With a resounding commitment to nurturing talent and fostering dynamic connections within the academic and professional realms, Riseup Labs continued its active participation in the DIU Job Utsob, a career fair hosted by Daffodil International University (DIU).

This initiative was not just the pursuit of potential hiring but a genuine exploration of professional potential. Riseup Labs conducted interviews to transcend the traditional bounds of a career fair. This active engagement inspired the graduate students to explore careers in the IT industry.

DIU Job Utsob Stalls
DIU Job Utsob Stalls

Reflecting on the events, Riseup Labs’ Founder & CEO, Mr. Ershadul Hoque, expressed his enthusiasm, saying,

This is an excellent opportunity for freshers to find a new job at Riseup Labs! It’s a fantastic experience to interact with the bright minds at DIU Job Utsob. Our team is thrilled to share Riseup Labs’ innovative projects and vibrant culture with potential future leaders in the industry.

Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs

DIU Job Utsob-2023

DIU Students at Riseup Labs Career Booth
DIU Students at Riseup Labs Career Booth

Riseup Labs participated in the DIU Job Utsob-2023, a platform designed to connect graduating students with potential employers for Daffodil International University (DIU) students. The IT company didn’t just participate in the career fair, they engaged with over 200 talented fresh graduates, conducting interviews. They explored professional potential and left a lasting impression on students and professionals alike.

The career fair was held from November 24 to November 25, 2023, at the Daffodil International University Campus in Savar, Dhaka. Enthusiastic DIU students joined the “DIU Job Utsob-2023” to seek career opportunities.

Riseup Labs’ stall attracted numerous faculties and professionals who praised the company’s accomplishments and encouraged them to forge ahead. This positive reception from industry experts further solidified Riseup Labs’ presence in the technology and game development landscape.

DIU Job Utsob-2022

DIU Students are Inquiring about Job Opportunities at Riseup Labs Stall

Riseup Labs participated in the “DIU Job Utsob-2022” of Daffodil International University. Many DIU students visited the ‘Unlock the Treasure of Opportunities’ job fair to explore career opportunities.

The DIU Job Utsob-2022 is a three-day event organized in the Daffodil Smart City, Dhaka. Ershadul Hoque, CEO of Riseup Labs, and the Senior HR Generalist Taslima Binta Hafiz were also present at the event, along with the HR persons of Riseup Labs.

Students Benefits of Joining DIU Job Utsob

Participation in the DIU Job Utsob-2023 was more than just a routine career fair for the students of Daffodil International University. It was an immersive experience designed to unlock a treasure of opportunities and benefits tailored to their academic and professional journey. The benefits of  DIU Students joining the DIU Job Utsob were:

Riseup Labs' DIU Job Utsob Interview Session
Riseup Labs’ DIU Job Utsob Interview Session

Job and Internship Opportunities

The DIU Job Utsob is a gateway to many career opportunities. Participating in the Job Utsob, several DIU students received Job and internship positions and the chance to explore job-changing opportunities within various renowned organizations.

Accelerate Career Readiness

The DIU Job Utsob was an excellent experience for the students designed for their journey beyond academia. Corporate leaders, seasoned trainers, and career coaches impart essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes, fostering a comprehensive approach to career readiness.

Branding Opportunities

The DIU Job Utsob provided a unique platform for students to build and enhance their personal and professional brands. Engaging with industry leaders and recruiters allowed the students to showcase their unique skills, accomplishments, and aspirations. This branding opportunity sets them apart and lays the foundation for a distinctive professional identity.

HR Networking and Long-Term Relationships

The event offered a chance for students to engage in HR networking and cultivate long-term professional relationships with corporate leaders and speakers. Establishing these connections during the DIU Job Utsob laid the groundwork for enduring professional relationships.

Explore Corporate Culture and Insights

Participating in the DIU Job Utsob provided students with valuable insights into the corporate cultures of various organizations. This exposure enabled students to align their career goals with organizations that resonate with their personal and professional aspirations.

Enhanced Communication Skills

The interactive job fair developed essential communication and presentation skills for the DIU students. Engaging with corporate leaders and professionals during interviews, discussions, and presentations contributed to their development of confidence and articulation – skills that are invaluable in the professional landscape.

Purpose of Riseup Labs Joining DIU Job Utsob

Riseup Labs aims to foster innovation and cultivate the next generation of talent. So, they had a multi-faceted purpose in joining the career fair. The primary objective of Riseup Labs to join the DIU Job Utsob-2023 was to actively engage with the graduating students of DIU. They wanted to provide them with a unique insight into the dynamic opportunities and vibrant culture that define the company.

The primary purpose of Riseup Labs’ joining the DIU Job Utsob are:

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Riseup Labs recognized the DIU Job Utsob as an invaluable platform for identifying and recruiting promising individuals who could contribute to the company’s growth. The event served as a talent pool from which Riseup Labs could selectively choose candidates with the right blend of skills, passion, and creativity.

