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Windows Phone App Development

Explore Windows Phone App Development


Develop Windows Phone App for all Windows Phone Devices

Windows Phones are getting recognition among the users and hardware manufacturers. So, due to mature functionality, Windows has become a chosen mobile operating system for most smartphone users. So, Windows Phone App Development is also in demand. Microsoft offers a simple, secure, and easy-to-use OS that can be used on some of the most common devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc. Windows phones serve to have a small but passionate user base, and tablet usage is continually rising. Also, interesting things tend to happen with every new version of Windows! As a result, mobile app development for this platform offers fantastic opportunities and allows businesses to cater to a group of intelligent, unique, and dedicated users.

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Windows Phone App Development Service Summary of Riseup Labs


Riseup Labs develop windows phone app that helps businesses for more extended operational productivity and engagement. Hire certified windows phone app developers from Riseup Labs who are experts for delivering perfection in windows phone application development services.


❏ Service Name:Windows Phone App Development
❏ Service Type:Mobile Application Development
❏ Platform Type:Microsoft Store
❏ Device Type:Windows Mobile, Windows Tablet
❏ OS Type:Windows Phone
❏ Service Provider Company:Riseup Labs
❏ App Development Experience:10 years+ (More than a decade)
❏ Total Published Apps:200+ Apps
❏ Total Download Apps:55 million+ (55000000+)
❏ Experience you can trust:Meet The Core Team →
❏ Track Record (Portfolio):Beyond the Limits of visualization →

Why Choose Riseup Labs?


Riseup Labs has an extraordinary team of talented, experienced developers dedicated to windows phone app development and windows mobile development. We have a history of creating magnificent apps on many different platforms. Riseup Labs offer innovative, fluid design, efficient, cost-effective, and standardized processes, and a user-focused approach to Microsoft mobile application development. Our goal is simple: create unique user experiences and provide the best quality services.

  • We have expertise based on recent and next-generation technologies
  • We always focus on the present and future demands of clients
  • Apps with proper API support
  • Seamless communication with clients
  • Swift data synchronization services
  • Offer flawless data connectivity apps
  • Offer task management increasing apps
  • Quality Assurance (QA) team for accurate testing of Apps
  • A self-managed and top-performing team
  • We provide the best results out of the latest technologies
Windows Phone App Development at Riseup Labs

Other Services, Products and Offers of Riseup Labs


Windows Phone Application Development


Windows Phone Application Development or Windows Phone App Development or Windows Mobile App Development is the process of developing smartphone application software for Microsoft Windows mobile operating system supported devices. Such as Microsoft Lumia, Surface Pro, Nokia, etc. You can download Windows apps for your Windows mobile, tablet, or computer from Microsoft Store.

WP or Windows Phone is a mobile operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft for smartphones. Developing mobile apps with the broadest reach demands targeting the right platforms. Windows Phone mobile platform, rapidly growing in popularity, market share, and feature support. Businesses or companies or organizations looking for new markets, exciting opportunities, and the capacity to support all the popular platforms do well to start developing Windows Phone apps.

We are providing windows phone app development services to fulfill your business demand. If you want to make a windows mobile application, begin with Riseup Labs. It is trusted by businesses worldwide as an innovative, engaging, and skilled Windows Phone application development company in Bangladesh. We are recognized for providing secure and results-driven Windows Phone Apps Development solutions.


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Work Process

At Riseup Labs, we follow a precise Software Development model to achieve inconceivable success in the project. Our workflow to build solutions begins with detailed research and analysis of your idea to create Intuitive UI/UX. After this, the expert team will build a robust and scalable solution that will go through various QA tests to deploy a quality-driven product to you.

Work Process of Riseup Labs Services


See How We Work

Windows Phone App Development Stages


Riseup Labs recommend Windows mobile app development services often depends on the target audience and expected use of the product. Here we typically discover this information throughout our consulting and strategy-creation phase. So, while we flesh out your idea for the application, we consider who will be the most benefited by this application.

