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"Game Plan" in a nutshell


  • Client Name: Robi Axiata Limited
  • Publisher Name: Robi Axiata Limited
  • Developer Name: Riseup Labs
  • Game Type: Strategy
  • Platform: Google Play Store and App Store
  • Release Date: 13th June, 2021
  • Product Working Type: In progress with new features
  • Product Device Type: Mobile
  • Product Type: Strategy Game 
  • Category: Game Development
  • Initial Development Period: 23rd February, 2020 to 22th June 2020


Sports are a part of everyone’s life today. Some people are such big fans of sports that their phones occupy the majority of applications of sports and games. One such application is the “Game Plan.” It is both a game and a crucial application of sports simultaneously, which can play a significant role in seeing the matches on screen.

What is a Fantasy Game?

A fantasy game is a type of game where a player assumes a character's role and takes part in fantastic adventures. However, the outcomes mostly depend on luck and chances, just like the roll of the dice. 

So, it is basically a type of game where a player controls characters' actions for a quest or for exploring a virtual world.

Game Plan App User Interface

What is the “Game Plan”?

The "Game Plan" is a skill-testing platform where Bangladesh sports fans can enjoy their sports knowledge on a deeper level. At the same time, connect their love for the game by owning a virtual team of their own. 

Game Plan players will plan to create their team made up of real-life players from all upcoming matches. With that, they can score points based on their on-field performances and compete with other fans to win exciting rewards.

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How does the “Game Plan” work?

The game has two types of sports mode:

Cricket- There are different categories for tournaments and series based on cricket

  • Domestic & International Tournaments (ODI, Test, T20, BPL, IPL, Big Bash, etc.)
  • Bilateral/Trilateral Series (Bangladesh vs. India vs. Sri Lanka etc.)


Football- There are different categories for tournaments and series based on football

  • Domestic Leagues (English Premier League, Spanish La League etc.)
  • Continent Level Club Tournaments (Champions League, Europa League etc.)
  • International Tournaments (FIFA World Cup, Euro, Copa etc.)


The game language has two types, and you can change the game's language by going to settings. English and Bangla are the languages. 

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Who is the target audience?

Any person who loves games and sports would love the Game Plan too. The reason is simple, the game is totally connected to the scenarios of cricket and football matches.

So, people from the age range of 12 and above who love cricket and football and are interested in creating their own virtual team along with the real players on the ground would love this application.

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Journey of the game

After entering the game, you have to select the mode within the game you wish to play. Then you can choose any of the upcoming matches from any of the current or forthcoming cricket or football matches. 

Here comes the exciting part: you can use your sports knowledge and show your skills to create your team within a budget of 100 credits. After completing the team, you can join any Free or Paid contest & win rewards. When the match starts, you can see and track the score. You can also instantly withdraw your winning reward from your “Game Plan” account, but it requires verification. 

Select Gameplay mode (cricket/football) Select a Match (Tournaments, Series, League etc.) Select Contests Team Finalization (Name the team and select captain and VC) Follow the Match (Track the real match and get updates) Withdraw Rewards (Withdraw winning prize from the game account)

Why should you play this game?

  1. "Game Plan" is a fantasy sports game to create a virtual team of real players.
  2. You can play two types of games: Cricket and Football.
  3. You can choose players from two teams from a match and make a virtual team. 
  4. You get team points based on the selected Player's performance in the game. 
  5. To win a tournament, players must attain the maximum points and the highest rank on the leaderboard. 
  6. In both sports modes, you can see upcoming matches based on different criteria. 
  7. There will be a list of different categories to choose players to create a team(s). 
  8. The Player can select the captain & vice-captains of the virtual team & assign the team to a Paid or Unpaid match.
  9. When the match is over, top performers for a specific Live Contest are shown on a leaderboard. You can also access the leaderboard.

Gameplay Details

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This is the main/default screen that you land on after logging in to the app. 

The entire match listing is displayed based on the sports category. 

