Augmi - AR Furniture App

Augmi - AR Furniture App revolutionizes the way people shop for furniture by integrating cutting-edge augmented reality technology into the process. Developed by Riseup Labs, this app caters to a wide audience, including regular consumers, furniture businesses, and interior designers, offering a unique and immersive experience in selecting and visualizing furniture designs.


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Augmi - AR Furniture Mobile App

Augmi - AR Furniture App

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Summary of
Augmi - AR Furniture App

❏ Publisher Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ App Type:Augmented Reality (AR) App
❏ Published On:Google Play Store
❏ Platform Type:Android
❏ Release Date:April 23, 2021
❏ Product Working Type
❏ Device Type
:Mobile and Tab
❏ OS Type:Android
❏ Product Type
:Augmented Reality (AR)
❏ Category
:Lifestyle App
❏ Initial Development Period 
:January 4, 2021 - April 21, 2021
❏ Service Type
:Mobile App Development
❏ App Development Experience
:13 years +
❏ Total Published Apps
:200+ Apps
❏ Total Apps Download
:55 million + (55000000+)
❏ Experience you can trust:Meet The Core Team →
❏ Track Record (Portfolio):Beyond the Limits of Visualization →

What is
Augmi - AR Furniture App?

What is Augmi - AR Furniture Mobile App

Augmi - AR Furniture App is an augmented reality app that helps people to choose their furniture by visualizing the product designs in their homes on their devices. It allows customers to preview their interior and what it might look like using furniture models. Riseup Labs has developed the app for regular consumers, furniture businesses, interior designers, etc.

The Augmi - AR Furniture mobile app lets users virtually place furniture models within their living spaces. It allows for a personalized and accurate preview of how different designs and styles would complement their homes. Augmi lets users plan their interiors based on individual needs, size considerations, and available space. It makes the furniture selection process more intuitive and tailored to their preferences.

Augmi boasts a comprehensive catalog of furniture products, offering users diverse options to plan and furnish their homes exactly as they envision. The 3D augmented reality feature of Augmi provides a lifelike representation of how selected designs will look in the user's living space, offering a heightened sense of realism and aiding in more informed decision-making.

Designed to serve various purposes, Augmi proves to be a valuable tool for furniture businesses and interior designers. The app facilitates an interactive and engaging shopping experience, boosting sales by allowing customers to visualize products in their homes before purchasing. This level of interactivity enhances the overall customer experience, making the process more enjoyable and accurate.

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Benefits of
Augmi - AR Furniture App

The Augmi - Augmented Reality Furniture App has been a groundbreaking solution of Riseup Labs that redefines the furniture shopping experience. This application transcends traditional boundaries, allowing users, furniture businesses, and interior designers to explore an innovative and immersive way of selecting and visualizing furniture designs. Augmi brings many benefits that not only enhance the user experience but also revolutionize the dynamics of the furniture industry.

Let’s explore the benefits of Augmi - AR Furniture App:

Augmi is a powerful tool for furniture businesses, enhancing their sales strategies. The augmented reality feature allows potential customers to virtually experience products in their homes, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Interior designers can leverage Augmi to showcase their design concepts more tangibly. The app facilitates effective client communication, allowing designers to bring their ideas to life in a virtual space.

By offering a visually rich and interactive experience, Augmi enhances customer engagement. Users can explore various design options that foster a deeper connection with the products and the brand.

The app transforms the furniture shopping experience into an interactive and engaging process. Users can experiment with different colors and textures, customizing their chosen pieces to align with their unique tastes and preferences.

Augmi seamlessly integrates a shopping feature, enabling users to transition effortlessly from planning to purchasing. This cohesive experience simplifies the buying process and promotes a seamless customer journey.

With Augmi, users can accurately assess the size and placement of furniture within their rooms. The app provides precise measurements, including height, width, and depth, ensuring that selected pieces fit seamlessly into the available space.

Augmi empowers users to see furniture pieces in the context of their own living spaces. This personalized visualization eliminates guesswork and allows customers to make more informed decisions about how specific designs and styles will complement their homes.

Augmi boasts a diverse and extensive catalog of furniture products, catering to various tastes and preferences. This comprehensive selection ensures that users can find the perfect furniture to suit their style and requirements.

Augmi minimizes the need for physical visits to furniture stores and the associated time and effort. Users can efficiently plan and visualize their interiors, from streamlining the decision-making process to the comfort of their homes.

Problems Faced by Riseup Labs

What is Augmi - AR Furniture Mobile App Categories

Riseup Labs developed the Augmi - AR Furniture App after discovering problems with people who want to decorate their house or office, Furniture Showroom Owners, and Interior Designers. So, they established a set of comprehensive requirements to ensure the development of a cutting-edge and user-centric augmented reality experience. These requirements were strategically set to meet the needs of a diverse user base's demands, allowing them to decorate their rooms and visualize furniture placement seamlessly virtually. The primary goal was to provide users with an intuitive and enjoyable tool to envision their living spaces before making furniture-related decisions.