Sometimes, we notice that the people who would most like your application are the dedicated user base of Microsoft. Therefore, application development takes place after the wire-framing and architecture stages.

Next, our innovative developers will create the most fluid design and user-friendly UI possible, creating something graphically beautiful that still feels “common” to use. At the same time, we take the time to focus on the grand design. Also, we have many different processes to ensure that this creation stage is cost-effective for our buyers.

Finally, your windows phone application will be thoroughly tested on many different types of windows mobile devices. Our quality assurance processes are highly efficient, using many different methodologies for finding and weeding out possible issues. After a successful launch, our team can help to continue to maintain the app; upgrade services are available.


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Microsoft’s Windows Phone app development is our passion


Riseup Labs is an innovative Windows application development company. We like to customize unique application solutions for our buyers. So we can create something that will dazzle your end-users. Windows phone app development is our passion. We want to deliver something you are excited about to your buyers, customers, and employees in the form of a fantastic Windows application. Contact us to know more about our windows mobile application development services.


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Benefits of Windows Mobile App Development for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

In modern days, mobile applications are an inseparable part of any business, without any doubt. Moreover, it offers many marketing advantages for small, medium, and large companies. So, investing in windows mobile application development seems to be necessary for business growth.


  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Enhancing customer loyalty
  • Improve Accessibility
  • Provide Value to Customers
  • Converting the Retail Experience
  • Improving Brand Awareness and Brand Image
  • Increasing employees' productivity
  • Stand out from the crowd of Competitors Competition
  • Nurture Customer Loyalty
  • Unique Services
  • Payment Solution, etc.
Benefits of Android App Development for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

Benefits of Windows App Development with Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs is a world-recognized brand for Windows Phone Application Development and trusted by globally renowned businesses. According to the client's feedback, they have A to Z knowledge and experience in Windows Mobile App Development. So, you can get the highest level of support from them on every type of Windows Mobile App Development.



  • On-time delivery
  • Support available for (24/7/365) 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year
  • Freedom to apply all of your ideas together
  • Customize the App according to your wish
  • Limitless Modification to meet the requirement of your business market
  • Get expert help to fulfill your business standard needs
  • You can trust because World Recognized Organizations trust Riseup Labs
  • Proven track record of getting a transparent and detailed overview of Riseup Labs
  • Scope to build a long-term, even a lifetime relationship with a multi-tasking company
  • One place to fulfill your other Information Technology (IT) related services needs, etc.
Benefits of Android App Development with Riseup Labs

Windows Phone Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs offers bespoke windows App development services. We have a team of cleverest, most competent, and dedicated windows application developers who love to mix hot and commendable windows mobile operating systems with the most advanced technologies. Here utilize the higher processing capacity and graphical enthusiasm of the Windows Phone platform for high-end custom windows mobile app development. Our Windows developer team focuses on building windows mobile apps that will make user experience and interaction informative, relevant, and supportive.


We cover all stages of windows phone application development and offer our clients both stand-alone services and parts of our full-cycle windows mobile app development.


  • Windows Mobile App Consultation
  • Windows Mobile App Design
  • Windows Mobile App Development
  • Windows Mobile App Backend Development
  • Windows Mobile App Deployment
  • Windows Mobile App QA/Testing
  • Windows Mobile App Migration
  • Windows Mobile App Integration
  • Windows Mobile App Optimization
  • Windows Mobile App Maintenance
  • Windows Mobile App Support
  • Windows Mobile App Evolution
  • Windows Tablet App Development
  • Native Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce Mobile App Development
  • Custom Business Mobile App Development
  • Industry Specific Mobile App Development
  • Blockchain Mobile App Development
  • IoT Mobile App Development
  • FinTech Mobile App Development
  • Augmented Reality Mobile App Development
  • Enterprise Mobile App Development
  • Custom Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Banking App Development
  • Financial Mobile App Development
  • Consumer Mobile App Development
  • Wearable App Development
Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Consultation


At Riseup Labs, we believe that only those who gained practical success have the right to advise. We know that professional mobile app consultants must carry a wealth of hands-on experience in business and industry specifics to provide competent assistance. Standing by our word, we tap in more than a decade of industry-rich expertise in windows mobile application development to guide and aid businesses in their mobile initiatives. Our windows mobile app consulting includes device compatibility research, MVP (minimum viable product) and POC (proof of concept) development, features and usability improvement of current mobility solutions, and implementation of new app concepts from scratch.


