Here comes a new update of the Game Plan! Now the player can enjoy Cricket Tournament mode along with the matches on this platform. Game Developers of Riseup Labs developed this new feature for this skill-testing platform in Bangladesh.

On Wednesday, 29th March of 2023 Developer team of Game Plan added this new feature to the platform.

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Game Plan is a unique gaming platform for sports lovers. Those who love to play Cricket or Football can form a team of their own here. We have received a lot of responses from the Game Plan users. They wanted to play tournament along with the matches. So, we added the Cricket Tournament mode feature in Game Plan. So, now Cricket lovers can enjoy tournaments also.

Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs

What is Game Plan?

“Game Plan” is a skill-testing platform in Bangladesh. Sports lovers can form a team and win a match by playing on this platform. They can use their sports knowledge on a deeper level.

Players of the Game Plan can create their team with real-life players who will play in the upcoming matches. They can score points based on their on-field performances and compete with other fans to win exciting rewards.

Latest Updates of the Game Plan

Team Riseup Labs has added an update to the Game Plan. The developer team has added a Cricket tournament feature to the gaming platform. Now the players can play in the tournament event also.

The Game Plan app had two modes. One was Cricket, and the other was Football. Players had the option to play a single match of Cricket and Football. But after the update of the Game Plan, They are able to play an entire tournament.

– Product Manager, Game Plan Development Team

Benefits of Playing Game Plan

There are many benefits of playing Game Plan. Some gaming platform only entertains the player. But as a skill-based platform, Game Plan benefits the player by increasing their knowledge of the game and many more. Take a look, what are the benefits of playing Game Plan:

  • Prediction Skills by Making Use of the Game Analytics 
  • Experiencing On-field Matches
  • Simple User Interface (UI)
  • Real Feel of Matches
  • Enjoying Matches
  • Entertainment

Features of the Game Plan

As a sports-based gaming platform, Riseup Labs included features in Game Plan that are fit for sports. This app has multiple features to easily play Cricket and Football matches or Tournaments. The features of the Game Plan are:

  • Easy Signup and Login
  • Multiple Teams’ Option
  • Team Creation
  • Upcoming, Live, and Completed Contests
  • View Player Performance
  • Daily Free Contests and Earn Rewards.
  • Lots of Paid Contests!
  • Gaming Experience in Two Different Languages
  • Win Cash Prizes and Rewards!

How to Play Game Plan?

The Game Plan app lets you choose any upcoming cricket or football matches. After that, create your team by using your sports knowledge. You can join any free or paid contest and win rewards from this platform. Here is an instruction on how to play Game Plan:

  • Select Gameplay mode (cricket/football)
  • Select a Match (Tournaments, Series, League, etc.)
  • Select Contests
  • Team Finalization (Name the team and select the captain and VC)
  • Follow the Match (Track the actual match and get updates)
  • Withdraw Rewards (Withdraw winning prize from the game account)
Select a Match Game Plan
Create a Team Game Plan
Join a Contest Game Plan
Submit Your Team Game Plan
Collect your Reward Game Plan
See your Position Game Plan

Technologies used in the Game

Riseup Labs is a next-generation global IT service and technology solutions provider company. It has been using top-level technologies while developing its projects. Game Plan was also a project for team Riseup Labs. They used the following technologies in the Game Plan:

  • Mobile: Flutter
  • Front-end: jQuery
  • Back-end: Laravel
  • Database: MySQL, Apache
  • Integrations: Firebase, PortWallet

Story Behind The Game Plan

At the beginning of 2020, Robi Axiata Limited collaborated with Riseup Labs to develop Game Plan. It was planned to test the skill of sports lovers. Game Plan gaming platform is an easy medium for players to play their game behind the scenes.

The developer team of Riseup Labs developed the platform from 23rd February 2020 to 22nd June 2020. After the development of the Game Plan Quality Assurance team made sure of the quality of this gaming platform. Then Robi Axiata Limited released the game on 13th June 2021 on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Skill-based Gaming Platforms Development Supported by Riseup Labs

Many skill-based gaming platforms were developed and supported by Riseup Labs. Recently they gave development support to a gaming platform named ‘Jeeto.Online‘. It has multiple free games and events where a player can increase his gaming skill.

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