RUL is a common term used in different ways in different cases. So, what are the meanings of RUL? According to The Free Dictionary, there are several RUL Acronyms Definitions. In this article, I will try to give you every possible meaning of the Acronym RUL.

RUL Acronym Definitions and Meanings

So far, I have known 41 definitions for RUL abbreviation or Acronym in different categories. The definition of RUL as an acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang word varies by genre. Please keep an eye out for them.

AcronymStands forIntroduction
RULRiseup LabsISO certified software solutions provider company.
RULRutgers University LibrariesLibrary of Rutgers, an equal opportunity institution.
RULResource Unit LeaderTracks incident-related resources and supplies.
RULRight Upper LobeA medical term.
RULReasonable Useful LifeMedical equipment.
RULRemaining Useful LifeIt is the length of time a machine is likely to operate.
RULRural Urban Limit LineCommonly called Napa Pipe Property.
RULRussian Union of LegatesMilitary organization
RULRead You LaterAn expression referring to reading someone’s chat-post
RULRésidence Universitaire LantériNon-profit association in France
Table 01: RUL Acronym Definitions and Meanings

RUL – Riseup Labs

RUL is an acronym for Riseup Labs, a leading ISO certified software, technology solution and service provider company. RL is also another short form of the company.

Riseup Labs – RUL focuses mostly on Managed Services, BPO, KPO – Knowledge Process Outsourcing, Project Outsourcing, Web, Mobile, XR (AR, VR, MR) and Simulator Technologies. They design & develop intelligent, innovative and sustainable Web Systems, Mobile Apps, Games and Interactive entertainment experiences on multiple platforms. 

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