The Requirements for Augmi - AR Furniture App:

  • Furniture Placement via Scanning
  • Intuitive Furniture Setting Process
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Realistic Room Visualization
  • Virtual Room Decoration
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Real-Time Feedback

Faced by Riseup Labs' Developers

While developing the Augmi - Augmented Reality Furniture App, Riseup Labs developers encountered challenges that demanded innovative solutions and technical finesse. The aspiration to deliver a seamless augmented reality experience posed hurdles, requiring careful consideration and strategic problem-solving. The development team navigated these challenges with dedication, ensuring that Augmi emerged as a transformative tool for users to visualize and personalize their living spaces with virtual furniture.

The challenges that developers faced during the development of Augmi - AR Furniture App are:

  • Ensure all the low-end devices support this application and get better results
  • Creating high-quality 3D models, animations, and AR assets
  • Scanning system of every detail of the room
  • Battery Life and Data Usage
  • Tracking Accuracy

Solutions Provided by Riseup Labs

The development journey of the Augmi - AR Furniture App by Riseup Labs was marked by a series of challenges that required innovative solutions and strategic thinking. Riseup Labs developers implemented the following solutions to overcome these challenges, ensuring the successful realization of Augmi as an immersive and accessible augmented reality furniture visualization tool.

Solutions for the development challenges were the following:

Maintaining Tracking Accuracy in Augmented Reality

The challenge of tracking accuracy was addressed by utilizing AR frameworks like ARCore. These frameworks offered advanced algorithms for precise positioning and movement tracking of virtual furniture within the real-world space. Integrating such frameworks enhanced the overall tracking accuracy, ensuring a more immersive and realistic augmented reality experience.

Riseup Labs developers collaborated with 3D artists and animators and utilized asset stores to access high-quality 3D models and animations. This approach streamlined the development process and ensured that Augmi featured visually appealing and realistic virtual furniture. The team successfully balanced visual richness and performance optimization by leveraging existing assets and artistic expertise.

Riseup Labs developers implemented level-of-detail models, texture compression, and other performance optimization techniques to solve the challenge of compatibility with low-end devices. The app maintained satisfactory performance across a diverse range of hardware by dynamically adjusting the level of detail based on device capabilities. Advanced AR features were selectively limited on devices incapable of handling them smoothly, ensuring a consistent and optimized user experience.

Riseup Labs leveraged established AR frameworks such as ARCore for Android devices to enhance room scanning capabilities. These frameworks provided a robust foundation for accurate and detailed room mapping, allowing users to visualize virtual furniture seamlessly integrated into their physical environments.

To address concerns related to battery life and data usage, Riseup Labs prioritized power efficiency. The developers minimized unnecessary network requests and implemented data caching strategies wherever possible. This optimization conserved device resources and contributed to a smoother and more energy-efficient augmented reality experience for users.

AR Furniture Application and an e-Commerce Solution for any furniture-business

Features of
Augmi - AR Furniture App

What is Augmi - AR Furniture Mobile App Features

Augmi - AR Furniture App is a lifestyle application designed to transform how individuals envision and personalize their living spaces. With robust features, Augmi leverages augmented reality technology to offer users a dynamic and immersive experience in selecting and visualizing furniture designs.

Let's explore the compelling features that make Augmi a groundbreaking augmented reality furniture visualization tool.

View 3D Objects in Augmented Reality

Augmi brings furniture to life in augmented reality, allowing users to view 3D models of sofas, chairs, and various other furniture pieces within the context of their homes. This immersive experience enhances the understanding of how selected items integrate into the user's unique living environment.

Augmi allows users to experiment with different colors and textures for 3D furniture models. This customization feature enables individuals to tailor their furniture selections to match their preferences and interior aesthetics.

Augmi streamlines furniture buying by allowing users to purchase products directly from the app. This seamless integration of shopping functionality ensures a convenient and efficient user experience, transitioning seamlessly from virtual visualization to actual acquisition.

Users can compare multiple 3D models side by side, facilitating a comprehensive evaluation of various furniture options. This feature helps the users to make informed decisions by visually contrasting different designs and styles in real time.

Users can curate a personalized collection by adding their favorite furniture products to the app's Favorites section. This feature simplifies decision-making by allowing users to shortlist and revisit their preferred items, fostering a more organized and enjoyable exploration of options.

Users can virtually set furniture within their scanned rooms. The Augmi - AR Furniture App allows them to visualize how different furniture would look and fit in their living spaces. This feature enhances decision-making by providing a tangible preview of potential furniture arrangements.

