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A product video is an explainer video for a business. Many product recordings focus on the features.

In reality, it is essential to focus on what customer problems or pain points the product targets.

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What is a video?

A video is a film, program, or other visual media item, including moving pictures, recorded with or without sound. In addition, it is usually saved digitally.

In other words, it is a recording of both the visual and detectable sounds.

What is a product video?

A product video or instructional video shows how your product or even service functions. Significantly, your potential customers see what you offer in real life! This makes its advantages understood and creates trust in your image, which drives deals. 

Since video recordings are engaging and enjoyable to watch, a product’s video is an extraordinary attraction.

It can increase conversion rates. Similarly, it needs to give an engaging and creative story. Something that shows how your product performs in reality and what sort of effect it has. 

An item video can make a superior final impression in the buyer’s brain with a story and metaphor. After that, a customer should be interested in experiencing it. For instance, the landing page of this company has a video without any audio.

Here, the data comes through sound and visual channels. In this way, when organizations need to promote a product, video is the best approach.

What‘s the aim and benefit of a product video?

Whether it’s a software or product for a company, these videos are handy. Therefore, companies having a complex set of products can make videos to present them. They can even make a series on their collection. 

The portfolio page of a website might need them too. Based on the market need. For instance, if that is a marketing agency.

For instance, Microsoft makes videos to declare its new products. Therefore, the product recordings effectively clarify the latest offerings. Such that buyers can understand easily, which increases their interest automatically. 

a circle of business marketing with the benefit of a product video
Aim and benefit of a product video

What is the difference between product videos and branded videos?

Multimedia content and business is connected at this point of time.

Product videos are different from branded videos. In other words, branded videos are just content. In addition, They mainly introduce a company’s image to the viewers. On the other hand, the other regularly focuses on the advantages of using an item or service. Also, branded videos are usually not animated. Still, they present testimonials for a company.

Above all, product videos successfully describe how an item will help the customer. By pointing out the issues it can solve.

Generally speaking, these are the key elements of a beautiful product video:

  • An engaging script and narration (based on the target audience)
  • Sufficiently long to completely clarify the product and its advantages, yet short enough to keep the watcher’s consideration 
  • Professional content, instead of forced content 
  • Connection with a viewer, empathy
  • Setting a clear goal
  • Identifying target audience and value proposition
  • Drafting the storyboard 
  • Actors, filming, voiceover


Product videos for marketing ( The types! )

They work faster because:

  • People are visual animals 
  • We measure video quicker than text. 
  • It takes advantage of different senses, like sight and hearing, strengthening the message in our brains. 

Also, it’s a lot simpler to convey an inspiring story in a brief timeframe with video. Above all, you can touch people’s emotions with videos and help them imagine your eCommerce product in their hands. That is a lot harder to do with text. 

As a result, eCommerce product video marketing works beautifully (when done right). However, the matter is how to do it. To start with, you have to be sure of what you’re making.

However, in this eCommerce genre, there are countless types of videos you can create. All in all, only the best choice product review will win from the crowd. 

Moreover, even some IT companies are well aware of such videos. Above all, the reason is engineering experts know the maximum about technology.

group of people discussing ideas of a product video in business and eCommerce
Product videos for marketing

Before going into the main types, let’s look at the best subjects for a product video. In other words, the best categories of a product for marketing are.

I. A “how-to” video

What: In simple words, a classic how-to product review video shows how to utilize your items! In other words, it is a type of product demo. 

However, it’s for anyone with a complicated product. For instance, where the highlights are the principle advantage OR with an item that has numerous uses. 

Why: Execute this type as a how-to while additionally presenting how cool your product is. Similarly, we see such in many product review sites.

How: For instance, an example of this type would be a series of how-to recordings. To present a coffee brewer’s tasteful, unique features. While additionally indicating that it is effortless to use. 

Moreover, a substitute to the “how-to” video tells the best way to accomplish something with your product. Rather than showing the best way to use the item itself. 