Match list in the Home Page will be shown based on

  1. Sports Type (Cricket, Football), 
  2. Match Category (Upcoming match, Ongoing/Live match, Results)
  3. Match listing includes: Tournament type & name
  4. Team 1 (Name with Image), Team 2 (Name with Image) 
  5. Match Timing (Date & Time)
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You will see three subsections for the contest (Upcoming match, Ongoing/Live match, Results)

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Upcoming Contest

In this section, you will get the "select a match" button. 

Tapping the "select a match" button will take you to the home page for match selection.

Once you select the desired match from the listing, you will be redirected to Contest Room selection.

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Ongoing/Live Contest

  1. You will see your own created contest when it is Live in the game. 
  2. Entering the contest will show the two team's live scores, contest leaderboard, user’s rank, and points.
  3. As the match has already started, you cannot edit your team members. Besides, you can see other users' team members, points, and team name.
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Completed Contest

  1. When the match is finished, you will see the total result in the game.
  2. Top performers for a specific live contest will be shown on a leaderboard. Top rank users will get prizes.
  3. Users can share their rankings & accomplishments with default share of the device.
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Contest Room selection

  1. Here you will see multiple rooms to join and a “Create your team” button.
  2. The selection “Contest Room” or “Create your team” button will take you to the Team Creating screen.

History of Game Plan

At the beginning of 2020, Robi Axiata Limited collaborated with Riseup Labs for an idea where sports lovers were in for a treat. The game complements the gaming scenery because it portrays the theme of fantasy games very well.

The final output of this application is an easy medium for you to play your own game behind the field's scenes.

Features of Game Plan

Game Features

  • Mobile registration with OTP
  • Assemble imaginary or virtual teams consisting of real players
  • Participate in live contests based on live matches
  • Controllable paid and free rooms to brush up your skill
  • Compete against other participants
  • Get on top of the leaderboard with your team creating skill
App Feature Image Game Plan

Web System Features

  • User analytics
  • Treasure management
  • User management
  • OTP management
  • Game Data Management
  • Data Security management
  • Game Mechanism Control
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Web Feature Image Game Plan
Benefits of Game Plan for the target audience
  • Simple and easy to understand UI
  • Getting a new dimension for on-field matches
  • Making use of the game analytics guessing skills
  • Making the excitement of every match double
  • Giving every sports lover a new way and mentality of enjoying matches
  • Adding to the entertainment quotient of any sports lover
  • Various types of jerseys to get the real feel of every match
Game Plan Contest User Interface
The Result

The Game Plan is a challenge to every sports lover who believes in sports and the art of making the correct decision at the right time.

The simple user interface and multiple functions of the game are changing with time to suit a viewer's needs.

Game Plan Players Interface

Update of the 'Game Plan'

The development team of Riseup Labs has updated the existing gaming platform named "Game Plan." This update is a significant addition to the Game Plan platform, as it expands the range of activities available for players and provides an opportunity for them to engage in organized competition. In this update, they added the following new feature:

Cricket Tournament

The new feature of the Game Plane is called the 'Cricket Tournament.' On Wednesday, 29th March of 2023 Developer team of Game Plan added this new feature to the platform. Players who enjoy playing cricket can now participate in a cricket tournament event within the gaming platform. Here is the specialty of the feature that the user can play:

  • An Organized Tournament
  • Compete Against Other Players
  • Win Cash Prizes and Rewards
  • Exciting and Engaging
Image of Cricket Tournament feature in Game Plan

Other Updates

Every Game and gaming platform needs regular updates for better performance. Team Riseup Labs making those updates to run the apps smoothly for the users. They have updated the ‘Game Plan’ gaming platform since its launch. Here are the other updates that they made:

  • Bug Fixing
  • Cost Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
Image of other updates in Game Plan

Select a Match Game Plan
Create a Team Game Plan
Join a Contest Game Plan
Submit Your Team Game Plan
Collect your Reward Game Plan
See your Position Game Plan
Diving Into Technology
Technology Used

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Game Plan a guessing game?

Yes, with right calculations

Yes, it's fit for every sports lover

12 and above 

Designed & Developed by Riseup Labs, and Published by Robi Axiata Ltd.

Laravel, Flutter



MySQL, Apache