U-Report is an open-source communication platform. Over 14 million young people are engaged in U-Report as U-Reporters across 76 nations. U-Report is the first globally supported application on RapidPro. This app allows citizens to speak out on what is happening in their communities.


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U-Report is a space for teenagers to add their voices to surveys on topics that affect and interest them. It can be about their experiences, their needs, or their perceptions of humanitarian organizations and governments.

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Summary of U-Report

❏ Publisher Name:UNICEF Bangladesh
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Application Type:Mobile App
❏ Published On:Google Play Store and iOS App Store
❏ Platform Type:Android, Windows and Mac browser
❏ Client Name::UNICEF
❏ Release Date:12 July 2022
❏ Product Working Type
❏ Device Type
:Mobile, PC and Tab
❏ OS Type:Android, Windows and Mac
❏ Product Type
❏ Category
:Mobile App
❏ Initial Development Period 
:13 July 2021 to 12 July 2022
❏ Service Type
:Mobile App Development
❏ App Development Experience
:10 years + (More than a decade)
❏ Total Published Apps
:200+ Apps
❏ Total Apps Downloads
:55 million + (55000000+)
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❏ Track Record (Portfolio):Beyond the Limits of visualization →

What is U-Report?

What is U-Report app

U-Report is a platform designed for youth and other community members. They can support strengthening community-led development and citizen engagement by using this platform. It helps citizens to speak out via SMS and other digital channels – through polls and unsolicited messages – on what is happening in their communities.

U-Report also provides a forum to amplify their voices through local and national media. It sends alerts to key stakeholders about the issues that their communities are facing. The U-Report app provides useful information to the U-Reporters, empowering them to work for change and improve their localities.

U-Report is currently running in over 76 countries, with over 14 million young people participating as U-Reporters worldwide.

Benefits of using U-Report

U-Report app benefits

Catch a glimpse of the benefits of using the U-Report. Riseup Labs has developed the app as a youth engagement platform. It was designed for youth and other community members. So the U-Reporters can now enjoy the benefits of developing the app. The benefits of the U-Reports are:

  • Real-time responses to polls, questions, and surveys from any geographical location
  • People can express opinions freely, which grows the community automatically
  • Mapping of responses based on age, gender, country, and much more
  • Internet connection is not mandatory for taking feedback
  • Feedback collection without any internet connection
  • The Polling mechanism is simple and secured
  • 100 percent security of features and data
  • The size of the application is only 11MB
  • Zero registration cost for U-Reporters
  • Transparency of data for every user
  • Support for multiple countries
  • Easy to use

Problems faced by UNICEF

UNICEF already has a website for U-Report. But a mobile app can make it easier to use than a website. So they felt the necessity to develop a mobile app with the necessary functions of U-Report. However, UNICEF faced some problems while trying to develop the app.

So they decide to give the assignment to Riseup Labs to develop this U-Report. As the top mobile app development company, Riseup Labs has already developed some similar U-Report apps for UNICEF, which youth have used worldwide.

These are the U-Report apps that Riseup Labs developed for UNICEF:

  • U-Report Uniendo Voces for Venezuelan youth in Brazil, Bolivia, and Ecuador.
  • U-Report App for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Those apps received positive feedback from the community and have already fulfilled the objective of UNICEF.

That's why UNICEF assigned the following tasks to Riseup Labs for the U-Report app development:

  • Develop the functionality of the U-Report mobile app
  • Providing maintenance of the installed application
  • Designing the complete UI (User Interface)
  • A modern framework for the app
  • A mobile app for U-Report

Challenges faced by Riseup Labs' Developers

Challenges of U-Report app

The main Challenge of the U-Report app was Offline Data Submission to RapidPro. The details of the Challenge are here:


Offline Data Submission

Offline data submission to RapidPro Workspace was a challenge for the development of U-Report App.

Solutions Provided by Riseup Labs

Solutions of U-Report app

The developer team of the U-Report App properly analyzed the method to solve the problems. They used a local Database to run the survey in offline mode. This way the survey data that was submitted offline will be available when the app comes online.


