Riseup Labs celebrated the Bengali New Year, Pohela Baishakh, with great zeal and enthusiasm. The tech geeks were overjoyed with the celebration in the office.

The entire office was decorated with traditional Bengali motifs, adding to the festive ambiance. Team Riseup Labs played with Kites, Dugdugi (a South Asian musical instrument), Ektara (a one-stringed musical instrument), Car Toys, and other Bengali instruments.

Employees dressed in traditional attire. Female employees wore Sarees, and males wore Panjabis to mark the occasion. All Product Managers, Software Developers, Web Developers Software Engineers, Software Quality Assurance Engineers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Product Designers, and others wore attires traditionally.

Pahela Baishakh Celebration at Riseup Labs Offices

The event was held on Thursday, 13th April 2023, at the Riseup Labs office in Dhaka and was attended by all the employees. Riseup Labs celebrated the Pohela Baishakh with their team members on that day because the 14th of April was a holiday.

The Human Resource Department of Riseup Labs arranged the program to celebrate with the employees. Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs, sent wishes to each employee and gifted them with Baishakhi Bonus.

What is Pohela Boishakh?

Bengali New Year, which is known as the Pohela Boishakh, is the Bengali community’s traditional New Year’s Day. It is celebrated on April 14 every year in Bangladesh and West Bengal, Assam, and Tripura in India.

The celebration of Bengali New Year started in the Mughal era when Emperor Akbar introduced the Bengali calendar to collect revenue from the people. Since then, the day has become a significant cultural and social event in the Bengali community.

The celebration begins with a traditional Baishakhi breakfast, which includes Pitha (rice cakes), Chira (flattened rice), and other Bengali delicacies. Afterward, Bengali people eat Panta Bhatat (a traditional dish from leftover rice soaked in water) and Hilsha Fish fry.

On this day, people wear new clothes, visit friends and family, and indulge in traditional Bengali food and sweets. Processions, cultural programs, and fairs are organized throughout the day. The day marks the beginning of a new financial year, and businessmen and traders start their accounting afresh.

Bengali New Year is a symbol of unity and cultural heritage for Bengalis worldwide, celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy.

Celebration of the Pohela Baishakh at Riseup Labs

The company organized a cultural program that featured recitation of poetry, songs, and traditional dances. The employees showcased their talents, and the program was a grand success.

Pohela Baishakh is a special occasion for all Bengalis, and we wanted to celebrate it traditionally, bringing our employees together in a fun and festive atmosphere. We are proud of our cultural heritage, and events like these help us stay connected with our roots.

Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Lab

Baishakhi Gift from CEO

Another joy on this day was the Baishakhi gift from Mr. Ershadul Hoque, the CEO of Riseup Labs. He sent Baishakhi Festival Bonus to each employee. After receiving the present, they were thrilled by the sudden surprise from the CEO.

The Pohela Baishakh celebration was a testament to Riseup Labs’ commitment to its employees’ well-being and to promoting Bangladesh’s cultural heritage. This event was a grand success, and the employees enjoyed the festivities to the fullest. Riseup Labs’ management also thanked everyone who contributed to making the event a success and promised to continue organizing such events in the future.

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