UNICEF LACRO and Riseup Labs Started a New Partnership. RUL will develop a content management system platform to manage MHPSS of UNICEF Latin America and the Caribbean in this project.

On Sunday, 6th November 2022, UNICEF LACRO Executive and Ershadul Hoque, the CEO of Riseup Labs, signed the contract officially.

It’s a new milestone for Riseup Labs. We are happy to announce that UNICEF LACRO and Riseup Labs have started a new partnership. RUL has been developing Web and Mobile applications, Games, Graphic, eLearning Platform and many more for UNICEF. Now the content management system for MHPSS has also been added to the list.

Ershadul Hoque, CEO, Riseup Labs   

Why did UNICEF LACRO and Riseup Labs Started Partnership?

UNICEF LACRO and RUL started the partnership to build a central system. In this project, Riseup Labs will provide software development service support to UNICEF. It will be a content management platform for Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS).

The platform will also manage other Session Border Controller (SBC)-related content and facilitate adaptation (format and translation) to communication platforms, including RapidPro and IoGT. The content can be managed centrally from the UCMS and transferred to the concerned platforms.

The client will receive a centralized platform where they can perform necessary management and editing tasks for RapidPro and the Internet of Good Things (IoGT).

Riseup Labs – Diving into Technology

Riseup Labs is an ISO-certified leading technology solution and service provider company in Bangladesh, focusing mostly on the Web, Mobile, XR, and Simulator technologies. We design and develop intelligent, innovative, sustainable web systems, mobile apps, games, and interactive entertainment experiences on multiple platforms. We have been in business since 2009 and have become major creators and publishers in the market by releasing many successful products. Also, become a trusted partner by delivering customized solutions and services to brands like UNICEF Bangladesh, Robi Axiata Limited, BBC Media Action, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA), and the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division.

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