Another incredible thing about this style of how-to video is that it is precious content for your blog space or YouTube channel. Since it’s not a direct product pitch, yet has extra value for your watchers.

Ii. A “product-in-use” video

What: This video type is about your item. In addition, it flaunts genuine individuals (ideally individuals who look like your target customers) utilizing your product in everyday life.

How: It’s like seeing an item in use, which is another type of product demo. Above all, practically anything that has a “use” is a solid match here. 

Why: The primary point is to flaunt their items in the video without pointing out a lot of them. Like, famous Youtube influencers or an actor on screen is shown drinking a particular brand’s cold drink or using a specific watch or product, with just the brand name on it and no extra mention other than that. However, it’s as natural as possible.

Iii. A “close-up” video

What: This video style is exactly what it seems like — a nearby look of your item! In addition, this is probably the top favorite of a product review website.

Why: It’s for anyone having a detailed product that would profit by an HD close-up to flaunt those little details. For instance, things like diamonds, leatherwork, or anything with brilliant work. 

How: It is mainly a type of video advertisement. Similarly, any of the types in this list can be an ad. However, some of the eCommerce videos may just be created to convince individuals to purchase the item.

However, you don’t have to be the one to record your video. Similarly, there are video production experts out there you can recruit to get you out.

Iv. An “installation” video

What: The “installation” video tells your watchers the best way to set up the product. In other words, it is a type of explainer video. 

How: However, it’s for anyone with a reasonably complex product installation. Even an installation which is more straightforward to show through video than text and pictures comes under this. 

Why: Above all, the key in these sorts of recordings is to make product installation look as painless and straightforward as possible. So practice before you publish. 

V. A “story” video

At last, we have the “story” video. 

What: This video shows the story behind the item. For instance, for what reason is it made? Similarly, what’s the process? In addition, what does the thing accomplish for everyone’s benefit? 

Why: It’s for anyone with an incredible story behind their product or brand. It’s so effective that many review websites also favor this over mainstream

How: This can be the strongest category of this topic. However, the reason is simple. Everyone loves stories. Therefore, a good script with a good video production will do the rest of the work.

The ultimate guide of eCommerce and business product video types

Like images, videos for products have many things to consider.

Presently the time has come to get down to work. Yet, you have a few choices to make. In other words, you need to consider all types of videos for your product multiple times. 

person showing statistics in animation
The ultimate product video types

Here are all types of video production for a product video of an eCommerce business product:

1. 2D animated reviews of a product

Why 2d animation in review video? 

Since it is consistently fun, cost-efficient, and engaging. In addition, an animated explainer video engages and instructs the customers and audience.

This product video animation is not just the information on the brand, items, or services that partner your organization with your customers. In other words, it’s the attitude and personality of the brand that people will pass on to others after viewing your video.

Effective kinds of 2D animation product videos for an eCommerce business:
  • The specific product recording (video)
  • Branded video
  • Cartoons
  • Presentations
  • How-to
  • Process
  • Comparison

An example of a game animation in 2D:

Bonus Tip: Isometric illustration utilizes isometric projection. That is, to make a visual portrayal of the 3D item in 2D. So isometric projection, and isometric outline that uses it, gives the idea of three dimensions despite its 2D component. So, Isometric animation is also useful as a video.

2. 3D animation- this is how it can help you as a product video in your business

What is 3D animation?

3D animation is a superb method to present your brand visually. Similarly, you can bring your digital products into the practical world. In addition, with a 3D animation business, you can make something that genuinely exemplifies your image. 

Why is 3D animation important as a video in business? 

However, a 3D animation video is frequently a favored decision for advertisers for review videos because of its capacity to deliver objects with genuine exactness. 

A video animation company will not leave this aspect unturned. 

How is 3D animation important as a video in business?

With this 3D animation, you can portray circumstances that are beautiful but also a bit more lively than the actual, in the right way. You can even make product models and show them from various points, even if the products aren’t real.

Effective kinds of 3D animation videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Explainer video
  • Exact Product recording
  • How-to videos
  • Gifs
  • Brand videos

Here’s an example:

3. Whiteboard animation for product videos

What is whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a type of video style. Similarly, it shows pictures being drawn on the screen, joined by a narration that helps an audience through a story. 

