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"Fun Basket" Game in a nutshell

  • Client Name: BBC Media Action
  • Publisher Name: BBC Media Action
  • Developer Name: Riseup Labs
  • Game Type: Education
  • Platforms: Android and Windows
  • Total Users: 30,000+ ( Thirty Thousand+ )
  • Release Date: 30th December, 2017
  • Product Working Type: Completed 
  • Product Device Type: Mobile and PC
  • Product Type: Educational Game 
  • Category: Game Development
  • Development Period: 1st October, 2017 to 29th December 2017

Educational games have always been the favorite in the industry because they mainly focus on a person's growth. Another healthy part of that is that it is quick, relatable and mostly fit for all ages. One such game is Fun Basket that gives a gamer multiple chances to learn about things and grow.

What is the “Fun Basket” game all about?

Fun basket focuses on reproductive health outcomes, reducing gender-based violence, and improving life skills in the Bangladesh context. The game is an initiative of BBC Media Action and development company Riseup Labs. 

Games are found to be a useful tool to deliver education through entertainment.

The game directly addresses the social barriers. BBC Media Action decided to create content for digital platforms as it has gained popularity among the target audience. As a result, Fun Basket is a series of interactive games played on PC and Android. Games are a useful tool to deliver education through entertainment.

How is Fun Basket interesting for the target audience?

Fun Basket Game Level Location One
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The Target Audience

The target audiences of this game are adolescents aging from 10-15. The game is straightforward and interesting. Moreover, in today’s world, everyone loves fast and new things.

Fun Basket Game Level Location Two
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Number of Levels

This 7 level game has 35 mini-games with 400+ artworks, 100+ animations, and 300+ videos.

Fun Basket Game Level Location Three
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The game is based on the context of Bangladesh, so the adolescents instantly connect to it.

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Fun Basket Gameplay

Fun basket is a map-based game with 7 different specific locations. Each additional location has 5 microgames.

Fun Basket Game Level Location Five
05 / 07

Each microgame is playable, having a duration between 30-60 seconds, with a reward.

Fun Basket Game Level Location Six
06 / 07

To progress in the game, real-life scenarios need to be answered through some questions and options. 

Fun Basket Game Level Location Seven
07 / 07

Progress of the game is saved for each level played. Information of the player, scores, the game being played are all stored in offline based systems.

Mini-Game Plays on Fun Basket

Fun Basket Minigames One to Five

Game 1: Collecting Eggs

As the name suggests, your aim here is to collect eggs with a basket within time. The trick is, the eggs are falling from a tree. Where four chickens are sitting, laying them. 

You just need to move the basket using the arrow key, and yes, don't forget to avoid the chicken's potty.


Game 02: Smash Insects

Insects are on the mission to ruin different types of foods on the plate. You have to destroy their plan by smashing them one by one. Sounds fun, right? Yes, it indeed is!  


Game 03: Sort Fruits And Vegetables

The game of fruits is here for you. However, you can see two baskets- the left one for fruits and the right one for vegetables. You have to sort fruits and vegetables by placing them into the correct basket while falling. 

A spinning wheel (charka) controls the falling direction of fruits and vegetables. If you fail to maintain the wheel, fruits or vegetables fall in the wrong basket. So, don’t ruin your mission and stay careful.


Game 04: Don't Touch The Spikes

This game is about a bird in a square area, with four walls full of spikes. 

You aim to avoid those spikes by controlling the bird’s position and hit directly on the wall. 


Game 05: Hit The Ball 

Here, you find a moving ball inside a sack coming to you. 

It would be best to punch the ball when you see it near because you aim to complete a specific number of punches within a period.

Fun Basket Mini games Six to Ten

Game 06: Smash Object 


You guessed it right! Here you get various fruits with a smasher. 

All you need to do is smash the fruits by avoiding an obstacle. To win here, your target is to smash a certain number of fruits within time.


Game 07: Fruit Ninja


As the name itself says, you have to slice different fruits. 

The twist is to avoid the bombs. Hurry a bit because you need to slice a specific number of fruits at a particular time.


Game 08: Move The Ball To Center


Here, you see different coins and spikes in various locations on the game board. Collect coins by moving the ball and avoiding spikes. 

All you need to do is use the arrow key to move the ball. The primary target is to place the ball in the center in a specific period.


Game 09: Balloon Shooter


The name says it all; you have to shoot arrows to destroy balloons that fall from the sky.

You have to destroy a specific number of balloons within a period.


Game 10: Wait & Go


You see a massive stone in space with a robot on the land—your need is to save the robot’s life from a big rock falling on its head. 

Just press the spacebar button to save the robot.

Fun Basket Minigames Eleven to Fifteen

Game 11: Save The Citizens


You have to save citizens who fall from the sky with balloons by changing ship position. Use left and right arrow keys to change the position of the ship. 

You have to save a specific number of citizens within a time frame.


Game 12: Look Out


There is a large stone in space and a robot on the land. You have to avoid big rocks for a specific time. For avoiding stone, use left and right arrow keys.


Game 13: Save The Princess


The scene here is that a dragon is trying to kill a princess by throwing fire at her. You have to save her with a shield. 

To be specific, you have to move its position according to the fire. Use up and down arrow keys for moving the shield. 


Game 14: Jump On The Right Time


It is about a jumping robot. But, the jump is for survival. There are two moving objects on both sides of the robot. 

The robot must jump while these two objects join together. Or else the robot dies. Take the instant jumps and save the robot’s life.


Game 15: Survive With Spikes


You have to destroy red balls by moving the spike’s position on the object. 