Augmi lets the users scan and analyze their physical living spaces, creating a foundational understanding of the environment. This feature is the starting point for virtually placing furniture within the scanned room. It enables the users to tailor their interior designs to their specific needs.

Augmi enables users to capture snapshots of their augmented reality visualizations. This feature allows individuals to document and share their virtual room designs, facilitating collaboration with others or serving as a visual reference for future interior design considerations.

Impact on Users

Augmi - AR Furniture App transcends traditional boundaries. It profoundly impacts users across diverse categories, such as individuals looking to decorate their homes or offices, furniture showroom owners, and interior designers. The application's innovative features and immersive augmented reality experience bring tangible benefits and transformative changes to how users approach furniture selection and interior design.

The impacts of Augmi mobile applications are:


  • Individuals can make decisions on decorating living or working spaces
  • Users can experiment with different colors, textures, and styles
  • Offered a convenient and efficient way for purchasing decision
  • Users can organize and plan their decoration


Get Instant Sales from Distant Users Like physical stores

Furniture Showroom Owners

  • Showroom owners can increase sales opportunities through the Augmi ar furniture app
  • Augmi enables buyers to explore products without physically visiting the store
  • Showroom owners can demonstrate adaptability to modern technologies
Place the Furniture with exact measurement

Interior Designers

  • Interior designers can Innovate with Design Services
  • Interior designers can showcase ideas to the client
  • This efficiency saves time and costs
Capture a Photo and Share

Which Industries will Benefit?

Every platform is connected to related industries. And the industries get benefits from these platforms. Some are also associated with the augmented reality lifestyle app Augmi - AR Furniture. Those are:

Furniture Icon
AR VR Icon
eCommerce Industry Icon
Software Icon
Retail Icon
Business Icon
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Why Should You Develop an AR App for Businesses Like Augmi?

Businesses are seeking innovative ways to engage customers that can enhance user experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. Augmented Reality (AR) is a powerful tool that offers unique advantages in achieving these goals. Developing an AR app like Augmi for your business can set you apart in the market and unlock many opportunities for growth and success.

Let’s explore why you should develop an AR app for your business:

  • Implementing AR into your business strategy boosts brand recognition
  • AR apps provide an interactive and immersive experience for users
  • Developing an AR app sets your company apart from competitors
  • Companies can use AR to deliver interactive advertisements
  • AR apps allow users to try out products in their environment
  • AR apps educate customers about products or services

Augmi - AR Furniture App FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Augmi - AR Furniture App. We have noticed that most of our buyers seeking professional mobile app development solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. It will help you to get an instant answer. Contact us for more information.

What’s the function of Augmi - AR Furniture App?

Augmi - AR Furniture App is an innovative augmented reality application developed by Riseup Labs. It allows users to visualize and place 3D furniture models within their living spaces. The app enables users to experiment with different furniture arrangements, colors, and textures, providing a realistic preview of how selected furniture items will look in their homes.

Augmi utilizes advanced augmented reality technology to scan and understand the physical environment of a room. Users can scan their rooms using the app, creating a digital representation of the space. This scanning process is the foundation for placing virtual furniture within the app, allowing users to plan and visualize their interiors effectively.

Yes, you can! Augmi streamlines the furniture buying process by offering in-app purchasing capabilities. Once you've visualized and selected the furniture you desire, you can make direct purchases through the app, seamlessly transitioning from virtual exploration to actual acquisition.

Augmi has become a valuable tool for interior designers, effectively communicating design concepts with clients. The app allows designers to showcase their ideas in a tangible and immersive way, fostering better collaboration and understanding between the designer and the client.

Augmi enhances the overall user experience by providing individuals with an immersive, interactive, personalized tool for decorating their spaces. The app empowers users to make informed decisions, visualize designs realistically, and seamlessly transition from virtual exploration to purchasing, creating a more enjoyable and efficient interior design process.

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Certainly! Please reach us through our contact form or email, and we will offer you detailed information on our team members' backgrounds.

Riseup Labs' developers produce cutting-edge, seamless, and highly functional apps that combine enticing features with matching your company's needs. Our talented developers combine their expertise with cutting-edge technology to produce mobile applications specifically customized to your company's needs. Riseup Labs' Developers have a wide range of technological skills, including:


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  • Unity
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Riseup Labs has a significant number of highly qualified employees. As a result, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to each project to ensure high-quality work.

Every team includes:

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We offer support and maintenance plans that account for expected and unexpected software issues across various devices and systems. In addition, from beginning to end of the whole development process, we will provide you with the following support.

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During the app development process, you may see every stage. As a result, you may easily meet all of the essential criteria. Our core focus is client satisfaction.

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Absolutely. All resources are available as needed. However, the resource distribution is flexible, and it may increase or decrease depending on the timetables and budgets of the clients.

