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Meena Facebook Game in a nutshell


  • Client Name:  UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Publisher Name: UNICEF Bangladesh
  • Developer Name: Riseup Labs
  • Game Type: Adventure 
  • Platforms: Mobile and Web
  • Published On: Facebook
  • Release Date: 16th November, 2020
  • Product Working Type: In progress
  • Game Device Type: Mobile and PC
  • Product Type: Adventure
  • Category: Game Development
  • Development period: 30th June, 2019 to 7th November, 2020

Facebook games are a big part of the virtual world today. You can play them instantly now. All you need to do is open the Facebook app and start playing any instant game you want. Plus, if it’s an adventure game, you will expect something enjoyable.


What is the aim of Meena Facebook Game?

Facebook games are a big part of the virtual world today. You can play them instantly now. All you need to do is open the Facebook app and start playing any instant game you want. Plus, if it’s an adventure game, you will expect something enjoyable.

You are on an adventurous run directly in this Facebook Game, as Meena. Like your everyday life, she has to cross some obstacles. A comeback is possible through stars since the main game is survival of the fittest Meena among you all!

Meena Facebook Game Graphics Invite

Installing a game is not always Instant

Installing a game has its issues too. Not everyone gets the time, patience and sometimes, enough storage in their mobiles to install a game anytime, anywhere. You might have faced the same situation where you wished to play a game of the same quality without installing it.  

The simple solution to this is the Meena Instant Game.


Instant game with no install 

This is how this game is making a gamer’s entry easy- Instant access from any device with Facebook. Zero game installation!

Now, you don’t need to install this game. But, you can still play it on any device.

How? It’s simple; if you can run Facebook on a device, you’ll be able to play the game there instantly. It’s easy to play and control too.


Best game on Facebook for all age groups

The game is such that anyone of any age can play it. Because, the game surroundings, graphics and theme has been kept very clear and precise.

Moreover, it’s regarding a famous cartoon character of UNICEF. This endless running game has many different tasks, and she helps people from her community. As a result, anyone of any age can enjoy controlling her in the game. 

How can you unfold the story?

meena in the magic carpet from meena facebook game

The most crucial aspect of any game is its story!

It is the story that can keep you going as a gamer. For instance, even if the game has the best controls and visuals, you might not enjoy it without a strong story and relatable understanding.

Why is the method simple?

We all want to visualize a process and result instantly. Something that can hold our attention and keep us going for the long run. And, speaking of running, Meena Instant Game is an endless running game. 

Not only that, it is backed by a strong story with characters from her village. So, you will be able to see similar side characters as you saw in the cartoon. However, some more twists will keep your interest alive throughout the while running.  

The stars play a big role in the story. That’s for survival. But, before going into that, lets go through the main story first. 


Player’s Journey inside Meena Facebook Game

Meena on cycle

The game starts in a beautiful graphics world, where you have to start running and jumping immediately without any delay. From the first moment itself, you'll realize that you'll lose your life on the spot if you don't run carefully, avoiding the collisions. 

As the game starts, Meena reaches a medicine shop to take an orsaline, a Bangladeshi saline type.

After that, Meena starts cycling and reaches her home. Then, the gamer realizes that the saline was for Meena's sister, Rani.

This is how you control Meena in cycle’s level:

  • For interacting with specific objects- Tap Arrow 
  • To jump- Swipe up 
  • To long jump- swipe up and hold 
  • For putting the head down- swipe down 
  • Collecting Stars
Meena in cycle from Facebook Game
Meena on a magic carpet

After the initial level, Meena resumes running and rides on a magic carpet immediately. 

In this phase, some germs will frequently be jumping to beat Meena by collision. You will be controlling Meena and keep her safe from any crash. The twist is that the flying speed of the carpet keeps increasing with time. 

After coming out down the magic carpet, Meena calls her genie and helps a boy wash his hands. 

This is how you control Meena in the magic carpet:

  • For interacting with any object- tap the arrow.