Showcasing Company Culture

Beyond recruitment, the company aimed to showcase its distinctive culture to fresh graduates. Riseup Labs believes in cultivating an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. By participating in the career fair of DIU, the company sought to convey job opportunities and an immersive experience of what it’s like to be a part of the Riseup Labs family.

Highlighting Innovative Projects

Riseup Labs used the DIU Job Utsob as a stage to spotlight its diverse portfolio of innovative projects in technology. The goal was to give the graduate students a glimpse into the cutting-edge work that defines Riseup Labs and inspire them to join the team.

Creating Networking Opportunities

The DIU Job Utsob provided an ideal setting for the company to establish connections with potential candidates and educators, professionals, and other industry stakeholders. This networking aspect was crucial in the broader strategy of expanding Riseup Labs’ influence and collaborations.

Outcomes of Riseup Labs Joining DIU Job Utsob

Participation in the DIU Job Utsob-2023 proved to be a pivotal move for Riseup Labs. It resulted in positive outcomes that extended beyond mere recruitment efforts. The engagement with the event yielded various benefits for the company, the DIU students, and the broader academic and professional community. Some of the outcomes of the Riseup Labs joining the DIU Job Utsob are:

Successful Recruitment

One of the primary outcomes of the job fair by DIU was the successful identification of talented individuals among the graduating students. Riseup Labs conducted more than 50 interviews, allowing the company to pinpoint candidates with the right combination of skills, enthusiasm, and innovation mindset.

Strengthened Industry Relationships

Riseup Labs’ participation in the career fair facilitated meaningful interactions with faculties and professionals from diverse backgrounds. The positive feedback received during the event strengthened relationships with individuals and companies. This outcome extends beyond recruitment, fostering community, and collaboration within the industry.

Knowledge Transfer and Insight Sharing

The engagement at DIU Job Utsob allowed Riseup Labs to share insights into its culture and innovative projects with a diverse audience. This knowledge transfer went beyond recruitment discussions, providing students with a deeper understanding of the company’s operations, values, and the exciting projects they are involved in.

Positive Impact on Company Culture

The positive response from students, faculties, and professionals during the DIU Job Utsob had a ripple effect on Riseup Labs’ internal culture. The acknowledgment and appreciation received during the event was career development, reinforcing their commitment to innovation and excellence.

Networking Opportunities

The Job Utsob provided opportunities for DIU students to connect with industry leaders, professionals, and educators. These connections opened potential employment and knowledge exchange doors, contributing to the student’s career development.


Riseup Labs’ active participation at DIU Job Utsob provided a platform for potential talent acquisition. It showcased the company’s commitment to engaging with the next generation of professionals. The event’s success is a testament to Riseup Labs’ dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration in the industry.

Other Career Fairs Joined by Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs extends its presence across various career fairs to connect with emerging talents and foster collaborative opportunities.  Beyond the routine of recruitment, each participation serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to engaging with the next generation of professionals and contributing to the larger discourse within the industry. Let’s explore some of the other career fair insights that Riseup Labs joined.


Here are the frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about Riseup Labs’ participation at the ‘DIU Job Utsob’ that are commonly asked by people who are interested. If you have any additional questions about the event, contact Riseup Labs.

What was the purpose of Riseup Labs’ participation in the career fair?

The primary purpose was to engage with talented fresh graduates, providing them with insights into the company’s culture and potential opportunities.

Were there any notable visitors to the Riseup Labs stall?

Several faculties and professionals visited the stall, appreciating Riseup Labs’ accomplishments and encouraging the team to continue its innovative work.

How did Riseup Labs benefit from participating in DIU Job Utsob?

Riseup Labs gained the opportunity to connect with more than 200 talented fresh graduates, showcasing the company’s projects and culture. The event facilitated potential recruitment and increased visibility within the academic and professional community.

Were there specific skill sets or qualifications that Riseup Labs was looking for in potential candidates?

Riseup Labs was open to candidates with diverse skill sets in technology, such as game development, web development, QA, BPO, etc. The company values creativity, adaptability, and a passion for innovation.

How did the fresh graduates respond to Riseup Labs’ presence at the career fair?

The response was overwhelmingly positive. Fresh graduates expressed interest in the company’s projects and opportunities. Many of them actively participated in the interviews conducted by Riseup Labs.

What sets Riseup Labs apart from other companies in the industry, according to the feedback received at DIU Job Utsob?

Visitors to the stall appreciated Riseup Labs for its vibrant culture, commitment to innovation, and the diverse range of projects undertaken. The company’s passion for pushing boundaries in technology and game development was highlighted as a distinguishing factor.

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