A project manager's chances of team success improve when they combine leadership, influence, and interpersonal decision-making abilities. In addition, when team members witness the project manager adopting a well-documented, proven, and transparent method, they will have more respect for that job and project.

We provide our services to global clients. We have already worked and partnered with 100+ clients from more than 20 countries, including the USA, UK, Israel, Australia, Middle-east and many more.

Yes, of course! Please contact us to discuss your project. After analyzing your requirements, we will provide you with a fixed budget. However, outsourcing programming and engineering skills might feel like a leap into the unknown, particularly for firms that have never done it before. All businesses face risks, but the most successful ones try to minimize them. We entirely understand – after all, we have to deal with the same issues in our own company. So we talk about your project in depth before presenting you with a list of options to pick from.

Although, we wouldn't call it a demo version because we're employing Agile Methodology, which forces us to produce functioning software as quickly as possible and add new features as we go. As a result, you'll be able to test and review your program fairly early on.

We provide several pricing options to our clients, allowing them to select the optimal one from Fixed-price, time-and-materials, or dedicated team models.

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Riseup Labs provides post-development support services for every project. Our support and maintenance services include:

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  • Speeding up backlog implementation.
  • Reducing operational costs.

We use Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, or phone calls for arranging meetings. Our customers have access to our project management platform, which allows them to track the status of their project at any time of day. Additionally, we provide clients a one-hour overlap according to their time zone to facilitate rational and successful communication. Depending on the demand, the client can communicate with the entire team or the principal resource(s) during this time.

This is included in the IP contract, and signing an NDA from both sides ensures that. The contract signed by Riseup Labs and its workers has the same commitment. In addition, we regularly inspect our procedures and train our workers. These efforts ensure that the intellectual property of our clients is always protected.

We have a standard approach for dealing with client requests for changes. Any alteration request must first be approved by them. Then, we do an impact study when the client authorizes the proposal. This allows us to provide the client with schedules and pricing estimations. 

After that, we make the modifications when the customer approves the estimates.

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Our normal development approach includes a peer-review procedure. An application resource's code is always double-checked by another application resource. The program is only available for testing when it has been verified.

Yes, QA is another core service of Riseup Labs. We believe in 'Prevention Over Inspection' when it comes to providing Quality Assurance Services for Quality Deliverables.

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Riseup Labs comprises skilled programmers, artists, and visionaries who understand the importance of storytelling and user experience in creating unforgettable gaming experiences. We are committed to bringing your ideas to life, infusing every pixel and line of code with dedication and finesse. Let's create the future of your business together!

Client Testimonials

Client's feedback. No one says it like Riseup Labs clients. Please read some text reviews and watch the videos to know what our clients say about working with us.

Game development can be a fast paced and highly demanding task. It is even more so if the name of the game is ‘World’s Fastest Drummer’. Riseup Labs not only met all these demands milestones and timelines, but exceeded my expectations in every way. I cherish our long term relationship with Riseup Labs and given the chance I know you will too! Riseup and Speed ON!

Boo McAfee Client Logo
Boo McAfee CEO, McAfee Enterprises Inc.

From the initial stages of requirement gathering to the final delivery, Riseup Labs has shown great dedication and responsiveness. Their ability to understand our vision and handle the project by ensuring those needs and concerns is outstanding.

Raihan Ahmed Dip
Raihan Ahmed Dip Data Coordinator, ATEC Australia-International Limited

Offering thorough technical support and engaged collaboration in different activities, Riseup Labs worked as a committed partner.

Ariful Hasan-Opu Client Thumbnail
Ariful Hasan-Opu CEO, E-Soft

Riseup Labs simplified a complex process and delivered a product worth the investment.

Sabbir Azam Client Thumbnail
Sabbir Azam Curator, Habson Communication Ltd

Have really appreciated working with Riseup Labs. They make gorgeous products, provide dependable service, and fast to answer questions.

Habib Rahman Client Thumbnail
Habib Rahman Curator, Habson Communication Ltd

Riseup Labs helped us to develop Crick Live app and they also provided us with necessary details that were required for us to successfully execute our project. The developer team was very helpful and they provided us the professional backup.

Rafayel Khan Client
Rafayel Khan Grantor, Crick Live

Overall, I am very satisfied with the company and intent to grow my relationship with it. The things I like about the company are their reliability, flexibility, and consistent, prompt and reliable communication. Besides, the team is very good.

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Oliver Reed CEO

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Riseup Labs deliver industry-standard technology solutions globally. We help enterprises navigate digital transformation through next-generation IT services and technology solutions. Our commitment and top-notch quality helped us bring success to our clients. Thus, we achieved many awards and recognitions from popular organizations and platforms. See our awards and recognitions below.

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