Do You Want Expert Advice to Drive Your Windows Mobile Project?


Reach out to Riseup Labs’s consultants and receive professional assistance with any aspect of windows phone mobile application development.


Request a Consultation

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Design


Windows app design combines UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface). While UI lends itself to the overall style of the app, including the colors, fonts, and general look and feel, UX focuses on the actual functionality and usability. Windows mobile application design services usually comprise two key stages. First, creating UX wireframes, and second, designing UI mockups of a future app. Riseup Labs conversion-oriented UI and UX experts have been delivering user-friendly, smooth, and responsive designs that ensure high quality and easy adoption.


Looking for Windows Mobile App Design Services?


Reach out to Riseup Labs's team and discuss your windows mobile app concept to receive sample UX wireframes. Once the finalized wireframes pass rigorous UX (User Experience) testing, we turn them into high-quality UI (User Interface) visuals and adjust them to your requirements until complete approval.


Get Design

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Development


Windows mobile application development allows developers to create customized and user-specific applications installed in your windows mobile devices. It gives developers the unique opportunity to develop customized windows mobile applications. Windows mobile application development services cover end-to-end development of windows mobile applications, from business analysis and UX (User Experience), UI (User Interface) design to windows mobile appl testing and deployment (app store publication). Over the past decade, Riseup Labs has successfully delivered over 200+ mobile applications.


Do You Want to Launch Your Windows Mobile App Development Now?


Riseup Labs's experts are ready to help you finalize your windows mobile app's concept, calculate the costs, and plan out the steps of your windows application development project.


Get Your Windows Mobile App

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Backend Development


In mobile development, there are typically two terms that are like a common language within the field. First, frontend, and second, backend. Backend is the essential part of a mobile app responsible for data storage, security, and business logic. Backend refers to the activities that happen behind the scenes when you are performing a task on the mobile app. An app backend is much like a server for mobile applications, as it stores and sorts the vital information that the end-user does not see. Also recognized as a backend server for mobile applications, third-party companies or organizations can provide this storage service, or the mobile app backend development team can incorporate it. In that case, according to the user's feedback, Riseup Labs is a perfect match for your windows mobile app backend development.


Do You Want to Develop Your Windows Mobile App Backend?


Riseup Labs here to help you. Riseup Labs' backend developers team creates robust, secure backends and provides their integration with a windows app(s) or with any third-party systems of your choice.


Start Mobile App Backend Development

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Deployment


In mobile development, there are two main components to deploying a mobile application into the world. The first involves deploying your web server (API) into a scalable production environment, and the second is deploying your app to the Mobile App Store. Such as Microsoft Store for Windows Apps.


Do You Want to Deploy Your Windows Mobile App?


Riseup Labs's specialists are ready to help you deploy your windows mobile apps. Its team has world-recognized extensive experience in Windows Mobile App Deployment.


Mobile App Deployment

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App QA/Testing


Windows Mobile App testing is a process by which application software developed for mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability, and consistency. Windows mobile app testing can be automated or manual. Quality Assurance (QA) engineers test the mobile app behavior under specific performance requirements. In particular, an app should handle a massive number of users or database server removal. In addition, QA specialists ensure an app that works under various expected load conditions.



Do You Want to QA/Testing Services for Your Windows Mobile App?


Riseup Labs's windows mobile app testing experts perform all types of mobile testing and debugging to ensure the high quality of your windows mobile solution. So, you can start with Riseup Labs to fulfill your requirements.


