Food sharing is one of the ways to spread joy and nourishment. When you share your food, it will help you to create a deep bonding with society. And as an economic wheel mover of a country, a company should contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility. So, Riseup Labs, a next-generation global IT services and technology solutions provider company in Bangladesh, shared food with Madrasa students in the local community.

On Tuesday, 14th March 2023, team Riseup Labs visited Hajerahtul Ummah Tahfizul Quran Madrasha in Tongi Arichpur of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Software Engineers, Software Quality Assurance Engineers, Game Developers, Executives, and the Human Resource team of RUL joined them also.

They spent quality time with the children. After a Dua Mahfil, the team members shared a meal with the little students. They also brought snacks and sweets for the children to enjoy.

Interaction with The Children

During their visit, the Riseup Labs team members interacted with the children, played games, and listened to their stories. The Madrasa students were overjoyed by the team Riseup Labs’s visit. In addition, they were grateful for the generous lunch sharing.

Purpose of the Food Sharing

The purpose of food sharing was one of the Corporate Social Responsibilities of Riseup Labs. They had been sharing food and cloth with the socially deprived people. So, this time they shared food with the local Madrasa students.

Riseup Labs is known for its commitment to social responsibility and community outreach. The company’s CEO, Ershadul Hoque, said,

We must give back to society and support those in need. Riseup Labs is thrilled to have the opportunity to share our resources with young children and put a smile on their faces.

Ershadul Hoque, CEO & Founder of Riseup Labs

Gratitude from the Madrasa Authority

The students and the authority of Hajerahtul Ummah Tahfizul Quran Madrasha thanked Riseup Labs for their generosity. They expressed gratitude and their hope for more such visits from the company in the future.

This heartwarming act of kindness by Riseup Labs shows that even small gestures of compassion can significantly impact people’s lives. We hope that more companies and individuals follow their example and contribute to improving the world.

Other CSR of Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs believes in equal treatment. To full fill this vision they have been doing CSR on every occasion. Before this food sharing, Riseup Labs distributed winter clothes and shared food with underprivileged people on World Food Day.

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