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Features of the U-Report App

Features of U-Report app

The features are the foundation of a standard mobile app. An excellent app allows users to easily identify useful features and receive the desired results with the minimum number of actions.
Riseup Labs has developed the U-Report with those standard and useful features. So, let's dive into the features of U-Report. It will help you to know about the user experience of this app. The features of U-Report are:

  • All UN languages, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish, are supported
  • Send and receive the image, video, and audio message attachments
  • Each U-Report account is linked to a separate RapidPro Workspace
  • U-Reporter will get points for responding to polls and sharing stories
  • Has the ability to share message content with other apps
  • Users can switch between the U-Reports program
  • A customized color palette, logo, text language
  • Users can retain or delete the chat history
  • Shares a story or video link
  • Polls and messages
  • Identical Structure
  • Push notification
  • Profile creation
  • Chatbox
  • Emoji

Services of The U-Report App

Riseup Labs developed the services of U-Report. It's an open-source communication platform. So, it has some special services that are developed for U-Reporters. The following services are services of U-Report:

U-Reporters can ask more detailed questions of experts and partners in the discussion.

On a dashboard, incoming communications are evaluated, sorted, and displayed.

Results are announced on the country's U-Report website to U-Reporters and the general public.

U-Reporters get surveys on significant social problems regularly.

After answering a simple set of questions to create their profile in the system, anyone can simply text the word "JOIN" to a toll-free number or a digital channel to become U-Reporters.

Each week's poll generates comments and more information for U-Reporters.

After-sales Service for Client

Maintaining a mobile app is necessary. Because it allows the app to improve and provides the best ways to optimize. Moreover, the mobile app should have more user-friendly features, so the developer company should give after-service to you.
But Riseup Labs always provides after-service to its clients. This professional mobile app development company provides end-to-end app development services along with appropriate maintenance and upgradation of the app with time. Riseup Labs is giving the following services as after-service for the U-Report of UNICEF:

  • Adjustments based on users’ feedback for 5 years from the release date
  • Maintenance
  • Bug fixing

However, Riseup Labs will continue to help the Client as required.

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Impact on Users

U-Report is one of the flagship digital platforms of UNICEF. It engages young people and amplifies their voices. U-Report Mobile App is allowing the youth to connect to millions of young people who are already raising their voices through interactive conversations with U-Report.

adolescents, youth, and communities are using it as a messaging program. The U-Report app is a key tool to share information, raising awareness, and collecting quantifiable data on specific areas that impact children, including the most vulnerable.

The authorities are also using it to inform policy and program priorities, support emergency response and enhance advocacy actions on issues that are important for young people.

Which Industries will be Benefited?

Which industries will benefit in case a U-Reporter use U-Report?

Today's political, economic and social challenges making it increasingly difficult to implement structural reforms. But policy-making needs to go beyond normative statements about children's and young people's futures and engage them directly on the issues and services that directly affect them. With the emergence of new infectious diseases, healthcare partners, in particular, must work together across sectors to effectively use and apply healthcare data to save and improve lives. We also know that incorporating the voices of those affected is critical to an effective and proactive response. So U-Report will benefit the following industries:

Education Icon
Medical Icon
Non-Profit Icon
Telco Icon
Technology Used
Java Icon Java

Why Should You Use U-Report?

U-Report empowers and connects young people worldwide to engage with and speak out on issues that matter to them. Here is some more information on U-report if you want to know why you should use U-Report:

  • It is simple to use, free, and anonymous
  • Over 11 million people benefit from U-Report in 68 countries
  • U-Reporters answer polls, report problems, and advocate for children's rights
  • Communities and officials that make decisions affecting young people are given access to information and opinions
  • UNICEF supports country U-Reports with local partners like local authorities, non-governmental organizations, and youth groups
  • Numerous messaging, social networking, SMS services, and a basic mobile phone support U-Report
  • The U-Report works by gathering information and opinions from young people on issues that concern them, such as employment, discrimination, and child marriage.


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On December 11, 1946, the United Nations Relief Rehabilitation Administration established UNICEF in New York. The operations of UNICEF include giving vaccines and disease prevention, treating women and children who have HIV, strengthening maternal and childhood nutrition, enhancing sanitation, promoting education, and offering emergency aid in the case of disasters.

U-Report FAQs

Frequently asked questions about U-Report. We have noticed that most of our buyers seeking professional mobile app development solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. It will help you to get an instant answer. Contact us for more information.

Who is the developer of the U-Report app?

Riseup Labs is the developer of the U-Report app. They developed the U-Report app for UNICEF headquarters.

UNICEF published the U-Report app for the youth to speak out on what is happening in their communities. So that the decision-makers in their area can take appropriate action.

You can download the U-Report app from the Google Play and iOS app stores. But you can also download it from this portfolio if you want. Just go top and find the icon of the Google Play and iOS app store icon. You can easily download the U-Report app from there.

It's very simple to use the U-Report app. First, download the app, and install it on your device. Open and register into the app. You will find a guideline for using the U-Report app. Follow it, and you will learn how easy it is to use the app.