Mobile App QA / Testing

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Migration


Mobile app or mobile application migration is the process of moving a mobile software or mobile application from one mobile environment to another mobile environment. For instance, migrate an iOS or Android mobile software (app or application) to Windows mobile software (app or application). Nowadays, companies are mobilizing quickly to leverage the benefit of mobile devices by enabling employees and their own devices in the workplace and by deploying technology to drive the customer experience.


Do You Want to Migrate Your Other Mobile Platform Apps to Windows Mobile App?


Riseup Labs's windows mobile app development team has an extreme level of expertise to migrate your all types of other perform mobile application to windows mobile application. So, you can start your app migration process with Riseup Labs to meet your demands.


Start Your Mobile App Migration Process

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Integration


Application integration enables individual applications, each designed to work with one another for its own specific purpose. As a result, application integration helps bridge the gap between existing on-premises systems and fast-evolving cloud-based enterprise apps. In addition, mobile application integration services help build automated information and process flows between different mobile apps.


Do You Want Integration Services for Your Windows Mobile Apps?


Riseup Labs builds reliable and convenient integrations between custom and/or commercial systems in windows mobile software development. In addition, its developer's team has remarkable expertise in Windows Mobile App Integration services. So, let's start with Riseup Labs.


Let's Start Mobile App Integration

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Optimization


Windows Mobile App Optimization is the process of increasing app visibility in the Microsoft Store (windows mobile apps store) to increase organic app downloads. Windows mobile apps or applications are more visible when they rank highly on various search terms, maintain a leading position in the top charts, and get featured on the Microsoft Store.


Do You Want Windows Mobile App Optimization Services?


Riseup Labs is the best windows mobile app optimization service provider in Bangladesh. We optimize your windows mobile applications in terms of design and functionality for the best ranking and increase your apps' downloads. So, you can start your windows mobile application optimization process with Riseup Labs to fulfill your wants.


Start Your Mobile App Optimization Process

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Maintenance


Windows Mobile App or Application maintenance is the process of regular updating, modifying, and re-assessing mobile applications to correct faults and improve performance.


Do You Want Windows Mobile App Maintenance Services?


Riseup Labs's windows mobile app maintenance specialists are ready to help you maintain your windows mobile apps. Its windows mobile app maintenance team has broad knowledge and professional experience in windows mobile application maintenance. So you can rely on Riseup Labs' team for their exceptional practical experiences.


Mobile App Maintenance

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Support


All mobile app requires ongoing support and content updates to keep users happy, engaged, and coming back for more. Windows mobile app support refers to the entire process to ensure the uninterrupted and bug-free working of the live windows mobile application. It includes monitoring, refining, fixing, and refreshing the elements that make it up to ensure an excellent end-user experience. These types of supports are needed after the windows mobile application deployment. Regular basis support for your windows mobile app will help you to fulfill the purposes of your apps.


Do You Want Windows Mobile App Support Services?


Riseup Labs provide convenient, on-demand app support services using proven methodologies to keep your apps running and driving revenue. So, let's start work together.


Get Your Mobile App Support

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Mobile App Evolution


In this world, everything often goes under the process of evolution. Mobile apps have been evolving for years. Mobile applications, much like any other technology, have seen a considerable change since their beginning. The evolution of mobile apps is proof. Mobile app development kept on evolving and progressing, giving mobile apps a gradual but steady makeover.


Do You Want Windows Mobile App Evolution Services?


Riseup Labs always love to help your windows mobile app grow by fine-tuning it, extending its functionality according to your business roadmap, and introducing cutting-edge mobile experiences to keep your users always engaged.


Mobile App Evolution

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

Windows Tablet App Development


Windows tablet app development is the process of developing windows mobile application software for windows mobile devices. According to an online survey, most online shoppers have done their shopping through tablets, not any other device. Moreover, they used tablets not only for shopping but also for many other tasks.


