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Adolescents’ Learning on COVID-19
Adolescents Learning on COVID-19
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COVID-19 is an infectious disease, which is mainly spread during closed contact and by small droplets produced when that infected cough, sneeze, or talk. Therefore, UNICEF is seeking to add content with COVID-19 to the adolescent app to protect adolescents from this debilitating virus. Under the APC project, 4,000 adolescents will be aware of what they can do to protect themselves from the coronavirus. By using this application, adolescents will interact with other adolescents about COVID-19.

The total reach through the "Learning on COVID-19 through Mobile Application" in 2020: 136,846 adolescents (69,431 girls and 52,945 boys, 14,270 Parents and community people, and 200 Frontline workers including NGO officials).

  • Direct reach = 4,000 (Girls = 2,173, Boys = 1,627, and Frontline workers = 200)
  • Indirect reach = 132,846 members (Girls = 67,258 and Boys = 51,318)
  • Parents and community people = 14,270 (Mothers = 3,300, Fathers = 2,700, Others = 8,270)
  • Frontline workers (CRFs, SWs, and NGO officials) = 200

See the project update here:

The project is featured in UNICEF HQ Child Protection E-bulletin. See the e-bulletin here:

Adolescents Learning on COVID-19

App Features

  • The project is targeted at aware users about COVID-19 disease.
  • 4,000 users will be directly contacted and have awareness of COVID-19 information.
  • Each of the adolescents contacted three times to share the complete information.
  • Adolescents will be asked to read COVID-19 contents in the application.
  • 41,500 users will be indirectly reached throughout the 4,000 users' connection.
Adolescents Learning on Covid-19 App Features
Adolescents Learning on COVID-19

Web System Features

  • Content repository system
  • Dynamic chatting module
  • GIS management system
  • Activity Report management
  • User management
  • Media management  
Adolescents Learning on Covid-19 Web Features

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