Integrated Remote Learning

Riseup Labs is developing digital content for Integrated Remote Learning and Disseminate to Prevent Learning Loss. It’s 1600 Graphic packages for pre-primary to secondary grade students. The package consists of 4,176 lessons, which will be used as Internet content. The integrated remote learning is under the Bangladesh COVID-19 School Sector Response (CSSR) project.

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What is Integrated Remote Learning?

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Integrated Remote Learning is a project of UNICEF Bangladesh. 1600 Graphic packages are developed for pre-primary to secondary grade students. The objective of this project is to strengthen the basic school system’s institutional capacity. The contents can help the Bangladeshi educational system to recover from the COVID-19 crisis and build resilience to face future crisis from pre-primary to secondary levels.

Benefits of Integrated Remote Learning

Benefits of Integrated Remote Learning project

The objective of this project was to strengthen the school’s institutional capacity to respond to, and recover from, the COVID-19 crisis. In order to do that the Integrated Remote Learning project has been built. The benefits of this project are:

Easy to Organize Lesson

The contents are presented in the most organizing and engaging way to the learners.

Meaningful learning experiences lead to increased attention and focus, higher levels of critical thinking, and more productivity!

The lessons, quizzes, badges, and certificates of Integrated remote learning show the progress of learners.

Problems faced by UNICEF

The problems behind Integrated Remote Learning was to developing educational graphic content for students. So the scope of work for this service is based on the contents of textbooks. Here is the list of the tasks for Riseup Labs:

  • Develop and disseminate 3,662 digital learning contents for television for children in pre-kindergarten through class 10
  • Develop and disseminate 4,176 digital learning resources for kids from preschool to class 10 in specified disciplines, using 1600 packages for the internet, websites, and mobile devices
  • Develop and disseminate 1,080 digital learning contents for radio and disseminate through national and community radios for students from pre-primary to class 10

Challenges faced by Riseup Labs' Developers

The main Challenges of the Integrated Remote Learning faced by Riseup Labs Developers' are given below:


  • Helping Bangladesh tackle the learning challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Developing Integrated Remote Learning and Disseminate to Prevent Learning Loss”
  • Safeguarding grade-level numeracy and literacy competencies which are foundational for learning recovery


Solutions Provided by Riseup Labs

The developer team of the Integrated Remote Learning System properly analyzed the method to solve the problems.


  • Development and dissemination of remote learning digital content for all digital platforms from pre-primary to secondary grade for the selected subjects under the CSSR project
  • Developed the contents with the combination  of  3/4 of the learning outcome as prescribed by subject experts
  • Dramatic Graphical and sketch animation had  been  used to make the content attractive and relevant to  prevent the learning loss

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Features of Integrated Remote Learning

Features of Integrated Remote Learning project

Explore the features of Integrated Remote Learning from below.

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Multimedia Assets
  • Organize Content
  • Track Progress
  • Multi-language
  • Share Online

Which Industries will be Benefited?

Every platform is connected to related industries. And the industries get benefits from these platforms. Some industries are connected with the Integrated Remote Learning project also. Those industries are:

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Non-profit Organizations
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About UNICEF Bangladesh

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UNICEF Bangladesh was established in Bangladesh in 1952. Volunteers established the organization to assist the government with laws and policies. It supports numerous initiatives and pledges made under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Which distinguishes children from adults and identifies children as human beings.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a United Nations organization. It works in more than 190 nations and territories to benefit children needing humanitarian and developmental assistance.

Integrated Remote Learning FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Integrated Remote Learning. We have noticed that most buyers seeking professional digital content development solutions have similar questions. We have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists to answer their questions. It will help you to get instant answers about the project. Contact us for more information.

How the Integrated Remote Learning Project will help the students?

The students will get to learn through digital content through the Integrated Remote Learning Project.

The purpose of this Integrated Remote Learning Project is to prevent learning loss.

More than four thousand pieces of digital learning content for students from pre-primary to class 10 will be developed.