How does whiteboard animation fit product videos? 

Inventive whiteboard animation is a creative and connecting approach to promote and advertise products or services. For instance, it gives workability to your marketing strategy. 

Why is whiteboard animation important for a product video?

Whiteboard animation videos can go to places where sales representatives at times can’t. Also, these recordings are shareable on digital platforms. They are both useful and official at the same time. 

They can help on the web or through email in circumstances where a regular in-person meeting is difficult. In addition, they can help increase deals where conventional presentation strategies would not have worked. Similarly, that’s why it’s a special type of review video.

Effective kinds of 3D animation videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Presentations
  • Sales Video Letters
  • Internal Training Animation
  • Holiday Greeting Videos
  • The Campaign Update Animation
  • The Specific Product recording
  • The Pre-roll Ad
  • The Overview Explainer Animation

4. Stop motion animation for a product video

What is stop motion animation?

Stop motion recordings are a powerful approach to showcase your business, particularly if you’re product-based. Above all, they’re attractive, short and fun! Similarly, let’s go through a few motivations to consider utilizing stop motion in your next review of a product.

How is stop motion animation important for the review of a product? 

For instance, video can autoplay in the social media feeds, catching the eye of your watchers. 

More than 80% of individuals don’t tune in to sound on videos via online media. However, how does this make a difference? With stop motion recordings, they’re generally short, and your narration is visual, which means you can recount your story without depending on the sound. 

Why is top motion animation important for a review of the product? 

Above all, video views are a financially savvy approach to get numerous eyes on your product.

Effective kinds of stop motion animation videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Object rotating
  • An object moving across
  • Object moving into place 
  • Setting a scene 
  • Bring product to life
  • Animating people 

5. Cutout Animation as the product video creator

What is cutout animation?

Cut-out animation is a connecting, fun type of stop-motion video utilizing photographs and outlines. These recordings were generally made by taking pictures of actual cardboard pictures and moving them around by hand. 

How is cutout animation useful? 

Nowadays, maybe it’s still there. However, more typically advanced concepts, digital images, are utilized with the scenes spread out in the animation software (rather than being moved around by hand). 

Why cutout animation? 

Above all, this can be a blessing in the form of a review video for your business. Mainly because of its creativity. 

Effective kinds of cutout animation videos for a business:
  • corporate video
  • product video
  • promotional video
  • branded video

6. Typography animation in product videos for marketing

What is typography animation?

Animated typography refers to any moving text, whether it moves gradually, extends, contracts, or transforms into something different. Animated letters are much more appealing than static content.

How is typography animation productive

Text animation is there to stress the importance of a text and to pass on an emotional message. It likewise can get a watcher’s consideration and affect him incredibly. 

Why is typography animation important? 

Typography animation has been very well known for a long time. We can see them from film openings to television advertisements. They have likewise been broadly received by website specialists and utilized hugely in web development and design for a display banner.

7. Infographic Animation in product video making

What is infographic animation? 

An infographic animation is a visual portrayal of knowledge and data as an online video. Similarly, as the name suggests.

How is infographic animation effective? 

Infographic recordings are made by joining different animations to create an informative video that clarifies information in a connecting way. However, it targets to improve their point of view on the topic. In other words, this is perfect for a review video.

Why is infographic animation good for a product and company video? 

Studies show that the majority of the data that we recollect depends on visual effect. Infographics are more attractive than printed words. They are a mixture of pictures, color tones, content, and development that generally catches the eye.

Effective kinds of infographic animation product videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Statistical
  • Informational / List
  • Timeline
  • How-to
  • Process
  • Comparison
  • Location
  • Flowchart
  • Hierarchical
  • Single Chart
  • Visualized Numbers
  • Anatomical
  • Visual Resume

8. Motion Graphics in the best review of a product

What is motion graphics? 

Motion graphics is moving visual communication regularly with text as a critical segment. Similarly, motion graphics can be utilized in review videos. 

