Riseup Labs is developing U-Report Bangla Version for UNICEF Bangladesh. UNICEF has started a new partnership with them to develop this mobile app for adolescents in Bangladesh. It is the fourth U-Report App that Riseup Labs is developing for this United Nations organization.

A new contract was signed between Riseup Labs and UNICEF Bangladesh on Monday, 8 August 2022. Ershadul Hoque, CEO of RUL and a Representative from UNICEF, signed the project.

As per the project plan, Riseup Labs will develop a mobile app for UNICEF from August 2022 to January 2023. The app will have a seamless, flexible and robust updating mechanism. It will ensure the security of users and prevent any kind of threats to user data.

Riseup Labs has previously developed U-Report App, U-Report Uniendo Voces and U-Report for global youth. Now we have been assigned to develop U-Report Bangla Version also. It’s a great achievement for us that UNICEF trusted us to develop their new app again. We will continue to provide the best Software, Web, Mobile App and Game Development service for our precious Clients.

Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO, Riseup Labs

The Benefit of The U-Report Bangla Version

The U-Report Bangla Version app isn’t only an app. It’s a digital platform for young people to communicate and raise awareness on social issues. This app has many benefits as followings:

  • Adolescents will learn about the challenges and problems they face daily
  • The offline version will not require an internet connection to use the app
  • Multilingual support for the users: Bangla and English
  • Same features in the online and offline version
  • Prevent any kind of threats to user data
  • Adolescents can report with the app
  • Ensures the security of users.

Purpose of Developing the U-Report Bangla Version app

The purpose of UNICEF and Riseup Labs developing the U-Report Bangla Version application is to support Bangladesh’s peacebuilding and community empowerment initiatives. Especially in marginalized communities all over the country. The following features will carry the purpose of developing the bangla version of the U-Report:

  • With limited mobile networks in most marginalized and hard-to-reach areas, the feedback feature will allow users to submit responses offline, which will be sent to the server when the devices connect online
  • Users will be able to give their feedback, voices and opinions anonymously to express themselves
  • Allow people to share their opinion with poll features
  • People will be able to express their ideas on various issues
  • Developing an app that will secure data

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About UNICEF Bangladesh

UNICEF Bangladesh was established in Bangladesh in 1952. Volunteers established the organization to assist the government with laws and policies. It supports numerous initiatives and pledges under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Which distinguishes children from adults and identifies children as human beings. UNICEF Bangladesh is a part of The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). It’s a United Nations organization. It works in more than 190 nations and territories to benefit children needing humanitarian and developmental assistance.

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