Baghu - Game
Adventure Edutainment Game
Available On PC and Android


Baghu is a thrilling and fun running game for iOS & Android. It's a fast and frenzied experience. Very addicting and definitely a very different running game. Baghu, the main character of the game is trying to catch the witch who is making fire on all the crops in the jungle.

Baghu is trying to catch the witch to give a lesson. Test your reflexes as you race down the roads inside the jungle. Swipe to run, jump, and slide to avoid obstacles and collect coins. See how far you can run!    


Game Features

  • Learning Awareness of saving the forest
  • Infinity running game
  • The thrilling and fun running game
  • Beautiful new graphics
  • Gorgeous & organic environments
Baghu Game Features

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Diving Into Technology
Technology Used
C# C#
Autodesk Maya