Riseup Labs, a next-generation global IT service and technology solution provider company, has enthusiastically joined the ‘Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair’ to support and empower fresh graduates in Bangladesh, organized by the renowned job portal, Bdjobs.com. The event served as a comprehensive platform for bridging the gap between fresh talent and prospective employers.

AKM Fahim Mashroor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bdjobs.com, said,

We are delighted to organize the Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair. Currently, in Bangladesh, there is a significant number of job seekers eagerly searching for employment opportunities. Unfortunately, many of them struggle to secure their desired positions. By attending events like this fair, job seekers can explore various job openings offered by different companies, potentially increasing their chances of finding the job they aspire for.

– AKM Fahim Mashroor, CEO of Bdjobs.com

Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs, expressed his enthusiasm for Riseup Labs’ participating in the Career Fair.’ He said,

We believe in nurturing young talent and helping them embark on successful careers. Joining the Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair aligns perfectly with our mission to empower fresh graduates by providing them with the tools and opportunities they need to thrive in the job market.

Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs

Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair – Chattogram

Riseup Labs participated in the Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair in Chattogram with a commitment to empowering fresh graduates. This event, held in the bustling port city of Chattogram, served as a pivotal platform for not only showcasing their commitment to nurturing young talent but also strengthening their company’s branding and local resource networks.

The Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair was held in Chattogram on Thursday, October 26, 2023, at the GEC Convention Center.

Around 90 companies, including Riseup Labs, participated in the fair. Job candidates of Chattogram got to submit their CVs to those companies. The career fair started at 10 AM and ended at 6 PM, where the entrance was accessible to all.

Riseup Labs actively engaged with enthusiastic candidates from various academic backgrounds at the career fair. Among the various departments, it was the Customer Service of the BPO has received the most attention and interest from aspiring job seekers.

The presence of Riseup Labs at the event was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. Job fair attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the company’s diverse portfolio of products and services, ranging from mobile app development to cutting-edge technology solutions. This interaction facilitated a deeper understanding of the company’s mission and offerings, thus enhancing company branding in the region.

Speaking about their participation, a representative from Riseup Labs stated, 

Our presence at the Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair in Chattogram was about more than just recruitment. It was about sharing our vision and contributing to the growth of the local talent pool. We believe in the potential of fresh graduates and aim to empower them through meaningful opportunities.

– HR Representative of Riseup Labs

By participating in this career fair, Riseup Labs not only contributed to the development of fresh graduates but also strengthened its ties with the local community and resources in Chattogram. This endeavor signifies the company’s unwavering commitment to fostering young talent and investing in the future of Bangladesh’s workforce.

Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair – Dhaka

Feature image of Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair insight
Freshers are getting Information from the Riseup Labs Booth at Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair

Riseup Labs recently participated at the Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair in Dhaka. Their participation in this pivotal event was not only about offering job opportunities but also an effort to empower, inspire, and guide emerging talent.

On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, Bdjobs organized the career fair at Dhaka International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB). It offered fresh graduates a unique opportunity to find their dream jobs and gain invaluable insights and guidance for their future career endeavors.

Bdjobs’ Career Fair for the freshers has brought together diverse participants. Graduates from various academic backgrounds came to the career fair to seek job opportunities. At the fair, employers represented numerous industries and experts in career development and job-seeking strategies.

Purpose of Riseup Labs’ Joining the Career Fair

Riseup Labs’ participated in the ‘Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair’ to foster the growth and development of young professionals. The company recognizes fresh graduates’ challenges in securing their first jobs. It aims to offer support and mentorship through this initiative.

Benefits of Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair

The Freshers Career Fair by Bdjobs distinguishes itself by combining job searching and career development under a single roof. Participants had the chance to explore job openings, engage with industry experts, and gather insights into crafting successful careers. This unique approach enhances the prospects of fresh graduates as they transition into the professional world.

Outcomes of the Career Fair

The career fair witnessed an enthusiastic turnout of fresh graduates and leading companies from various sectors. Many graduates had the opportunity to network with potential employers and gain a deeper understanding of the job market’s demands. This event is anticipated to yield positive results regarding the participants’ employment opportunities and career advancement.


Riseup Labs’ participation in the ‘Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair’ underscores its commitment to nurturing and empowering young talent in Bangladesh. By joining forces with Bdjobs.com, the company aims to provide fresh graduates with a holistic career-building experience beyond job hunting.

Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair FAQs

Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about Riseup Labs’ participation at the ‘Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair’ that are commonly asked by people interested. If you have any additional questions about the event, contact Riseup Labs.

Why did Riseup Labs join the ‘Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair’?

Riseup Labs supports fresh graduates and empowers them for successful career journeys. This career fair aligns with their mission to provide valuable opportunities and guidance to young professionals.

What benefits did participants gain from the career fair?

Participants had the chance to explore job openings, connect with potential employers, and receive insights from industry experts, making it a comprehensive platform for job seekers and career builders.

What is the expected outcome of Riseup Labs’ participation in the career fair?

The participation is expected to lead to increased employment opportunities and career growth for fresh graduates in Bangladesh, facilitating their transition into the professional world.

What opportunities did Riseup Labs offer to fresh graduates at the career fair?

Riseup Labs showcased various job openings and internship opportunities for the freshers at the Bdjobs Freshers Career Fair. These roles will be tailored to provide a conducive environment for fresh graduates to learn and grow.

How can fresh graduates interact with Riseup Labs at the career fair?

Fresh graduates approached Riseup Labs’ representatives, asked questions about job opportunities and career development, and expressed their aspirations.

Do I need any specific academic background or skills to join Riseup Labs?

While specific requirements may vary for different positions, Riseup Labs generally seeks candidates with strong problem-solving skills, a passion for technology, and the ability to work collaboratively in a dynamic team environment. Academic backgrounds in computer science, engineering, or related fields are often preferred.

Riseup Labs at Career Fairs

At Riseup Labs, we believe that talent knows no age or experience level. Whether you’re a fresh graduate eager to make your mark or an industry veteran seeking a new challenge, Riseup Labs’ doors are open to those who are driven by curiosity, innovation, and a desire to create transformative solutions. You can explore here the other career fairs, in which Riseup Labs participated.

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