You see an object with four spikes and red balls in the sky. Use left and right arrow keys to destroy the red balls.

Fun Basket Mini games Sixteen to Twenty

Game 16: The Jumping Kangaroo

You have to save a kangaroo by jumping and avoiding stones. For that, you see a kangaroo and stones on the land.


Game 17: Rope Jumping

It is again just like the name itself. You, as the player, should play rope jumping. Two friends keep the rope on hand. 


Game 18: Go Through Holes


In this game, you have to pass ball into the rings. You see that there is a ball and some random rings in the sky. 

The aim is to pass balls through a specific number of rings within time.


Game 19: Flappy Bird


You have to control a flying bird in the sky. 

Be careful, because you have to avoid obstacles. Just manage the bird, and you’re good to go!


Game 20: Collecting Fruits


You have to collect fruits by moving a fruit basket here. 

There is a basket of fruits, and more fruits are falling. Use left and right arrow keys to move the fruit basket.  

Fun Basket Minigames Twenty One to Twenty Five

Game 21: Cricket Game

Here, you get to play as the batsman yourself! Most importantly, there is also a bowler, two fielders with massive audiences. 

To play as the batsman, use left, right, and up arrow to face the ball for a certain period.


Game 22: Target Shooting

In this game, you have to shoot the targets. From random falling targets, you have to hit the marks by moving to the target’s position. 

You aim to shoot a given number of targets within a given duration.


Game 23: Football

You know the football rules. Here, there is a goalkeeper in front of a goalpost in the field. You have to kick the ball in the right direction to achieve the goal. 

To kick, use left and right arrow keys and complete specific goals within time.

Game 24: Juggling

You have to keep and stop a ball on your head till the given time by moving left and right. 

Because there is a goalpost in the background, and a football player and a ball over your head in the field.To move, you have to use left and right arrow keys.  


Game 25: Olympic Run

If you love running games, you are already in for a treat here. Because this is a running game on an olympic ground. You have to jump to avoid the obstacle.

Fun Basket Mini games Twenty six to Thirty

Game 26: Sit On The Right Time

The robot is back here in this phase again. You have to control that robot here, who has to survive from the red light source. Just move down to avoid the red light. 


Game 27: Survive from the Storm

This is a mixture of running and adventure. In this part, you have to save a robot from a dangerous storm. Your job is to make it run quickly!


Game 28: Save The Car


You have to control and save a car here that runs alongside a hill. A random number of big stones keep falling on land or on the car. Use left and right arrow keys within time to save the car.


Game 29: 2D Car Racing

In this game, there are many cars on the road. You have to drive the car properly to avoid an accident. For that, you have to use left and right arrow keys.


Game 30: Survive From Laser

In this game, you realize that a robot has to survive from the red light source. To avoid the red light, you have to change the position. To change the position, you have to use the left and right arrow keys.

Fun Basket Mini games Thirty one to Thirty Five

Game 31: Dirt Game

As per the name you realize that there is a bucket with arrows and a target. You have to throw an arrow at the mark at the right time. 

Game 32: Basketball Game

If you love basketball, here you go. This game is inside a basketball playground, a basket and a ball with direction using the arrow. You have to place a specific number of balls in the basket within a given duration.


Game 33:  Save The Ball From Spikes

As the name says it all, you find spikes on the top and left side of a box, and two shields are available to protect the ball. If you move these shields left-right, it can save the ball, and that’s your only target!


Game 34: Save The Plane

In this game, a plane is targeted by missiles in the sky. To save the aircraft, you have to use left and right arrow keys by frequently changing the plane's direction. All you have to do is keep the plane fighting for a certain period, as per the name of the game itself!



Game 35: Collect Balls With Right Color

You’ll get a ball and a box with color here.  Ball color is going to change randomly and fall into the box. The player has to change the box color. To change the box color, click on the box for a certain period.

Why is the Fun Basket game full of Education?

This game aims to create awareness, change attitude, and develop skills, which are needed to address social issues in life.

In Bangladesh, this game is fit for adolescents because various levels of this game cover effective educational content. Most importantly, each microgame is playable with a duration between 30-60 seconds. 

The game levels cover everything that a child would love to visit. Getting them all together in a beautiful graphics game is a treat for children. 

Fun Basket Gameplay Map
History of Fun Basket

As a part of a project to remove social barriers, BBC Media Action started planning and creating content for digital platforms as it has gained popularity among the target audience. 

This project also planned to develop interactive games to be played on PC and Android. Games are found to be a useful tool to deliver education through entertainment. So, the game was ready within three months in 2017.

Fun Basket Game Scenery

Features of Fun Basket game

  • Learning Awareness of adolescents’ life skill-based education
  • Seven (7) different specific locations with 5 microgames
  • 35 games with unique real-life based scenarios
  • Completely offline game
  • MCQ- The Content With Real Life Scenario with each game to make it easier and thus interesting
Fun Basket Game School


The Result- Benefits of playing Fun Basket game

  1. This game aims to deliver the life-skill educational message in a new way and spread most vastly in rural areas. 

  2. BBC Media Action’s target of spreading educational and social awareness and developing life-skills through games, along with Riseup Labs is very successful.

  3. The young generation got a boost at this early age with this game.

  4. It is helping children understand the social issues and problems and act on those accordingly.

Fun Basket Game Menu Items
Fun Basket Game Hut and School
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Diving Into Technology
Technology Used
C# C#

Is the Fun Basket game free?





More than 400

More than 100

More than 300

Riseup Labs and BBC Media Action

PC and mobile

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Audition