Above all, it can add development and fun to a site, moving logo, online media post, mobile application, or other bits of digital content. 

Why is motion graphics useful for the review? 

As should be obvious, brands use motion graphics to spread up their advertising magic. In other words, music with excellent writing and a significant bit of video content to upgrade marketing efforts. Which is great!

How is motion graphics powerful for a review of the product? 

You can utilize motion graphics recordings to convey motivating stories, current products to a bigger crowd. In other words, you can clarify your business aim.

Effective kinds of motion graphics product videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Animated explainer video
  • Product Branding
  • UI Animations
  • Icons
  • Logos
  • Short Films or a product review
  • Titles (Movies and TV)
  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Broadcasting Graphics
  • Gifs
  • Brand Videos
  • Story Telling

9. Slideshow videos for a product video demo

What are slideshow videos?

Your photographs and recordings could be more helpful than you might imagine (particularly if you own a business). People love visuals, and a video slideshow is compelling. 

Why are slideshow videos attractive for a product video demo? 

Regardless of whether you’re selling or searching leads, a customized slideshow will get you quick results. 

How are slideshow videos useful for a product demo video 

Because of their adaptability, slideshows can be reused in a large group of ways, from sharing via online media and your site to direct digital marketing in presentations and emails.

Two effective kinds of motion graphics product videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Explainer video- explains the product in a single/number of ways
  • Product branding- branding the product in some way, directly and creatively

10. Screencast videos as product videographer!

What is a screencast video? How is it useful? 

A screencast video is a digital recording from a computer screen’s output. That is also known as video screen capture or even a screen recording. That often contains audio narration.

Why are screencast videos fruitful for product videography? 

Tutorial videos for online and offline software are famous as screencast videos. Similarly, this can cover many aspects of a software product in every possible way.

Effective kinds of screencast videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Demo videos
  • Brand videos
  • Testimonials
  • Tutorials
  • Personal connection videos

11. Live action videos for product videography

What is a live-action video? 

A live-action video is a video recording of either still or moving articles. These types of videos are useful for both product videography or cinematography in general. But that has to be somewhere which doesn’t utilize animations.

How and why is live-action video productive?

Everything caught in live-action videos is in real-time, which permits you to make any critical changes or even make changes on the spot.

12. 3D Mechanical animated video as product video examples

What is a 3D Mechanical animated video? 

Mechanical 3D product animation is the same as the way toward making a photorealistic 3D activity. In other words, the aim is to visually portray an item’s design, get-together, and even its internal operations as a productive animated video. 

Why is a Mechanical animated video in 3D functional for a product video?

Today, numerous ventures, such as mechanical, aviation, vehicle, medical care, and even the food businesses, are interested in 3D product design and mechanical product animation to model quicker. 

In addition, the focus is to advertise quickly, and in specific cases, promote or present their image or product among financial investors in a superior manner. 

How is a 3D Mechanical animated video constructive for a product video?

Presently the inquiry emerges; what precisely involves a mechanical 3D animation? 

Preferably, a mechanical animation includes these in some limit or another – 

– Practical finishing and lighting of the product

– Studio, single-shading, or a clear background

– 360-degree movements of the camera, exploded mechanical parts, assembly, dismantling, and cutaways 

– Animated diagrams and charts indicating applicable data during key focuses all through the activity video 

– Video delivered in HD quality 

– Audio cues and music

Effective kinds of screencast product videos for an eCommerce business:
  • Explainer Video
  • Presentations 
  • How-to
  • Gifs
  • Brand Videos

How to use a product review video?

A product review video is mandatory for your eCommerce business. For instance, imagine your product being displayed online, with the correct review video. And if you’re lucky, your customers will also share their experiences of using your product and service through videos.

People react faster to emotional things. Similarly, just a few videos of people describing and sharing their fun experiences with your product will change your brand image, slowly for sure, if not quickly.

In addition, the company has to be transparent about their services and ways of work. Just like the content in this page shows how they work.