Continuously people prefer tablets over other devices, and windows tablet application development begun with a boom. So, it's high time you should start developing tablet applications for your business.

Riseup Labs is a top Windows tablet app development company in Bangladesh. You can get all types of support on app development. Riseup Labs is a renowned company for its windows tablet application development services. So if you want to develop your mobile app, let's start with Riseup Labs.


Windows Tablet App Development

Android Application Development Services Offered by Riseup Labs

A Few Example Of Riseup Labs' Windows Phone App Development Live Works


Riseup Labs helps leading Businesses and Startups improve their performances with completely accurate Windows Phone Application Development Services. The development team here is determined to build windows mobile apps which will make the user interaction and experience relevant, informative, and supportive.

Tap Tap Ants

Tap Tap Ants is an action, arcade, and fun video game. It's a free ant smashing game where crazy ants will approach so quickly to fill their appetite, spoil your delicious food such as donuts, cookies, etc., and play with you. Don't let them take away your food. The hungry ants attack continuously. Tap to squeeze the ants' army and kill the monster ants for bonus scores. Reveal your tapping reflex through a war between you and the ant colony.

❏ Product Name:Tap Tap Ants
❏ Publisher Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Game Type (Genre):Action
❏ Published On:App Store, Amazon and Windows Store
❏ Total Downloads:15 Million+ (15,000,000+)
❏ Release Date:6th January, 2010
❏ Product Working Type:Complete
❏ Product Device Type:Mobile, Tablet, etc.
❏ Product Type:Strategy Game
❏ Service Category:Game Development
❏ Development Period:12th May, 2009 to 31st December, 2009


Read More  Download From Windows Store

Tap Tap Ants Game Features

Speed Tapping

Speed Tapping is an arcade entertainment game. Experience the #1, fastest speeds tapping game in store. Then, be the king of tapping in the global leaderboard. Tapping one red button for 30 seconds was not so fun before. But it's a maniac task to score more than 800 in 30 seconds. You don't need to suppress your anger anymore; take your revenge through this ultimate tapping game. Press and click every single time and see your finger reaction speed until they go CRAZY! This competition is for all to find out the insane tapping skill inside you. So, challenge your friends & family and see how fast they have gone fury. Just Tap, Tap & Tap and feel the rhythm of your heart.

❏ Product Name:Speed Tapping
❏ Publisher Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Developer Name:Riseup Labs
❏ Game Type (Genre):Entertainment
❏ Published On:App Store, Amazon and Microsoft Store
❏ Total Downloads:1.75 Million+ (1750000+)
❏ Release Date:14th July, 2015
❏ Product Working Type:Complete
❏ Product Platform Type:iOS, Android and Windows
❏ Product Device Type:Mobile, Tablet
❏ Product Type:Entertainment Game
❏ Service Category:Game Development
❏ Development Period:2nd March, 2015 to 14th July, 2015


Read More  Download From Windows Store

A hand Clicking on the Phone with Speed Tapping Game

Industry-Specific Windows Phone App Development

Riseup Labs helps all types of businesses across all major industries and niches. We will help you select the right technology stack, create a fitting UX (User Experience), and integrate the application into your existing infrastructure. Riseup Labs' Windows Phone Application Developers will also make the Windows App Development Process quicker and more cost-effective.

