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Tap Tap Ants
Action, Arcade, Fun Game
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Over 15 MILLION DOWNLOAD and still counting! Top 10 iPhone & iPad games in 100+ countries! Tap Tap Ants was the world's #1 viral tapping game for iPhone, iPod, and iPad!

It's a free ant smasher game where crazy ants will approach so quickly to fill their appetite, spoil your delicious fast food (e.g. donuts, cookies, etc) and play with you! Don't let them take away your food. The hungry ants, attack continuously, survive ALAP! Tap to squeeze the ants' army and kill the monster ants for bonus scores. Reveal your tapping reflex through a war between you and ants colony!

Tap Tap Ants

Game Features

  • Tap and kill-crazy Ants.
  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Eye-Catching Graphics
  • Changeable Backgrounds
  • Realistic Music to REV your Soul
  • Mouth-watering foods
  • 3 Different Modes: TIME, SURVIVAL, KIDS
Tap Tap Ants Game Features

Tap Tap Ants Brand New Taptastic Mode
Tap Tap Ants Time Mode
Tap Tap Ants World of New Items
Tap Tap Ants Conquering Survival Mode
Tap Tap Ants Conquering Survival Mode
Diving Into Technology
Technology Used
C# C#
Spine Animation