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Riseup Labs is developing the U-Report Bangla Version app for UNICEF. The youth of Bangladesh will be able to use it to raise their voice, express opinions and make reports if they face any abuse and exploitation.

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In this portfolio, we will delve into the U-Report Bangla Version, exploring its key features, benefits, and the transformative impact it can have on users. So, let's explore this page. We always help you save time and get your desired information instantly!

Summary of
U-Report Bangla Version

❏ Publisher Name:UNICEF Bangladesh
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Application Type:Mobile App
❏ Platform Type:Mobile
❏ Client Name::UNICEF Bangladesh
❏ Release Date:Coming Soon
❏ Product Working Type:Ongoing
❏ Device Type:Mobile
❏ OS Type: iOS and Android
❏ Product Type:Communication
❏ Category:Software and Mobile App
❏ Initial Development Period:August 7, 2022 - January 23, 2023
❏ Service Type:Software and Mobile App Development
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What is U-Report Bangla Version?

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The U-Report Bangla Version is an app for Bangladeshi Youth. This app is used by youth worldwide. It has several versions for different countries. Even Rohingya refugee adolescents in Bangladesh use the U-Report App, which was developed by Riseup Labs.

They also developed the U-Report Uniendo Voces for Venezuelan youth who have migrated to Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador. Besides that, Riseup Labs also developed U-Report for youth worldwide.

Like those U-Report apps, Riseup Labs has been assigned to develop the U-Report Bangla Version now.

But you may be wondering, what is the U-Report Bangla Version? Teenagers and young people in the community sometimes struggle to express their ideas. They don’t have access to public forums where they can express themselves openly. People who are underprivileged are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. UNICEF is developing the U-Report Bangla Version app for these youth. So that they can express their opinion freely.

Benefits of
U-Report Bangla Version

Benefits of U-Report Bangla Version app

U-Report Bangla Version is a youth engagement platform. It was designed for youth and other community members to speak their voices freely. So the U-Reporters will get many benefits while using the app. The benefits of the U-Report Bangla Version are:

Support for multiple countries

Real-time responses to polls, questions, and surveys from any geographical location.

Multilingual support for English and Bangla languages.

Mapping of responses based on age, gender, country, and much more.

People can express opinions freely, which grows the community automatically.

Transparency of data for every user.

Easy to use the app.

Zero registration cost for U-Reporters.

Feedback collection without any internet connection.

It works offline also. An Internet connection is not mandatory for taking feedback.

The polling mechanism is simple and secured.

100 percent security of features and data.

The size of the application is only 11MB.

Problems faced by
UNICEF Bangladesh

UNICEF was thinking of developing a U-Report for Bangladeshi youth to express their ideas in Bangla along with the English language. But they were facing some problems in developing the U-Report Bangla Version. They needed the best app development team to develop the platform to implement all of their requirements. So the representative of UNICEF Bangladesh contacted Riseup Labs to develop the app as they had already developed several web and mobile apps for UNICEF before. The tasks for developing the app were the following:

  • Poll features to express ideas and thoughts
  • Offline and online versions with the same features
  • Multilingual support for the users: Bengali and English
  • A seamless, flexible and robust updating mechanism for the app
  • Using HCD (Human-centered design) methodologies and other techniques
  • A digital platform for adolescents to learn the challenges and problems of daily life
  • Smoothly usable on all android devices with Android 4.4, higher OS, and 1GB RAM
  • Making it an Open-Source platform for long-term usable and upgradable products of UNICEF.

Challenges faced by
Riseup Labs' Developers

The main Challenge of the U-Report Bangla Version app was Offline Data Submission to RapidPro. Offline data submission to RapidPro Workspace was a challenge for the development of the U-Report Bangla Version App.

Solutions Provided by Riseup Labs

The developer team of the U-Report BanglaVersion app properly analyzed the method to solve the problems. They used local DB to run the survey in offline mode and submitted survey data when the app came online.


