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Photo Editor in a nutshell


  • Publisher Name: Appilian
  • Developer Name: Appilian
  • Application Type: Image Editor 
  • Platform: Android
  • Published on: Google Play Store
  • Total Downloads: 15000+ (Fifteen Thousand Plus)
  • Release Date: 10th November, 2020
  • Application Working Type: In progress with new features
  • Application Device Type: Mobile, Tab
  • Product type: Photo Editor
  • Category: Mobile App Development
  • Initial Development Period Starting Date: 15th October, 2020

Have you ever thought of using expert technology for any service online, whether it's free or even paid?

Most probably, the answer is a yes. Even if it's a free app, we want the best technology, even editing a photo.

And, for that, it is essential that instead of using an all-in-one app, you should also choose a focused app for photo editing. One such app is reliable for a single job. Because only after that you can expect the best output from that app in the longer run.

And Photo Editor app is the same, just as the name itself suggests.

What is the Photo Editor app?

Photo Editor app is an instant solution for image editing. As the name says it all, it focuses totally on making your image charming. 

And that’s the only reason that you can select only one photo at a time. Because, experts say that you should only put your focus to one thing at a time to make the best out of it. 

Photo Editor App Designs and Views

How is the Photo Editor App effective?


Turn your photo into something that is more than your camera can capture!

Photo editor apps are made for everyone. This all-in-one Creative app has everything you wish to edit your photos easily. Moreover, it is updating continuously. 


Most importantly, the app is dedicated to only one thing- photo editing. So, you can easily guess that the improvement level is top prioritized. 

It has a fantastic collection of tools and features for photo editing. 

Editing a photo is not always an easy job. Because, getting the desired output is a bit tricky.  With Photo editor app, you can turn a photo you like into a photo you love. You don't need to be the best photo editor or purchase a costly app.

 Photo Editor app is available on Android.

All in One Photo Editor App for Your Android Devices
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Why is the Photo Editor App different from the rest?

It’s easy

If you are up for a photo edit without difficulty, then this app is perfect for you.

Even if you want to edit a picture alone, this app gives you the power to design and edit like never before.

Because, just like the name, the app provides the best quality image since it is the sole purpose of the app. 

So, you don’t need expensive, complicated software to create beautiful professional and casual pictures. You can take advantage of a vast selection of professionally designed templates.

The app is designed in such a way that it boosts your creativity.

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History of Photo Editor App

In November, 2020, after working on many similar apps, Appilian took up the project of creating another one as its asset and product. It aimed to develop an application that would focus primarily on photo editing. In this way, they could look at all the aspects of photo editing at a go. 

Due to the experience they already had, the app was ready in less than a month. However, that’s not all. The app is under development as well. People like it, and a lot more new features are on the way for this app.

Photo Editor App Features in a Row


Features of Photo Editor App

Multiple beautiful and professionally designed templates to meet your design needs anytime!


At present there are more than 20 Filters. For the future, more are on the way.


If you like to draw instructions or even rough notes on photos, this app is your best tool.


You can crop photos freely according to your wish or you can use the preset ratios.


In case you want to add text on photo, or even apply different styles, you have that option.

More than Twenty Filters in Photo Editor
Photo Editor App Key Features List

Magic Brush

The most fresh thing, special drawing tool that helps you to art and draw your desired objects on your photos.


There are multiple adjustment tools for the photos.

The proper Focus

Surely you don't want irrelevant objects around you and want to focus on a particular object in an image.  For that, you have the focus feature.


Again, you may want to increases the contrast of a photo along with the edges. This photo editor makes that journey easier as well. 


This gives your photo a new type of retouch.  This provides gradual darkening of the edges of a photo, while maintaining a bright center.


Finally, not to mention, feel free to add stickers on your photos as your wish.

The Magical Brush in Photo Editor

Edit your photos like a pro without any experience.

The Photo Editor app is the easiest and the most useful photo editor app for your daily life and social media posts.


Crop and Rotate with Multiple Aspect

Benefits of Photo Editor App


  • The smart photo editing tool is the simplest.
  • You can have beautiful filters for your photos.
  • The Magical Brush can create creating nice effects on your photos.
  • The draw and brush-tips for your photos are quite handy and useful.
  • You can handle the photo comfortably. Like, crop it, rotate it with multiple aspect ratio options for your photos.
  • Adjust the Brightness, Warmth, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights,  etc anytime.
  • Vignette, Focus, Sharpen tools, etc.
  • Different types of styles for Text and Emojis.
  • Share the high-resolution pictures with your friends & family.
Smart Photo Editing Tool Photo Editor

The Result- It’s powerful

Photo Editor is a uniquely powerful online Photo Editor. Presently it’s available on Google Play Store as an android app.

All in all, with Photo Editor, you can easily create stunning, professional-quality images with a single click. Again, the process is simple, and the results are full of quality.

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Photo edit, and Filters


Google Play Store

21 MB

Requires Android Version 5.0 and up


Java and Objective-C

  • Aglow
  • Zetsy
  • Hue1
  • Moon
  • Twilight
  • Vintage
  • Sunset
  • Vivid
  • Expose
  • Beauty
  • Bright
  • Hue2
  • Rainbow
  • Sepia
  • Tepid
  • Polar
  • Dazzle
  • Lucid
  • cinematic
  • Neopan
  • 1914
  • candid