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Summary of Shaanti Jewels eCommerce Website


Shaanti Jewels brings out innovative & exquisite designs that are converted into bewitching excellence and superior craftsmanship. Every piece crafted at shaanti jewel gives maximum fire, brilliance, dispersion & scintillating effect.


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Shaanti Jewel is devoted to quality. They inspect every piece of merchandise at least twice to ensure their customers purchase only the finest jewelry from their website. The first inspection takes place at the manufacturers according to their stringent guidelines. Then, our trained quality inspectors conduct a second inspection after we receive the jewelry. Upon passing, the pieces are declared fit to sell to our valued customers.

What is Shaanti Jewels?

The word 'Shaanti' is from the Sanskrit meaning 'calm, peaceful, tranquil'; all the feelings they aspire for when they think about the impact of their products on their customers.

Shanti Jewel has an exclusive wide range of jewels and magnafix. Through innovation, jewelry is created with a unique and beautiful Asian-inspired purpose that gives customers the freedom to be confident and stylish on all occasions.

The website has beautiful flagship pieces comprising 2 components; the ‘Jewel‘ and the ‘Magnafix‘

Simple Solution To Age Old Fashions Challenges.

History of Shaanti Jewels

Shanti Jewels take up the fashion challenge and they work to come up with simple solutions to secure the style. They are starting with the Shaanti Chunni-Fix, the effortless solution to stopping users' chunni from slipping from the head during those times and in those places where modesty and respect for culture are key.

The word ‘Shaanti’ is from the Sanskrit meaning ‘calm, peaceful, tranquil’; all the feelings they aspire for when they think about the impact of their products and customers. Each of our beautifully unique products finds its way ‘home’ to the family by dedicating each piece to a family member. With family values at the very core of the business, it is fitting the family is represented in this way. They care about protecting the environment and they are proud to say that they work only with ethically sourced products and suppliers of such.

Purpose of the Shanti Jewelry eCommerce Website


In general, website aesthetics and usability are primary representatives informing any eCommerce website's first impression and reliability; jewelry is no exception. Distinct colors, minimalist layout, and intuitive navigation are the fundamental design expectations of modern users. The website has many unique jewelry pieces that help the Shaanti Jewels brand to stand out from the competition. 

Once upon a time, the term eCommerce referred to selling the products online, but it has evolved into so much more today. So the main purpose of the Shaanti Jewelry website is to digital every jewelry product that comes in an electronic way to attract customers attention. 

Shaanti Jewels Responding To A Gap In The Market
Why is this website important for eCommerce jewelry platform?


  1. Users can see detailed descriptions of every jewelry piece.
  2. Users can access the unique jewelry catalogs that are available to make their online purchases more simple and personalized.
  3. The total shipping cost is calculated country-wise at the time of purchase of any product.
  4. There are different variations in finishing each product.
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How effective is Shaanti Jewelry website to the users?

Shaanti jewels' website is responding to a gap in the market. Users can see the features of the product on the same page. They can compare prices as well as check out the best-buy offers, that stores have to offer.

Through this platform, you can buy your expected jewelry product at reasonable prices and also can pre-order every product. Every jewelry product is available in beautiful sterling silver and antique gold and comes with their innovative and unique Magnafix in the corresponding colors. The products are beautifully crafted in sterling silver and antique gold and are nickel-free.


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How does this website will help the users?

The following points will more encourage users to use this website.

  • The website has a gorgeous jewelry catalog that is united with on-brand messaging of the product's quality.
  • The solution facilitates customers to personalize their jewelry by engraving options to fit the stone.
  • Latest payment gateways offer real-time online transactions.
  • Showcasing a wide range of jewel and magnafix.
  • The website is easy to navigate, teamed with a user-friendly interface.
  • User finds product variations (like color and size), and detailed information on shipping for the specific item.


Features of the Website

The website is committed to making customer life easier! They solve age-old fashion challenges by providing simple and beautiful solutions to securing customer look and style.


The homepage is a fullscreen design with branding, navigation, and social icons on it. It uses a slider to transition to other pages of the site and even looks lively and appealing. Each page has awesome and creative design too. From parallax effect, smooth slider to animation upon scrolling, they’re altogether exceptional. The homepage has also different types of jewelry products and customer reviews.

Shop Page

You can find beautiful Asian-inspired jewelry which can be purchased in many different ways to suit your personal style and needs. Each jewel, available in multiple finishes, is automatically sold with a choice of ‘Magnafix’ finish in chocolate brown or black to compliment the hair of the wearer. If you want more jewels but don’t need another ‘Magnafix’, you will have the option to buy them separately. You can favorite your jewelry product and find the product from your wishlist.

Jewelry Products List on Shop Page

Jewelry Inventory

Shaanti Jewels website easily handles jewelry products by inventory management. The are:

  • Simple, intuitive interface for jewelry inventory management.
  • Extensive sort and search capabilities.
  • Materials (jewels and magnafix), Variations, and Ready products stock management.
  • Easy materials, collections, and product item types management.
  • Added pictures of products are optimized for the web.
Shaanti Jewels Inventory Management System

Jewelry Orders Management

Selling jewelry online is the first stage of the eCommerce Jewelry website. Receiving the payment, communicating with the customers, shipping, following up the delivery – these are only a few steps of the whole process. This is why it is most important to have all the information, all the control, all the planning in one place, simple to use, accessible from every place.

  • Collect orders from all connected accounts.
  • Users can view the order summary before checkout the product.
  • Set automatic actions for different kinds of orders.
  • Users can place different types of orders in the shopping cart.
  • Users can pre-order different types of products.
  • Country wise shipping calculator.
  • See the complete history of the order.
Shaanti Jewels Website Product Order Management System

Optimize Website Store

Related Products: Show related products to help customers find complementary products or encourage them to purchase more.

Highlight important jewelry products: Use a widget to showcase top products, a specific category or tag, products on sale, featured products, or recently viewed products on any page.

Reporting: View sales, refunds, and coupons over time and view the top products and categories from the backend website

Dashboard: Add new products, orders, and at-a-glance status summary window to the dashboard from the backend website.

Bring All Products In Optimize Way.
Shaanti Jewels Has Many Unique Design Of Jewelry.


The Result

The Shaanti Jewels eCommerce website provides the right blend of features that encourage the customer.

The solution facilitates customers to personalize the Shaanti jewelry by engraving option or by selecting the choice of setting and fitting stone. A feature for niche markets allows taking control of customer product offerings by creating unique catalogs & assigning them to customers. Allows customer-centric discounts, target-based promotion, to get conversions up, inventory moving & helps new customer acquisition. 


The website has Varieties of Jewelry Intention.

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