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U-Report Uniendo Voces is an online platform for refugees and migrants from Venezuela. U-Report Uniting Voices provides information about adolescents' rights, the services available to them, and important information during their trip or about their country. It is available with exclusive information for adolescents and young people from Venezuela who are in Brazil, Ecuador and Bolivia.

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U-Report Uniendo Voces is a space where teenagers can add their voices to surveys on topics that affect and interest them. It can be about their experience in the new country, their needs during the trip or their perceptions of humanitarian organizations and governments.

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Summary of U-Report Uniendo Voces

❏ Publisher Name:UNICEF
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Application Type:Communication
❏ Published On:Google Play Store
❏ Platform Type:Android
❏ Client Name::UNICEF
❏ Published on:Google Play Store, GitHub
❏ Product Working Type
❏ Device Type
❏ OS Type:Android
❏ Product Type
❏ Category
:Mobile App Development
❏ Initial Development Period 
:24 May 2021 to 18 October 2021
❏ Service Type
:Mobile App Development
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❏ Track Record (Portfolio):Beyond the Limits of visualization →

Client and Partners of the Project

The Client and the Partners have selected Riseup Labs as a dependable developer to develop U-Report Uniendo Voces. The headquarter of UNICEF published the U-Report Uniendo Voces app for UNICEF Venezuela. This app will be used by UNICEF Brazil, UNICEF Bolivia and UNICEF Ecuador.

UNICEF Client Logo

The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund was the initial name of UNICEF. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), an organization of the U.N. tasked with providing humanitarian and developmental help to children worldwide, is now known by its official name. In 192 countries and territories, UNICEF is one of the most well-known and well-known social welfare organizations worldwide.

On December 11, 1946, the United Nations Relief Rehabilitation Administration established UNICEF in New York. The operations of UNICEF include giving vaccines and disease prevention, treating women and children who have HIV, strengthening maternal and childhood nutrition, enhancing sanitation, promoting education, and offering emergency aid in the case of disasters.

The Story Behind U-Report Uniendo Voces

The ongoing political, human rights and socio-economic developments in Venezuela have led to an unprecedented population movement in this region. As of November 2020, more than 5.4 million Venezuelans have left their country; an estimated 4.6 million reside in South America and the Caribbean (R4V, 2020).

In the meantime, the pandemic highlighted new challenges for vulnerable populations and strained communities. Limited access to services, participation and integration into host countries is the difficulty in accessing reliable information and maintaining communications with highly mobile communities. Prolonged lockdown measures and mobility restrictions further hampered communication.

Complementing host countries' efforts, the Regional Inter-Agency Coordination Platform (R4V) has been vital in providing a coherent and consistent response and global visibility to the needs of the Venezuelans and their host communities within the region.

According to the circumstances, Team Riseup Labs is developing the U-Report Uniendo Voces for UNICEF Venezuela. The initiative is now also being implemented in Bolivia, Brazil, and Ecuador.

Features of U-Report Uniendo Voces

The proposed U-Report application aims to support U-Report OTM R4V implementing countries to reach more adolescents and young people and ensure continuous access to life-saving and life-improving information and participation mechanisms. The application would ensure access to content available online even without the Internet. It also meets the demands of implementing countries by supporting collective access to key services on the ground.

The U-Report Uniendo Voces needed to develop the following features of the app:

  • Text to speech
  • Technical support and capacity building
  • Field testing of Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Offline access to U-Report flows, stories and polls results
  • Offline access to information flow, feedback and polling mechanism
  • Graphic adaptation and translation to Portuguese, Spanish and English

Words from Our Clients

Our client's feedback. No one says it like our clients. Please watch some of the videos below to see what our clients have to say about working with us.


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Impact on the Users

The U-Report Uniendo Voces was made to ensure information access and availability for the refugees and young migrants people for Venezuela. Migrants from Venezuela in Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador will also use the app. But, how did it impact them? Let's see here.

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Riseup Labs worked like a true professional, they understood our sudden requirements and recommended us the best solutions. They are also very fast to deliver the work on schedule.

Syed Makhlesur Rahman Communication Officer, UNICEF Bangladesh

Communication throughout with Riseup Labs has always been superb and always more than helpful. They deliver good services, which are very accommodating and professional. All in all a great experience and great to work with.

Miku Watanabe Innovation Specialist, UNICEF

Riseup Labs is very good to work with. They meet the deadlines they committed to. The Unicef Volunteers website turned out very nice and made the system a lot easier than we had to do in the previous manual process.

Farhana Rahman Paula Communication Officer, UNICEF Bangladesh

Although they had to train the adolescent members for their digital platform. But they made it in such a way, like- there was a natural adoption of the platform with very little training. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves and loved the platform.

Monira Hasan Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Bangladesh

They seemed to be much clear in outlining the project and scope of work so there was never any confusion or unmet expectations. I really appreciate their professional skills and attitude in managing activities.

Morshed Bilal Khan Child Protection Officer, UNICEF Bangladesh

Offering thorough technical support and engaged collaboration in different activities, Riseup Labs worked as a committed partner.

Ariful Hasan-Opu CEO, E-Soft

Riseup Labs simplified a complex process and delivered a product worth the investment.

Sabbir Azam Curator, Habson Communication

Have really appreciated working with Riseup Labs. They make gorgeous products, provide dependable service, and fast to answer questions.

Habib Rahman Curator, Habson Communication

Riseup is great for entrepreneurs, even for medium or smaller budgets. Their follow ups during the process are magnificent and you always know where your project stands and what issues are being faced. They are very good advisors.

Faisal Ahmed Founder & CEO, AppointMe

Meet Our Experts

The "U-Report Uniendo Voces" app was developed by a group of Riseup Labs' 12 creative talents, working day and night to meet UNICEF's requirements. The Project manager, Graphic Designer, UX Designer, Technical Lead, Flutter Developer, Laravel Developer, System Analyst and QA Engineer developed this app using their experience and knowledge, the Client's experience, and numerous User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions also held.

Meet the Experts of Riseup Labs


Meet the Experts

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