ATEC Australia International Ltd. has signed up with Riseup Labs for extended feature development of the eCook mobile application. By signing the project, ATEC has entrusted Riseup Labs with this application again. Before this signing, RUL developed the eCook mobile application to provide usage and account data to customers before.

On Friday, 10th February 2023, ATEC Australia International Ltd. and Mobile App Development Company Riseup Labs signed the project for extended feature development of eCook.

What is eCook?

eCook is a digital induction cook stove. It is a product of ATEC Australia-International Limited, a leading manufacturer of cookstoves worldwide. Over 10,000 individuals use modern, secure, affordable cooking because of ATEC.

eCook used modern magnetic technology to enable direct heat transfer from the oven to the pot through a magnetic field. It is highly efficient, transmits heat quickly and firmly, and can immediately raise or reduce heat.

About ATEC Australia International Ltd.

ATEC Australia-International Limited is an Australian social enterprise that delivers affordable, sustainable, and accessible clean cooking solutions globally with world-class cooking technology. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia. It has business units in Bangladesh and Cambodia, expanding its prospect to 5 more countries.

ATEC’s Impact Flywheel is the core they do to transform, at scale, international finance into high-quality, low-cost clean cooking products.

So, they introduced the revolutionary biogas systems in Bangladesh in 2020 to improve the lives of more than 4 Million farming households. Then, in 2021, they launched a new product named- the eCook stove in Bangladesh. It is a smooth and modern digital induction cooktop that helps to cook delicious meals for a family.

The goal of ATEC Australia-International Limited is to be the global leader in clean cooking by 2030 with its disruptive technology.

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