Team Riseup Labs commemorated the 53rd Independence Day of Bangladesh with great enthusiasm and zeal in a vibrant celebration of the spirit of freedom and patriotism. 

The event was held at the company’s headquarters and multiple branch offices on 26th March 2023. Riseup Labs’ Human Resource Department arranged the celebration in the offices.

Independence Day Celebration at Riseup Labs Offices

All Riseup Labs offices were decorated with Bangladesh Independence Day motifs. The tech geeks made Bangladesh’s national flag, National Martyrs’ Monument, and different kinds of props with paper.

They also dressed in traditional attire to mark the occasion. In addition, Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs, and All Product Managers, Software Developers, Web Developers, Software Engineers, Software Quality Assurance Engineers, Artists, Graphic Designers, Product Designers, and others joined the celebration.

What is Bangladesh’s Independence Day?

Bangladesh’s Independence Day, or Shadhinota Dibosh in Bengali, is celebrated on March 26th in Bangladesh. This day marks the declaration of independence from Pakistan, which occurred in the early hours of March 25th, 1971.

The day is marked by various public and private events such as parades, political speeches, fairs, concerts, and ceremonies that celebrate the history and traditions of Bangladesh. In addition, patriotic songs and special programs are broadcasted on TV and radio stations, and the main streets are adorned with national flags.

A gun salute is performed in the morning. In addition, different political parties and socioeconomic organizations arrange events to commemorate the day, including paying respects at the National Martyrs’ Memorial in Savar, near Dhaka.

Celebration of Independence Day at Riseup Labs

The celebration of Independence Day started with the HR team’s hoisting of the Bangladeshi National Flag. Then they sang the national anthem by the employees. The event featured a series of cultural performances, including music, dance, and poetry, highlighting the diverse cultural heritage of Bangladesh.

The Independence Day celebration at Riseup Labs Office was a reminder of the shared values of freedom, democracy, and equality that bind people together, regardless of their race, religion, or nationality. It was also a fitting tribute to the sacrifice and courage of the freedom fighters who fought tirelessly for Bangladesh’s independence. Finally, the celebration provided an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to upholding these values in the future.

Mr. Ershadul Hoque, Founder & CEO of Riseup Labs

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