  • For flying on the magic carpet- Just Tap

  • Keep collecting stars


Meena in Magic Carpet from Facebook Game
Meena walking in the rain

At this phase, Meena, as in you, will be running in the rain. You will get an umbrella, though. All you need to do is cross the obstacles by running. Since the storm continues, you need to keep holding the umbrella, too, at the same time. 

It would help if you kept running till the rain stops. 

This is how you control Meena in rain’s level: 

  • For interacting with objects- tap the arrow
  • For jumping, swipe up
  • For long jump- swipe up and hold
  • For holding an umbrella- continuous tap 
  • Collect the stars
Meena and Umbrella in Facebook Game
Meena riding the Magic Horse

In this phase, Meena will resume running and find a magic horse to ride on it. 

The trick is the same here, collecting stars by avoiding obstacles. Soon, you’ll find Doctor Apa and take her on the horse ride with you.

After that, the magic horse will fly in the air from the ground. The aim here is again collecting stars by avoiding bubbles. The flying speed will increase with time.  

With that, Meena finishes the ride, with doctor apa (female doctor) and helps the pregnant queen. 

This is how you control Meena in the magic horse’s level:

  • For interacting with objects- Tap the arrow
  • To fly- tap
  • Keep collecting stars


Meena and Magic Horse in FB Game
Meena riding on the police car

Now, Meena will ride in a police car. Here, the obstacles will be tree branches and some other flying obstacles. Also, keeping a hold on Meena since the car will shake by going over the stones. It’s a sensitive and tricky job.

 The ending of this phase regards what Meena stands for. You’ll see that Meena got the police to stop an early marriage of a neighbor.

 This is how you control Meena at the police car’s level:

  • For interacting with objects- Tap the arrow 
  • For going steady on the car- Tap and hold
  • To jump- swipe up
  • For long jump- swipe up and hold
  • For bringing Meena’s head down- Swipe up
  • Keep collecting stars


Why will Facebook Gamers love it?

Facebook gamers want something instant and exciting at the same time. Meena Instant game is a combination of both.

The enjoyable task of collecting stars constantly

One of your primary targets is collecting stars throughout the game, almost at every frame of the game. Since it's an endless running game, the stars greatly value and impact the game. 

And that is, whenever your game is over after a collision, you will get a chance to start the game from the same position.

For that, you'll need stars for revival. 

  • For the first revival, you'll need 100 stars.
  • For the second revival, you'll need 200 stars.
  • For the third revival, you'll need 300 stars.

Thus, it keeps increasing by 100 stars with each revival.  

Easy to play and control

The game has one specific task fixed, and that is, running. So, the controls need to be as smooth as possible. 

In every phase of the Meena Facebook game, the controls are somewhat the same. Most importantly, anyone can understand it easily. 

This is what makes the experience enjoyable

This game has things which are relatable to people of any age. For instance, the character herself is a favourite of many since their childhood. Still, here are the ones that make the experience easier. 

Avoid obstacles, and collect stars!

Simple rules of Meena Facebook Game

  • You have to keep running and keep crossing obstacles and boundaries to stay alive.
  • Cycling, walking in the rain, riding on a police car, flying with a magic carpet, riding a magic horse- all in a single 5 level game.
  • You can collect stars to revive yourself! That’s also the challenge.
  • Beautiful graphics with village scenery to keep you fresh and active.


Revolve around lots of fun and adventures
The story inside the game has many layers, along with some other characters along with Meena. In other words, it's a short and adventurous game with many different stories, although it's an endless run in the end.

Meena Facebook Game Paused Scene

The leaderboard will be based on running distance. Moreover, if you get a good position on the scoreboard, you’ll stand a chance to win gifts because the game has a contest every month.

Invite & challenge your friends

You can share the fun with your friends by inviting them to the game and thus challenging them.

Meena Facebook Game Leaderboard View
The History of Meena Facebook Game

This Facebook Game, although an instant one, didn't arrive instantly. The game that worked as the driving force behind this instant game is the "Meena Game."

