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Meet Jackie Bruce, the Master of martial arts! Rooftop Frenzy is a free action based rooftop run game, not just for kids of all ages!

A group of armed thieves has stolen your precious golden comb it's TIME for REVENGE! You are the dragon hearted karate guru and master of all MMA tricks and UFC skills to beat up armed samurai, heavy-weight sumo, and fiery hadoken! Reveal this stickman ninja fighting martial art game with amazing combo moves and defeat those evil ninja thieves. GET YOUR COMB BACK!!!

Rooftop Frenzy

Game Features

  • Fast-paced, Arcade style beat-em-up
  • Constantly-moving side-scrolling action
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Multi-layered stunning landscape background and shadow music
  • 9 different epic enemy takedown moves  
Rooftop Frenzy Game Features

Rooftop Frenzy Fast Paced Action Game Scene
Rooftop Frenzy Stunning Visuals Game Scene
Rooftop Frenzy Conquer your Foes Game Scene
Rooftop Frenzy You are the Weapon Game Scene
Rooftop Frenzy Unleash Devastating Combos Game Scene
Diving Into Technology
Technology Used
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