Fun Basket

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BBC Media Action has implemented a project that contributes to improving reproductive health outcomes, reduced gender-based violence, and improve life skills in Bangladesh. The project uses media outputs and associated outreach activities to address some of the barriers to the mentioned issues.

As a part of this intervention, BBC Media Action is creating content for digital platforms as it has gained popularity among the target audience. This project also planned to develop interactive games to be played on PC and Android as games are found to be an effective tool to deliver education through entertainment.

This project was to deliver the life-skill educational message in a new way and spread most vastly in rural areas. As the demand for mobile games has been increasing since recent years, it has become popular among all ages people.

Fun Basket

Game Features

  • Learning Awareness of adolescents’ life skill-based education
  • Seven (7) different specific locations with 5 microgames
  • 35 games with unique real-life based scenarios
  • Completely offline game

Diving Into Technology

Technology Used