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Features of
U-report Bangla Version

Features of U-Report Bangla Version app

U-report Bangla Version is an avenue created to bridge the adolescent and community of Bangladesh. This application will give them the opportunity to share their opinion. So, UNICEF Bangladesh wanted to add the following features to the app:

  • Points for responding to polls and sharing stories
  • Image, Video, and Audio message attachments
  • Customized color palette, logo, text language
  • Multilingual support: Bengali and English
  • Switch between the U-Reports program
  • Share message content with other apps
  • Retain or delete chat history
  • Offline and online versions
  • Polls and messages
  • Identical Structure
  • Push notification
  • Profile creation
  • Speech to text
  • Text to speech
  • Poll features
  • Video post
  • Chatbox
  • Emoji

Services of
U-Report Bangla Version

Services of U-Report Bangla Version app

Riseup Labs is developing the U-Report Bangla Version. It's an open-source communication platform. It has some special services that will be provided for U-Reporters. The services of U-Report Bangla Version are the following:

  • Survey
  • Results
  • Poll

After-Sales Service for Client

Maintaining a mobile app is necessary. Because it allows the app to improve and provides the best ways to optimize. Moreover, the mobile app should have more user-friendly features, so the developer company should give after sales-service to you.

But Riseup Labs always provides after-sales service to its clients. This professional mobile app development company provides end-to-end app development services along with appropriate maintenance and upgradation of the app with time. Riseup Labs is giving the following services as after-sales services for the Bangla version of the U-Report of UNICEF:

  • Bug fixing
  • Maintenance
  • Adjustments based on users’ feedback

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Impact on Users

Impacts of U-Report Bangla Version app

U-Report Bangla Version isn’t just an app for the adolescents, youth, and community people of Bangladesh. It has a lot of impact on them. They are often not able to express their opinions and do not have any access to any platforms to speak their voices freely. They are used to hiding their feelings, limiting their healing.

Marginalized people are at particular risk of abuse and exploitation due lack of proper access to services & proper lifesaving information. Some access to available opportunities in the community often leads to idleness and makes them vulnerable to engaging in violence or anti-social activities.

But as the U-Report launched in Bangladesh they have been able to share their expressions. Raise awareness on social issues. Some of the impacts of the Bangla version of U-report on users are the following:

  • A safe space to express themselves
  • Peacebuilding within the Community
  • Empowerment of Community
  • Share social issues

Which Industries will Benefit?

Some industries will be benefited from using this U-Report Bangla Version app. Because today's political, economic, and social challenges make it increasingly difficult to implement structural reforms.

But policy-making needs to go beyond normative statements about children's and young people's futures and engage them directly on the issues and services that directly affect them. With the emergence of new infectious diseases, healthcare partners, in particular, must work together across sectors to effectively use and apply healthcare data to save and improve lives. So the following industries will be benefited from the Bangla version of U-Report:

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Medical Icon
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Non-profit Organization
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Expert's View

Expert's view

Riseup Labs has already developed three U-report apps for UNICEF. The language of those apps was English. They also supported Espanol, French, Italian, Arabic, and Portuguese. But this version has the Bangla language along with English. So, the Bangla support in this app is a very special feature for Bangladeshi users.

We have faced many challenges during the development of the U-Report Bangla version app. But solved them very quickly. We are proud to be the developer of this app.

- Product Manager, U-Report Bangla Version Team, Riseup Labs

Technology Used
Java Icon Java

Why should You
Use U-Report Bangla Version?

U-Report Bangla Version empowers and connects young people worldwide to engage with and speak out on issues that matter to them. Here is some more information on U-report if you want to know why you should use U-Report:

  • It gathers information and opinions from young people on employment, discrimination, and child marriage issues
  • UNICEF supports U-Report Bangla Version with local authorities, Decision maker communities, and officials
  • You can report problems, and advocate for children's rights
  • Numerous messaging, social networking, and SMS services
  • Non-governmental organizations, and youth groups
  • It is simple to use, free, and anonymous

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