Such traffic generation is the best way. Because people who come for a story, for an organic review, will stay much longer than a customer who comes by marketing campaign, in usual cases.

person showing the uses of a product video in different platforms and devices for eCommerce business
Using a product review video

What are the main features of a perfect product review video?

  • Significance of the details of a product
  • Significance of video over text (but maybe not over content!) 
  • Expressive text overlays
  • Answer all possible types of concerns and questions of a potential buyer 
  • Great lighting, sound, setting, and quality

It should be less like product video marketing, and more natural like a flow.

Product video production

What is a product video production?

Product video production is essentially the whole cycle of making a video. Whether the review video is short, long, business marketing related, TV AD, music video, or even a simple slideshow of pictures. 

The cycle may differ slightly with the points of interest. However, the general process is essentially the same. 

How to shoot a product video to make it simple and effective?

The stages of product video production are:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production

These three subcategories incorporate all parts of video creation; from the second, a thought flies into your head to the second the review video is delivered to people in general. 

a full chart showing the features of a plan in product video production
Product video production

The 3 Main Stages of Video Production

1. Pre-production
  • This is the arranging stage. There will be no recording during this cycle, just preparation and understanding of the item. 
  • A thought regarding the product is shaped. 
  • The proper content is composed. 
  • The cast and materials to support the product (if any) is chosen. 
  • The sound and video crew are picked 
  • Everything is sorted out. Scene areas are chosen, the content/product/script is altered and changed if vital, and an outline of the whole recording process is made. 

In case it’s a product video for eCommerce, the chances are that it will take less time than a music video production anyday.

2. Production

The product shoot starts. Camera, team and cast (if that’s an ad) all move to every area, and shoot of every scene occurs until it is agreeable. This cycle repeats until each scene is shooted. After that, it’s an ideal opportunity to proceed onward to the following phase of post-production. 

In case it’s a product video for eCommerce, the chances are that it will take less time than a music video production anyday.

3. Post-production

Post production covers all performed activities after the genuine shooting of the video has been finished. For instance, this means combining every scene, matching up sound and video, editing video and audio, and adding any special effects.

Above all, this is how to make a product video from scratch. A video production agency or any other company will save your day.

What type of video is an ideal choice for your business? 

The client created videos are useful at the start of their buying venture. They are likewise helpful to you as an online retailer, as they convince the buyer to discover the item in your store. In any case, since they can be less professional and can use cruel words, or negative reviews, they shouldn’t be essential for your site. 

Brand videos are the second phase of buyer travel. And your shop is the place the client can discover them. That is cos product presentations and featured broadcasts are extraordinary for a web-based business. You can be confident that such item videos will altogether impact your client purchasing choice. Accordingly, they’ll positively influence sales.

Learn how SEO for video works.

a clock with a laptop showing the deadline of a work
Variations of a product video

Why does product video creation of an IT company matter the most?

A product video is the life of an item. At least in this digital world. No product promotion is possible without a proper image or video of the product. Any business willing to create the right product video will surely see success and, most importantly, sales.

A video is the most vital part of content marketing and search engine optimization. 

In conclusion, your product video needs proper technical efforts. An experienced group of technical and marketing people handling your product will make the final output fruitful, search engine friendly, error-free, and, most importantly, long-lasting based on the brand image. Above all, getting viral has a lot to do with the correct technicalities and editing of a video and graphics, even inside a game.

graphics of a girl and boy in front of a desktop editing a video
Video production of an IT company is the best


In conslusion, your business is your priority. Similarly, nobody else will take the action of growing it, except you and your trusted employees. Even if you are doing a job now, or may be some freelancing work is there for a client, quality should be your first preference. 

Above all, now, choose your own video to change the sales game, in any business, for your own or for people around you. 

Contact Riseup Labs, who are working with multimedia content development, image editing and product videos everyday,

All the best to your business and people. However, the reason you should work with experts is the experience they have. Because experience brings value. Above all, the more exciting your product video looks for your business or prospect, the better output will be waiting for you in every aspect of digital marketing.

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