Riseup Labs celebrated World Food Day with underprivileged people in society. They shared food with socially deprived people on this occasion. From family gatherings to first dates, food brings people together. Everybody has their favorite dish, which may be anything from pizza to spaghetti, cookies to cakes, and anything in between! But some people don’t even get the test of regular meals.

On Sunday, October 16, 2022, the Riseup Labs family distributed food to 50 people, who were homeless, laborers even street children. Getting food suddenly from some people made the receiver happy.

Team Riseup Labs Took Part in the Activity

Several teams of Riseup Labs took part in the activity. Game developers, QA Engineers, and the Project Manager of Riseup Labs participated in the initiative arranged by the Human Resources department.

Objectives of the World Food Day

World Food Day is one of the most celebrated UN days on the United Nations calendar. More than hundreds of events are arranged by people worldwide. This kind of activity brings together governments,  the media, businesses, the public, and even the youth. They promote awareness around the world. Everyone works for the people who suffer from hunger. They work to ensure healthy diets for all, leaving no one behind.

Leaving No One Behind

This year the slogan of World Food Day was Leave No One Behind. According to the slogan, RUL celebrated the Day by sharing a meal with the street children, local homeless, Rickshaw pullers, laborers, and guards. 

History of World Food Day

On October 16, people worldwide celebrate World Food Day to remember the date the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization was established in 1945. The World Food Programme, the World Health Organization, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development are just a few organizations that participate in widespread celebrations on the day. WFP was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2020 in recognition of their work to end hunger, promote peace in conflict zones, and take the lead in preventing the use of hunger as a weapon in war and conflict.

Source: History of World Food Day

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