Travel and Hospitality Hotel, plane tickets and cab booking apps. Smart room systems, hotel apps, etc.
Food and Drink Food, Delivery, and Services. Enable your customers to order food and drink directly from the app.
Restaurants Allow your customers to order ahead or directly from their device through your own powerful restaurant app.
Shopping Online marketplace, Retail and Wholesale app. Help your customers to buy and sell directly from the app.
e-Commernce e-Commerce Solutions in the form of an App
Furniture Furniture App. Set-up your Furniture Store and Sell anywhere Virtually.
Real Estate Search & Find Homes for Sale and Rent. Search & Find Property for Buy, Rent & Sell.
Healthcare Notifications, scheduling, patient tracking, Big Data solutions, and more
FinTech Mobile banks, wallet, real-time fraud detection, AI chatbots, etc.
Business A custom business application can help to manage your business smoothly.
Sports and Teams Sports apps, chatbots, IoT, beacons, geofencing, and other features
IoT Apps An industry-specific mobile solution that works in the ecosystem with smart devices
Construction Hazard detection, remote co-operation, and other handy Augmented Reality (AR) feature
Pharmaceutical Making Pharmaceutical availability easy through App
Automotive Ride Sharing Apps
Education Educative Apps and Games
Entertainment Games, Platforms for commercial and non-commercial use
Photo and Video Photo editors and Video Editing Softwares
Non-Profit Making the selfless work healthier and safer
Startup Helping in everything needed from the scratch of technology
E-learning Search and find subjects and courses conductively to grasp knowledge

Enjoy bringing your idea to life with Riseup Labs talented team at every step.


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Windows Phone App Development Process of Riseup Labs

Windows App Development Services of Riseup Labs follows a thoroughly professional process. The process takes complete care of your Windows Mobile App project. Over ten years in App Development gives us the confidence to craft a super flexible workflow that ensures the highest efficiency of our Windows Mobile Application Development Services. 



  • Analyzing client's app ideas.
  • Profiling business requirements like deliverables, client base, functionalities, and the core purpose.
  • Refining and validating the idea to make the project more desirable.
  • Checking time frame, feasibility, and the estimated cost.
  • Finalizing milestones.



  • Creating a prototype of the application considering the type (Hybrid or Native).
  • Working on the basics like UI, features,  feel and look of the app.
  • Understand the probable challenges that may occur at the later development stage.



  • Get the wireframes approved and convert the ideas and prototypes into visuals.
  • The UI/UX team thinks about the limitations and possibilities of developing a smooth app.
  • Checking each parameter thoroughly as per the latest trends and future scope.
  • Creating mock-ups and getting them approved by the clients.



  • Development starts together with the design.
  • With agile methodology, we get prototypes approved by the clients regularly.
  • Manual coding by predefined industrial standards.


QA and Testing

  • Testing and accessing the final quality.
  • The Quality Assurance team makes sure to check and try the app at every stage of development.
  • All issues are fixed to make the app free of errors.
  • We believe in delivering apps with exceptional quality.



  • We give it all to ensure your app is up-to-date.
  • Constant support, monitoring, optimization, and OS upgrade to ensure that your app is running and up.
  • App upgrades, Bug fixing, analytic tracking are our strengths to be one of the best support and maintenance offering Windows Phone app Development companies.


Windows App Development Technologies We Work With


Riseup Labs always set the top bar for Windows Phone App Development Services. Our experts continuously renew their expertise on the Windows platform development languages, tools and solutions, ORM's, Encryption, Frameworks and Components, Design Patterns, Libraries, and next-generation technologies.

Windows Phone App Development Languages


Windows Mobile runs the .NET Compact Framework, which will support development in C# and VB.NET. In addition, the following programming languages help us to develop windows phone applications.


C Sharp Icon
C++ Icon
HTML5 icon
JavaScript Icon
Visual Basic Technology Riseup Labs
Visual Basic
XAML Technology Riseup Labs

Windows App Development Tools and Solutions


The following are a few development tools that we use to develop Windows Phone apps and improve your existing windows phone apps.


Xamarin Icon
Visual Studio
Microsoft Blend Technology Riseup Labs
Microsoft Blend
Resharper Technology Riseup Labs

Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)


ORM or Object-Relational Mapping is a technique that lets you query and manipulates data from a database using an object-oriented model. When talking about ORM, most people refer to a library that implements the Object-Relational Mapping technique, hence the phrase "ORM."


Realm Database icon
SQLite Database icon



Encryption algorithms convert plaintext data into ciphertext that conceals the original content. Data can be restored from the ciphertext through decryption. Encryption can be symmetric (secret-key encryption) or asymmetric (public-key encryption).


