eCook Stove is a product of modern cooking material. ATEC Australia-International Limited, the manufacturer of eCook Stove, has designated Riseup Labs to design and develop the admin panel of the Mobile Applications. The primary goal of this cross-platform mobile application is to provide usage and account data to the customers.


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Summary of the eCook App

❏ Publisher Name:ATEC Australia-International Ltd.
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Application Type:Mobile App
❏ Published On:App Store and Google Play Store
❏ Platform Type:iOS and Android
❏ Client Name::ATEC Australia-International Ltd.
❏ Release Date:Dec 12, 2022
❏ Product Working Type:Ongoing
❏ Device Type:Mobile
❏ OS Type:iOS and Android
❏ Product Type:eCommerce
❏ Category:Mobile App
❏ Initial Development Period:8 August 2022 to 23 January 2023
❏ Extended Development Period:24 January 2023 to June 2023
❏ Service Type:Mobile App Development
❏ Experience you can trust:Meet The Core Team →
❏ Track Record (Portfolio):Beyond the Limits of Visualization →

What is eCook?

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eCook is a digital induction cook stove. It is a product of ATEC Australia-International Limited, a leading manufacturer of cookstoves worldwide. Over 10,000 individuals use modern, secure, affordable cooking because of ATEC.

eCook used modern magnetic technology to enable direct heat transfer from the oven to the pot through a magnetic field. It is highly efficient, transmits heat quickly and strongly, and can immediately raise or reduce heat.

Benefits of eCook Mobile App

Benefits of eCook mobile app

eCommerce mobile applications are growing these days exponentially. The benefit of having these eCommerce solutions is obvious. You should have an e-Solution for your webshop for numerous reasons. Here are the most important benefits of eCook mobile apps:

The eCook website and mobile applications are flexible and user-friendly. eCook app functionality brings more clients, resulting in more orders. Consequently, the earnings of the company are increasing.

The clients of the eCook website and mobile applications don't need to get their wallets from bags to take out coins, credit cards, or banknotes.
It has contactless payment technology. With this technology, clients can replace cash and credit cards. And this eCommerce service is easy, fast, and secure.

With the eCook eCommerce website and mobile app, ATEC Australia-International Limited can easily use attractive product listings and acquire new customers internationally.

The eCook Mobile apps support strong connections between brands and customers. It is a powerful tool for building the brand reputation of eCook. The Client can advertise the services through the features and draw the attention of clients.

The mobile app of eCook is significantly improving the customer experience and facilitates acquiring and retaining new clients. They find themselves in a comfortable virtual zone where they can have important information on payment data.

Through the mobile app of eCook, customer data is easy to gather and track. The mobile functionality allows ATEC Australia-International Limited to monitor users' interactions and gives them useful information about them, such as:

  • Responsiveness to particular content and features
  • Audience composition
  • Session length
  • Feedback

These analytics help ATEC improve and update, create personalized content, and develop its advanced marketing strategy.

Problems faced by ATEC Australia International Ltd.

ATEC Australia-International Limited has been providing the eCook Stove to Cambodians. They have brought the product to Bangladesh also. But to make the service more user-friendly ATEC was facing some problems. So, they gave the task to the IT service and technology solution provider company Riseup Labs. The essential infrastructure that was needed for eCook apps is listed below:

The primary goal of this project was to develop:

  • eCook Mobile Application
  • The backend of the eCook Mobile Application

The functional requirements of this project were:

  • Payment Data and System
  • Usage and Account Data
  • Menu Option
  • Language

Challenges faced by Riseup Labs' Developers

The demand for mobile app development services and companies is growing, but as with any software development, developing mobile apps presents certain difficulties and obstacles. The team at Riseup Labs faced their own set of challenges while creating their eCook mobile application. Below is a list of the specific challenges they encountered during the development process.


Installment Payment

Including an installment payment feature in the eCook app user to check the payment history.

Thumbnail image of installment payment

Data Generation

Data generation for stoves was a challenge in developing the solution. The whole process involved creating data sets that describe the characteristics and features of stoves.

Thumbnail image of installment payment


Providing support to stove users who have purchased the stove and are facing issues or have questions regarding its use.

Challenge of support for eCook thumbnail image

Solutions Provided by Riseup Labs

It's important to identify and address the challenges that arise during mobile app development to ensure a successful and functional end product for eCook. Riseup Labs’ eCook mobile app development found the solutions to solve the challenges that they faced. Here are the solutions to the challenges faced by the eCook developer team:


Bar Chart

There are three kinds of data is generating from the eCook stove app. They are- electricity cost, stove’s runtime, and stove usage data. Developers showed these data using a Bar chart and beautiful graphical visualization.

Thumbnail image of bar chart

Payment Gateway System

To install the stove’s remaining installment, the developer team integrated a payment gateway system where users will be able to pay their installment fee using the gateway. The current payment gateway system of this app is bKash.

Thumbnail image for payment gateway system

Support System

The developer team of Riseup Labs has added a support system on both the app end and the admin end where the user can directly select a support topic from the dropdown and sending to the admin by adding his notes.

