Ershadul Hoque

Founder & CEO


Mr. Ershadul Hoque is the founder & CEO of Riseup Labs. A company that designs & develops intelligent, innovative and sustainable web systems, mobile apps, games, and interactive entertainment experiences on multiple platforms to give solutions.

During his study time, he was always doing part-time work in web and mobile application development in PHP, CSS, Android etc. Since then, he is very passionate about the web and mobile technologies since 2005 and was involved in many small to large web and mobile application projects.

Ershadul got inspired by the global Tech Giants. The news of the latest techs always excites him. Later he got a deep interest in entrepreneurship and found Riseup Labs. He believes that almost all the problems in the world can be solved through entrepreneurship and supporting ecosystem.

Ershadul Hoque's Specialties:

Entrepreneurship, Client Servicing, Customer Relationship Management, IT Product Development, and IT Outsourcing Operation, Game Development, App Development, Software Development, Web System Development, AR / VR / MR Solutions, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), iOS Game, Android Game, Windows Mobile Game, Facebook Game, PC Game, iOS App, Android App, Windows Mobile App, Facebook App, Digital Platform, Web Portal, E-Commerce Solution, Enterprise Solution, GIS Service, e-Learning Platform, 360 Virtual Tour, Spark AR Effects, Storyboard Design, 2D / 3D Animation

Ershadul Hoque Founder and CEO Riseup Labs