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The Internet is undoubtedly the best resource for information but children need to aware of how they are using it. Children and adolescents face many risks and dangers when using the Internet. They should know how to be safe while surfing on the web. To avoid all these problems, UNICEF initiated the creation of a “safe Internet for children” quiz game.

Children can answer different questions on different topics based on safe internet and get a certificate. As a result, they will be safe on the internet. In the application, users will get a certificate after answering all questions. The certificate can be downloaded by selecting any language in Bangla and English. This allows users to know all the ways and learn to stay safe on the internet. 

Safe Internet for Children

Web Game Features

  • Five levels of educational gameplay
  • Gameplay Instruction with speech
  • Attractive gamified website UI
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Animated background elements
  • Text & voice synchronization
  • MCQ based learning website
  • Multiple Profile creation for users or kids
  • User Progress data storage & synchronization
  • Generate, Download and Share certificate in Bangla and English

Diving Into Technology

Technology Used