MTproto Technology Riseup Labs
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) icon

Frameworks and Components


A windows phone app development framework is a software framework designed to support windows mobile application development. It's a software library that provides a basic structure to support applications for a specific environment.


.NET Framework icon
.Net Framework
Directx Technology Riseup Labs

Design Patterns


Design patterns are generally defined as time-tested solutions to recurring design issues. These are used to represent some of the best practices adopted by experienced object-oriented software developers. A design pattern describes the issue, the solution, when to apply the solution, and its consequences. For example, windows mobile applications can use basic design patterns for navigation, search, user invitations, affordance, asking information to the user, etc.


MVP Technology Riseup Labs
MVVM Light Toolkit Technology Riseup Labs



In mobile application development, a library is structurally the same as an app module. Therefore, it can include everything needed to build an app, including source code, resource files, etc.


Nunit Technology Riseup Labs
MVVM Technology Riseup Labs
MVVM Light Toolkit
Caliburn Technology Riseup Labs
Prism Entity Framework Technology Riseup Labs
Prism Entity Framework
Autofac Nsubstitute Caliburn Technology Riseup Labs
Autofac NSubstitute
Log4net Technology Riseup Labs

Industries We Serve

With over a decade of experience as a leading software development company in Bangladesh, we have developed many user-centric and business-friendly windows mobile applications for our clients in nearly every industry. Including the following:

Finance and Banking Icon
Finance & Banking
e-Commerce Icon
Telco Icon
Real Estate Icon
Real Estate
Software Icon
Health and Fitness Icon
Health & Fitness
Food and Drink Icon
Food & Drink
Music Icon
Medical Icon
Pharmaceutical Icon
Automotive Icon
Education Icon
Travel Icon
Entertainment Icon
Retail Icon
Business Icon
Photo and Video Icon
Photo & Video
Non-Profit Icon
Startup Icon

Windows Phone App Development Services Clients of Riseup Labs

World-class brands trust Riseup Labs' Windows Mobile App Development Services. According to the client's feedback, it's a leading Windows Mobile Application Developer Company in Bangladesh and is also Globally recognized for its superior Windows Application Development Services.


Some of our Windows Phone App Development Works

We work hard for our clients to fulfill their desired requirements. Please have a look through some of our works amongst many works. If you want what you see, get in touch.


Tap Tap Ants Action Arcade Fun Game SceneTap Tap Ants Action Arcade Fun Game Demo
Tap Tap Ants Riseup Labs Game

Tap Tap Ants is the best ant smasher game where players can smash virtual ants that appear on the screen.

Action, Arcade, Fun
View Portfolio
Speed Tapping Game Portfolio thumbnail imageSpeed Tapping Game Portfolio small thumbnail image
Speed Tapping

Tapping 1 red button for 30 seconds was not so fun before. But it’s a maniac task to score more than 800 in 30 seconds.

View Game
Meena Game 2 Game on Mobile ViewMeena Game 2 Game on Mobile View
Meena Game 2 UNICEF Bangladesh Game

Meena 2 is a 3D game. It is the second phase of the 'Meena Game' for UNICEF Bangladesh. This game is playable on iOS, Android, & PC.

Education & Adventure
View Game
U Report Application Your Voice Matters MockupU Report Application Your Voice Matters Mockup
U-Report App UNICEF

The U-Report application aims to support the initiative for peacebuilding and adolescent empowerment initiatives in Cox’s Bazar.

App & Web System
View App
Vimory Photo Video Slideshow Maker SamplesVimory Photo Video Slideshow Maker mockup
Vimory Photo Editor and Video Slideshow Maker

Fun and fast, Vimory helps your social media posts stand out from the crowd; perfect for Facebook Profile video and Instagram video moments.

View App
Grido for Facebook Create Unique Photos on MobileGrido for Facebook Your Awesome Moments
Grido for Facebook

With an easy, quick, and smart way, Grido will help you stand out from the crowd on Facebook.

