Riseup Labs is collaborating with the World Health Organization (WHO), and Community based Health Care (CBHC) to develop an eLearning Digital Platform project named CHCP e-Learning Platform.

A contract was signed between Riseup Labs and WHO on September 18, 2022, to build the eLearning Digital Platform and Material for Community Clinic.

A Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and Md. Moshiur Rahman, Operations Manager of Riseup Labs, signed the CHCP e-Learning Platform project contract.

RUL will develop the eLearning Platform and update the platform with appropriate content or training modules. Users can get online training with digital content through the platform.

The project aims to create an eLearning platform for all three types of devices, including laptops, mobile and tablets running iOS and Android operating systems. Riseup Labs will populate the platform with appropriate content, also.

Riseup Labs’ Founder & CEO Mr. Ershadul Hoque said,

advantage of online training platforms like the CHCP e-Learning Platform project is employee skills development. Onboarding, role-based, compliance, and soft skill training can all be provided to trainees in one location. The abilities they gain enhance their performance in their present positions and qualify them to take on greater responsibility in the future.

Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs

Key Objectives of the CHCP e-Learning Platform

The CHCP e-Learning Platform training platform will provide the necessary technology to develop talent. The following objectives will be achieved through Riseup Labs’ technical assistance:

eLearning Digital Platform and Material for Community Clinic press release
Riseup Labs will work on these objectives to develop the eLearning Platform
  • Riseup Labs will develop an appropriate and convenient (user-friendly) eLearning platform that can be used to provide training to community health workers, paramedical staff, and other human resources engaged with community clinics.
  • Digitalized content will be developed by Riseup Labs for the project CHCP e-Learning Platform with continuous consultation with WHO and CBHC officials.
  • Riseup Labs will deploy the project with testing and piloting at an appropriate number of sites.

About Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs is a leading ICT company in Bangladesh and a pioneer in developing mobile apps, games, and web systems with a focus on interactive entertainment experiences across many platforms.

As creating the most imaginative, cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, and sustainable digital products, we hope to become one of the top producers, publishers, and distributors of interactive entertainment and information services worldwide.

Riseup Labs offers specialized IT training, workshops, and seminars across the nation. Our high-level professionals are also involved in the capacity development and enhancement of the younger generation.

About World Health Organization (WHO)

World Health Organization (WHO) is a dedicated agency for the worldwide public health of the United Nations. According to its constitution, the main goal of the WHO is the best standard of health for all people.

It was established as the World Health Organization on April 7, 1948. It has contributed significantly to several advancements in public health, including the abolition of smallpox, the almost complete abolition of polio, and the creation of an Ebola vaccine. A balanced diet, proper nutrition, food security, occupational health, substance misuse, and communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS, Ebola, COVID-19, malaria, and typhoid, are currently its top priority. Non – communicable diseases like heart disease and cancer are also on the list.

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