditional video.

It’s not just an approach to show your customers about the particular product. However, it is incredible for engineers as well to understand the necessity of the product. 

With the assistance of a product animation, one can undoubtedly avoid the real production cost that even a sample of that same product will cost. Likewise, production delays can be limited. As the specialists have thought regarding the genuine product and the target clients, have approved it. Presently, let’s investigate different advantages of product animation.

Explain product in details 

Regularly, for showing any new product, one can make a video referencing its highlights. Yet, it is challenging to present internal functions. You can’t show what’s going on inside the item as it is not there on display.

Nonetheless, with the assistance of product animation, it is possible to provide the entire internal look of the product or even the production. The animation will show everything in cross-sectional perspectives. 

Aside from that, to make a real product video you must check upon the camera points, lighting, and obviously, shots. However, product animation will solve all the problems for you. You won’t need all these things then. Whenever required, it is conceivable to show the entire thing in a more prominent showcase. 

In other words, you can show a product effectively and in a more exact manner with its assistance.

We are reaching faster to market

For instance, for video marketing, you need to rely on the actual product. Without it, you can’t make the video and start showcasing the product.

This is another territory where this animation cycle is useful. In an animated environment,  it is easy to make an animation video and begin preparing your business group about the item, even before the real product comes out. In such a way, marketing plans can start earlier.

animated version of a man buying products online
A man buying from an ecommerce store

Save production costs and time

During the product creation cycle, you will require a creation group, talents to complete the video, sourcing items needed in the video, etc.

On the other hand, if you go for product animation, the animators will take the necessary information from your current designing documents and complete the video creation. In short, they will be successful in telling an exciting story in a short time.

Aside from that, you can react to item changes without any problem. If there are varieties, you don’t need to shoot the entire thing once more. Yet, what you can do is change the necessary part from the movement and deliver the video once more. The whole thing turns out to be straightforward.

Creates more impact by making it interactive

To make somebody check out something, it is fundamental that you give them an interactive encounter. With animation, viewers get a clear idea about the product.

In this way, they can retain more info about the product for a longer time. Everyone loves enjoyable learning. In addition, if there are any inquiries, it emerges while the interactive meeting is on. Thus, an employee doesn’t need to sit tight to working with the item. 

It gives a swift understanding to both the clients and the professional, and the entire thing gets more comfortable.

Who can use product animation?

The animation is the best method to introduce your creative mind in an actual structure. Some individuals need the assistance of animation to demonstrate to others what their thoughts are.

Product animation has evolved mainly for such people. Animation is utilized regularly for making engaging recordings. But, as far as product animation is concerned, there are several kinds of people. Who can take the benefits from animation.  They are:


An innovator has and comes with many product ideas for a business. It isn’t workable for them to manufacture an entire item. The reason is that they will require assets. Presently, with the assistance of a product animator, they can animate the product they have in their mind. 

They don’t have to worry about the support that is necessary for making the item genuinely. Instead of that, they can present their features and develop the product in the product animation.

It will assist them with getting sponsors who may fund and improve their product more. All in all, entrepreneurs can give more time to this.

Finance managers or businessmen

It is useful for money managers or business people to order and make product animation videos. And use them for promotion and marketing. It will significantly boost their B2B marketing if they can have a perfect animation product video from the experts. 

Typical presentations of a product are outdated. These videos are more effective tools for sales and interest for a customer. Nobody would like to read page after page about a product. With a simple product animation video, they can have a good look and understanding of the product.

animated characters in the race of life
Animated characters with stop watches

Advertisers and marketers

Product animated video is useful for marketers and advertisers as well. They can send it both to clients and pitches for presentations. Furthermore, they require fewer resources for this. Thus, advertisers love to give their product the assistance of an animated video. It’s an ideal device for them to introduce their perspectives. 

It is an incredible method to present a story. And take the watchers to a virtual existence. Where they can feel the product and understand them easily. It is the best tool for marketing for an advertiser.

Educational purpose 

Product animation is useful for many educational purposes as well. It is challenging to teach students about machines and products. The students usually have words to understand the devices, which is not a perfect solution for their future work. Nonetheless, it may not be workable for some students. To understand directly from books and notes. 

With an animated video, students get to learn quickly. They can get an overview of the item correctly. They can remember it and start applying them practically soon. The reason is that by now, they have already started enjoying it and find it more straightforward.

What is the future of product animation? How is it helpful for the society?

The animation industry is developing step by step. Various fields and businesses now understand what animation can do. It is not only limited to the film and cartoon industry. 

a confused man with questions and umbrella

A fast Google search on the web will uncover how a product animation is a vital tool today. The educational fields utilizing this are engineering and medicine. Some games are also on the list.

They make their item first in 3D and afterward in genuine. Through product animation, they understand how the thing will look and how they can process it. A product animation progresses their work for good.

Some different businesses, like architectures and interior designers, are additionally utilizing product animation in their fields. Interior designers need a virtual product animation to show their customer. For taking their approval before beginning the work on the open area. It saves time and increases productivity at the same time. 

In the medication field, they use product animation for making demos and presentations of their medicine for showing the students.

In conclusion, the professional utilization of product animation depicts the possibility of how the genuine item will look.


To wrap up the entire thing, product animation is a procedure that will reform the entire cycle of presentation. Whether it’s presenting a product or informing about the functionality of an already existing product.

It is a valuable process and an extraordinary method to get the watchers’ interest. By informing them about a complicated product by a simple story. It requires imagination and creativity. The animators have that to make things conceivable and interesting at the same time for the watchers. 

To some extent, this thing falls under the list of IT-enabled services. Thus, software and IT companies know the technicalities. It is a win-win situation for a product. 

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