Meena Game- The first version of Meena Game released in 2016 and got a tremendous response. Similarly, the game has 3 Million Plus downloads on Android and iOS platforms. 

The reason is simple. The game put the famous character of UNICEF into the hands of people of every age. The 14 levels of the game were released in different months of 2016-1017, and since people remembered it for 12 straight months, it's clear that they could relate to it. 

Meena Facebook Game- After around three years, in November 2020, Meena is back, and this time, on Facebook with beautiful graphics without any installation, with UNICEF and Riseup Labs' help. The same development company created the first Meena Game.

Features of Meena Facebook Game to blow your mind

Any game must fulfill a gamer’s imagination, problem-solving capability, emotional well-being, patience, and creativity.

It is also essential to understand the target audience’s needs and rules of an organization. A well-planned strategy to combine the two is the root of success.

Scene from the meena faceook game where meena is running with umbrella in rain
01 / 05

Graphics design that puts gamers first (the Imagination)

The graphics in this game are clean and to the point. It is such that gamers of any age can play this. A beautiful village scenery keeps you hooked.

meena from the shop in meena facebook instant game
02 / 05

Education + Entertainment = Edutainment (Problem-Solving Capability)

The combination of these two is a killer. A gamer is playing and learning at the same time. So, this has to be enjoyable.


meena running along with doctor apa
03 / 05

Inspiration from another already established game (Emotional Well-Being)

We took the inspiration from another game, Meena Game. Although that was our creation, too, it was a challenge to choose which levels to include. 

Plus, that game needs installation, but this game is instantly available on Facebook. So, balancing the loading size was also an issue. 


meena in the palace from the facebook instant game
04 / 05

The loading time (below 10 seconds)- Patience

With this loading time, all you need to do is just click and start the game right away.


meena with members from her village
05 / 05

The power of story (Creativity)

You can relate to it because it has a lot more characters inside the game. Each and everyone there has a part to play and complete the story.

Benefits of Meena Facebook Game you cannot ignore

We wanted to create a game as hassle-free as possible.

Here's what we tried to deliver- 

  • Improved gaming experience with clean graphics even without any installation
  • It keeps giving you reminders for the game
  • Reaches to potential gamers at a go 
  • Less complicated, more action-friendly


Challenges and Testing

This is how to train your game for stable growth

The main issue was the jump of the main character Meena. The fun part is, it is the central part of this game. How the main characters jump through the obstacles. 

Other issues were- User interface, leaderboard, game loading issue, object positioning. 

With many series of testing, the game was released after ensuring that everything is ok and solved. The controls were set where the gamer swipes up to jump, holds it for a long jump, and then collects stars. 

Finally, every part of the game was checked and tested to jump quickly with a swipe up and keep running.


Result: Best game on Facebook for all age groups


When we started developing this game, we knew we had a vast scope and playing field. Let's face it, even today, many people don't take the time to download a game and then play it. We aimed to reach everyone's hands, of every age group, without compromising the game's quality.

Meena on a cycle and carpet and a magic horse from Meena Facebook Game
Reliability & Fulfilling the needs

Giving any person what they want

The final game was something to which everyone could relate. Meena jumping through the obstacles and walls, meeting with everyone and solving their problems can cheer up anyone's day.

Here's a Fact before you complete reading this article

The difficulty level of this game is still tricky. If you check the leaderboard, we're sure you'll see a huge difference margin between your friends' scores. 

The difference margin is vast because the difficulty level is not the same for all, initially. But, if you keep playing, you'll get the ultimate highest score among your friends very soon for sure.

Meena jumping over wood from meena facebook game
Meena in magic carpet above germs
Meena in magic horse in front of tree
Meena in magic horse with stars
Meena in front of king and rainbow
Meena in police car from the game
Diving Into Technology
Technology Used
Spine Animation
Cocos Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total time length of the game?

It’s an endless running game.
Not levels, but five touchpoints.
You start the game again from the first phase, with more speed.
Spine Animation
Cocos Creator