View App

Words from Our Clients

Words from Our Clients

Our client's feedback. No one says it like our clients. Please watch some of the videos below to see what our clients have to say about working with us.


Windows Phone App Development FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Frequently asked questions about Riseup Labs Windows Phone app development services. We have noticed that most of our clients seeking professional windows mobile app development solutions have similar questions. So to answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. We hope it will help you to get an instant answer.


I have got an idea, how and where do I start?

Riseup Labs provides Resource Augmentation facilities for Windows Application Development to achieve your app development goal.
Please contact us → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Riseup Labs provides Project Outsourcing / IT Outsourcing facilities for Windows Phone Application Development to achieve your app development goal.
Please contact us → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Software Development Company.

They have a high level of recognition for their Mobile Application Development Services.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/portfolio/#mobile-apps


Riseup Labs have an online portfolio.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/portfolio


Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading technology solution and service provider Software Company in Bangladesh.

Yes, we can.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Yes, we can.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

You can observe every bit of step during the app development period.

So, you can fulfill each bit of desired requirements without any confusion.

Client satisfaction is our primary goal.

#01: Requirements Analysis and Planning

#02: User Experience

#03: Storyboarding

#04: Design

#05: Prototyping

#06: User Interface

#07: Development

#08: Testing and QA

#09: Beta testing

#10: Deployment

#11: Going Live

#12: Maintenance and Updates

Yes, you can.

In that case, to ensure a secure service, we do not publicly detail all our security precautions.

Please contact us → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Many factors contribute to launching a successful app, and some requirements may result in the task taking longer to develop than others.

Please contact us for detail → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Yes, we can.

Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

And each group includes

- Project Manager

- Architect

- Product Designer

- UI/UX Designer

- 2D Artist

- 3D Artist

- Graphics Designer

- ML AI Expert

- AR VR Expert

- Software Engineer

- Q/A Engineer

- Digital Marketing Expert

- Consultant

Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

And each group includes

- Project Manager

- Architect

- Product Designer

- UI/UX Designer

- 2D Artist

- 3D Artist

- Graphics Designer

- ML AI Expert

- AR VR Expert

- Software Engineer

- Q/A Engineer

- Digital Marketing Expert

- Consultant

Yes, we do.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you begin by launching the simplest possible version of your vision first.

Continue to adapt it over time.

In that case we start by creating a central database that will hold all your data; then, we put an interface (an API) to allow the mobile and web applications to send and receive it.
Yes, you can.
Yes, you can.

Yes, we are.

Riseup Labs specialize in highly bespoke projects, and it is natural for us to work with the existing team.

Yes, we can.

Yes, please.

We need your support with testing the project.

We have testing and quality assurance processes, but the way we think and use your application is different from how you will.

You know best what you want better than anyone else.

Probably you will use and interact with what we have built-in in ways that we could not have predicted.

In that case, as the business grows, the commercial landscape may also change and make in-housing the development team a sensible long-term decision.

And, we're okay with that.

For a small project, typically, we will invoice a 50% opening deposit and a final 50% deposit on completion of the work.

We will split the payments over the project's life at monthly intervals for larger scopes of work.

Each planning day fees are due in advance of the initial planning day meeting.

Riseup Labs works this way because it supports your cash flow and means that you don't have to pay too much money upfront to see some output from us.

Yes, we are.

If it is digital, almost all mobile application projects create custom visuals of how the app will look and feel before developing.

We start the design process by research and analyzing the value behind your brand.

It includes the image and your entire business.

Once we understand your app development objectives and requirements, then we can engineer a design that is easy to use and performs for your business.

Probably, Yes.

If possible, then we prefer to follow our design process.

As it allows us to deliver top quality and consistency, but we can be flexible with it.

If designs are useful, then yes, we will work with them.

If they do not match our high standards, we will be honest and recommend creating the designs for you instead.

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