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Features of the eCook Mobile App

Feature of eCook mobile app

As the eCook is a service-based app for eCook stove, it has many attractive features for the customers'. The eCook mobile app has been developed for them so that they can use the product comfortably and enjoy the benefits of the eCook stove. The features of the apps are:

  • List of the Registered eCook: This app has a unique facility for the eCook stove user. A user of the eCook mobile app can register multiple eCook stoves in this app.
  • Payment History: The eCook stove users can buy the stove in installments. So ATEC Australia-International Limited asked Riseup Labs to include a feature in this mobile app. The eCook app user can check the payment history to see how many installments are due to pay.
  • User Guideline: This mobile application has a User Guideline for the eCook stove user.
  • Notifications: The eCook mobile app user will get important notifications from it.
  • Usage Data: Usage data is the default feature of this app. A customer can see the usage data of the eCook in graphical mode. Usage Data includes Electricity use, Electricity costs, Stove running time, Pick hours of usage, and many more.
  • My eCook: In this feature, the user can see the information associated with the eCook, like the model, status, current stove credit balance, and how much has been paid off so far in a chart.

Updates of the eCook Mobile App

Banner image for updates of the eCook mobile app

ATEC Australia International Ltd. has signed up with Riseup Labs for extended feature development of the eCook mobile application. By signing the project, ATEC has entrusted Riseup Labs with this application again. Before this signing, RUL developed the eCook mobile application to provide usage and account data to customers before.

Riseup Labs has started working on updating the eCook Mobile App. They started the procedures as soon as the development period has finished. The eCook team of Riseup Labs is updating the following of the app:

  • Extended Features

Read Insight

Riseup Labs Ensures Security

Image for secured login system for eCook

The security system of the eCook Mobile App software prevents data or code within the app from being stolen or hacked. Riseup Labs encompassed security considerations during application development and design.

  • Non-customers can only have access to marketing information. They cannot see other information which is valuable for the original user.
  • The eCook mobile app user needs a valid mobile number to enter in the app
  • Token verification with a 6-digit code

After-sales Service for Client

Image for after sales services of eCook app

Riseup Labs provided support services as after service for the eCook mobile application. It started from the date of completion of the deliverables. A Project Manager of Riseup Labs worked closely with the clients to correctly deliver the assignments. The other services that Riseup Labs provided to eCook as after-service are:

  • Bug Fixing and Troubleshooting: Riseup Labs will troubleshoot and fix the bugs that will be discovered by the users or the report.
  • Performance checkup: Riseup Labs team will check the performance of the apps so that the users can use them without any flaws.
  • Cyber Security: Riseup Labs will ensure that the app cannot be abused and hacked by critical elements and this makes the software not vulnerable.

However, Riseup Labs will continue to help the Client as required.

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Impact on Users

Impact of eCook mobile app

After launching the mobile app, the user of eCook got the best benefit of eCook Stove. Because they have been getting the update of their electricity use, time and payment everything. So, it impacted them hugely. Let’s see what are the impacts of the eCook mobile app on the user:

  • Saved electricity bill and money
  • Payment historical data
  • Real-time usage data

Which Industries will be Benefited?

eCook is an online payment and electricity usage-based app. So the customers of ATEC Australia-International Limited are the most beneficial person for this project. But some industries are also getting benefits from eCook mobile applications. They are:

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Finance and Banking Icon
Finance and Banking
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Expert's View

Experts view for eCook mobile app

The eCook Mobile application act as a bridge between the customers and ATEC Australia-International Limited to facilitate financial transactions. It's become more important to the customers as the app shows them how much electricity they have used.

Team Riseup Labs worked hard to develop this mobile application. We conducted several User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to develop this app to make it a support assistant for the users.

-Product Manager, eCook Team, Riseup Labs

Technology Used
JavaScript Technology Icon JavaScript
SQLite Icon SQLite
AWS Technology Icon AWS
Amazon EC2 Technology Icon Amazon EC2
Amazon S3 Technology Icon Amazon S3
Amazon Route 53 Technology Icon Amazon Route 53
Sublime Text Technology Icon Sublime Text
XAMPP Technology Icon XAMPP
Angaza Technology Icon Angaza
HubSpot Icon HubSpot
Xero Technology Logo Xero
bKash Technology Logo bKash
CI/CD Technology Icon CI/CD
GitHub Technology Logo GitHub

Why Should You Use eCook Mobile App?

Image for why should you use eCook app

You you are a customer and a user of the eCook Stove, then you must use this application. Here is the reason have listed down that why you should use the eCook mobile application:

  • User guidelines for using the eCook Stove
  • Getting support from the manufacturer
  • Cost reduction
  • Flexibility

About ATEC Australia International Ltd.

ATEC Global Company Logo

ATEC Australia-International Limited is an Australian social enterprise that delivers affordable, sustainable and accessible clean cooking solutions globally with world-class cooking technology. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia. It has business units in Bangladesh and Cambodia, expanding its prospect to 5 more countries.

ATEC's Impact Flywheel is the core they do to transform, at scale, international finance into high-quality, low-cost clean cooking products.

So, they introduced the revolutionary biogas systems in Bangladesh in 2020 to improve the lives of more than 4 Million farming households. In 2021, they launched a new product named- the eCook stove in Bangladesh. It is a smooth and modern digital induction cooktop that helps to cook delicious meals for a family.

The goal of ATEC Australia-International Limited is to be the global leader in clean cooking by 2030 with its disruptive technology.

eCook Mobile App FAQs

Frequently asked questions about eCook mobile application. We have noticed that most buyers seeking professional mobile app development solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. It will help you to get an instant answer. Contact us for more information.

What is eCook?

eCook is a mobile application for the user of eCook Stove.

The features of the eCook mobile application are:

  • List of the Registered eCook
  • Payment History
  • User Guideline
  • Notifications
  • Usage Data
  • My eCook

The eCook mobile application was launched in December 12 of 2023 on the Google Play Store.

If you have downloaded the eCook mobile app, you will find the user guidelines there on how to use eCook.

You can find the eCook mobile app on the Google Play Store and download it from there. There is a link to download the app on the top of this portfolios.