Jeeto.Online, a leading gaming platform in Bangladesh hosted an enchanting prize-giving ceremony. It honored the winners of its two consecutive events, the Go Ninja Mega Event 2023 and the Ramadan Event 2023.

The Prize-Giving Ceremony took place on Thursday, 25th May 2023, at the Head office of Jeeto.Online in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They organized the Jeeto.Online Prize-Giving Ceremony where the lucky winners eagerly gathered to claim their well-deserved prizes.

Before the opening ceremony, the event organizers meticulously decorated the venue. They created an atmosphere of joy and anticipation. The prize winners arrived at the venue at 4 PM, where Jamil Mahmud Sakib, the Product Manager of Jeeto.Online, inaugurated the event by extending a warm welcome to all the esteemed guests.

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Go Ninja Mega Event 2023

The Jeeto.Online Team handed the prizes to the Go Ninja Mega Event 2023 winners. This event ran from 29th January 2023 to 30th April 2023. It offered the participants a chance to win exciting prizes. The winners of the Go Ninja Mega Event 2023 were:

  • Wahid Khan
  • Tonni Akter Mou
  • Mansurul Islam
  • Ismita
  • Meghna
  • Hasnaiin
Smart TV winner of Go Ninja Mega Event
Smart TV winner of Go Ninja Mega Event
Dhaka-Cox's Bazar Travel Package (Air) winner of the Go Ninja Mega Event
Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar Travel Package winner
Smart Phone winner of Go Ninja Mega Event
Neckband Earphone winner of Go Ninja Mega Event
Neckband Earphone winner of Go Ninja Mega Event
Bluetooth Speaker winner of Go Ninja Mega Event
Bluetooth Speaker winner of Go Ninja Mega Event

The winners received some attractive prizes. Among the coveted rewards were:

  • Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar Travel Package (Air)
  • Neckband Earphone
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Power Bank
  • Smartphone
  • Smart TV

Ramadan Event 2023

The Ramadan Event 2023 occurred from 23rd March 2023 to 29th April 2023. Organizers awarded enticing prizes to the winners in the Prize-giving Ceremony. The winners of the Ramadan Event 2023 were:

  • Tarek
  • Samim
  • Imran
  • Meghna
  • Sanjida
Digital Clock winner of Ramadan Event
Digital Clock winner of Ramadan Event

They all were super excited to win prizes in the Ramadan Event of Jeeto.Online. Among the exciting rewards of the event, there were:

  • Android Gamepad
  • Gaming Headset
  • Digital Clock
  • Smart Watch
  • Power Bank
  • Speaker

Prize- giving Ceremony

During the Ceremony, Mr. Rafiquzzaman delivered a brief speech highlighting Jeeto.Online’s objective and vision. He commended the winners for their remarkable achievements. Then he encouraged them to continue participating in future events.

Jamil Mahmud then invited each winner to the stage individually, where they were presented with their respective prizes by representatives from Riseup Labs. The individuals who handed over the awards were KH. Md. Hamim Zakaria, Md. Moshiur Rahman, Md. Rafiquzzaman, Enamul Hoque Ratul, Md. Mizanur Rahman, S. M. Sazedul Haque, and Rakib Hasan Dipu.

The entire Jeeto.Online development and design team was also present at the event, showcasing their support for the winners and the platform’s community.

The winners shared their experiences playing on the gaming platform and their favorite aspects. In addition, they provided suggestions for future improvements of Jeeto.Online Gaming Platform also.

Conclusion of The Prize- giving Ceremony

To conclude the delightful evening, guests and winners were treated to a delectable spread of snacks, creating a pleasant ambiance for socializing and networking. Finally, the prize-giving Ceremony ended. The winners left with cherished memories and a sense of accomplishment.

Jeeto.Online continues to thrive as a prominent gaming platform, bringing joy and excitement to its users through engaging events and rewarding experiences. With its commitment to innovation and user satisfaction, Jeeto.Online aims to elevate the gaming landscape in the future.

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