Riseup Labs, the B2B service provider company, is excited to announce that it has won the UpCity Best of New York Award 2022. RUL has achieved the Award for tremendous work as the B2B service provider by UpCity.

On Tuesday,  17 October 2022, UpCity officially announced the list of the UpCity Best of New York Award 2022 winners.

UpCity Best of New York Award 2022 Winner Riseup Labs

“We are pleased to win the UpCity Best of New York Award 2022. This recognition is a testament to our continued commitment and service toward delivering outcomes for our clients. Riseup Labs’ rich portfolio of software development, web development, and game development, including Quality Assurance and BPO service helps drive an accelerated value realization across the information technology world.”

Ershadul Hoque, CEO of Riseup Labs

The Best B2B Service Provider Company

Every year, UpCity’s Best of Awards recognize the outstanding work done by its B2B service providers in several key areas. This year Riseup Labs has won the Award for tremendous work as a B2B service provider company.

These awards have been granted to the 50 top providers across 58 U.S. states and Canadian provinces as measured by their UpCity Recommend Ability Rating. Riseup Labs won the Award for developing highly-functional B2B software solutions to empower global brands, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. It developed B2B software such as ERP, CRM, eCommerce platforms, SaaS solutions, and other software solutions based on your business needs.

Recommendations for Riseup Labs on UpCity

UpCity’s recommend ability ratings helped Riseup Labs to win the UpCity Best of New York Award 2022. Here are some of the recommendations for Riseup Labs on UpCity.

They had a kick-off meeting initially, and every week we used to schedule calls and discuss the project’s progress. Their skilled developers built our application in such a way that we needed it. The project manager and salesperson replied promptly. They responded.

-Jahid Shekh, Head of IT, Bangladesh Bureau, Kolkata TV

We were impressed by their requirement gathering, documentation, and timely execution.

Shafkat Hossain Mohit. UI/UX Designer & IT Team Leader

They have provided us with excellent Mobile App Development Services! I am extremely satisfied with the project quality, timeline, and general behavior. Would recommend it!

-Heba Ferdousi ACCA, Manager

What is The UpCity Best of New York Award 2022?

You might be curious about what is the UpCity Best of New York Award 2022. The Award and recognition of UpCity are derived from various data points. It is designed to help business owners find a partner that is the best fit for them and trustable. A service provider’s Recommendability Rating ranks and recommends the top service providers by service area in each local market and nationally, providing businesses with a trusted resource when selecting a partner.

UpCity Recommendability Rating & Methodology

UpCity Recommendability Rating & Methodology
UpCity Recommendability Rating & Methodology

UpCity created a digital signal to use a unique algorithm for the UpCity Best of New York Award 2022. It assesses each of its Certified Partners’ consistency and reliability. It also evaluates how a highly recommended service provider is compared to other service providers.

Recommendability Ratings are based on variables that affect how a service provider is highly recommended. Even a company can’t purchase the Award.

The UpCity Recommendability Rating is determined using eight different variables, incorporating data from both internal and external sources.

  • UpCity Profile Completion
  • UpCity Engagement
  • UpCity Reviews
  • Google Reviews
  • Presence in Search Engines
  • Location Consistency
  • Domain Authority
  • Website Speed & Experience

Source: The UpCity Recommendability Rating & Methodology

Who is UpCity

UpCity links businesses with reliable service suppliers. UpCity has assisted more than 2 million businesses in selecting the ideal partner for their needs thanks to its extensive network of over 70,000 providers, which includes marketing agencies, accountancy firms, HR consultants, IT specialists, and many more.

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