Ershadul Hoque Founder & CEO

I am the founder & CEO of Riseup Labs. We design & develop intelligent, innovative and sustainable web systems, mobile apps, games and interactive entertainment experiences on multiple platforms to give solutions.

During my study time, I was always doing part-time work in web and mobile application development in PHP, CSS, Android etc. I am very passionate on web and mobile technologies from 2005 and was involved in many small to large web and mobile application projects since then.

I got inspired by the global Tech Giants and the news of latest techs always excites me. Later I got deep interest on entrepreneurship and found Riseup Labs. I believe through entrepreneurship and supporting ecosystem almost all the problems in the world can be solved.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship, Client Servicing, Customer Relationship Management, IT Product Development, and IT Outsourcing Operation, Game Development, App Development, Software Development, Web System Development, AR / VR / MR Solutions, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), iOS Game, Android Game, Windows Mobile Game, Facebook Game, PC Game, iOS App, Android App, Windows Mobile App, Facebook App, Digital Platform, Web Portal, E-Commerce Solution, Enterprise Solution, GIS Service, e-Learning Platform, 360 Virtual Tour, Spark AR Effects, Storyboard Design, 2D / 3D Animation