U-Report Bangla Version

Riseup Labs is developing the U-Report App Bangla Version for UNICEF. The youth of Bangladesh will be able to use it to raise their voice, express opinions and make reports if they face any abuse and exploitation.

What is U-Report Bangla Version?

The U-Report Bangla Version is an app for Bangladeshi Youth. This app is used by youth worldwide. It has several versions for different countries. Even Rohingya refugee adolescents in Bangladesh use the U-Report App, which was developed by Riseup Labs.

They also developed the U-Report Uniendo Voces for Venezuelan youth who have migrated to Brazil, Bolivia and Ecuador. Besides that, Riseup Labs also developed U-Report for youth worldwide.

Like those U-Report apps, Riseup Labs has been assigned to develop the U-Report Bangla Version now.

But you may be wondering, what is the U-Report Bangla Version? Teenagers and young people in the community sometimes struggle to express their ideas. They don’t have access to public forums where they can express themselves openly. People who are underprivileged are more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. UNICEF is developing the U-Report Bangla Version app for these youth. So that they can express their opinion freely.

Problems faced by UNICEF

UNICEF was thinking of developing a U-Report for Bangladeshi youth to express their ideas in Bangla along with the English language. But they were facing some problems in developing the U-Report Bangla Version. They needed the best app development team to develop the platform to implement all of their requirements. So the representative of UNICEF Bangladesh contacted Riseup Labs to develop the app as they had already developed several web and mobile apps for UNICEF before. The tasks for developing the app were the following:

  • Poll features to express ideas and thoughts
  • Offline and online versions with the same features
  • Multilingual support for the users: Bengali and English
  • A seamless, flexible and robust updating mechanism for the app
  • Using HCD (Human-centered design) methodologies and other techniques
  • A digital platform for adolescents to learn the challenges and problems of daily life
  • Smoothly usable on all android devices with Android 4.4, higher OS, and 1GB RAM
  • Making it an Open-Source platform for long-term usable and upgradable products of UNICEF.

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