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Young minds in Bangladesh are making their mark on the world stage while sitting in their backyard. Thanks to the growing outsourcing industry of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the world’s most cost-competitive destination for outsourcing services.



  • Do you want a partner who will understand your specific needs?
  • Do you want diverse technical skills under one roof?
  • Do you want dedicated professionals familiar with the latest technology?
  • Do you want to grow a business with authentic development methodologies?
  • Do you want to reduce risk by avoiding dependency on individual freelancers?


If your answer is yes, then 'Riseup Labs' is the right place for you!

Outsourcing Services

Riseup Labs is a leading IT Outsourcing company in Bangladesh, providing high-quality, user-centric technology solutions to international businesses since 2009. We have successfully completed over 700 projects for more than 20 countries in our 12+ years’ journey. Though the quality of our service is compatible with any international company, the overall project cost is typically 30% less than the others. We have highly experienced and qualified team members who are experts in successfully executing any project within the deadline.

Riseup Labs uses service-oriented architecture across all its services and solutions. It enabled us to move any system component to the cloud, demanding scalability and availability and outsourcing its services and skills to clients overseas.


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Outsourcing Models

With us, you have the flexibility to choose from different outsourcing models

Work Process

At Riseup Labs, we follow a precise Software Development model to achieve inconceivable success in the project. Our workflow to build solutions begins with detailed research and analysis of your idea to create Intuitive UI/UX. After this, the expert team will build a robust and scalable solution that will go through various QA tests to deploy a quality-driven product to you.

Work Process of Riseup Labs Services


How We Work

Industries We Serve

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Finance & Banking
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Real Estate
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Health & Fitness
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Food & Drink
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What makes 'Riseup Labs' the perfect option for you?
We have expertise in diverse areas of technological services:


If you want, you can fulfill your business demands by taking our widely accepted outsourcing services.

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Mobile App Development Outsourcing Services


Mobile App Development

❏ iOS App Development
❏ Android App Development
❏ Windows Mobile App Development
❏ Cross-Platform App Development
❏ Hybrid App Development
❏ Progressive Web App (PWA) Development
❏ Mobile Apps Driven by Cloud
❏ Facebook App Development

❏ E-commerce Mobile App Development
❏ Custom Business Mobile App Development
❏ Industry Specific Mobile App Development
❏ Blockchain Mobile App Development
❏ IoT Mobile App Development
❏ Fintech Mobile App Development
❏ Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

Web Development Outsourcing Services

Web Development

❏ Ecommerce Web Development
❏ WordPress Website Development
❏ Shopify App Development
❏ e-Learning Platform Development
❏ Enterprise Web Development
❏ Digital Platform Development
❏ Web Portal Development
❏ Web System Development

❏ Management Information System (MIS) Development
❏ Content Management System (CMS) Development
❏ Custom Web Application Development
❏ WordPress Theme Development
❏ WordPress Plugin Development
❏ Website Development
❏ Web Application Development

Software Development Outsourcing Services

Software Development

❏ Desktop Software Development
❏ Mobile Software Development
❏ Web-Based Software Development

Game Development Outsourcing Services

Game Development

❏ Video Game Development
❏ 3D Game Development
❏ 2D Game Development
❏ Virtual Reality (VR) Game Development
❏ Augmented Reality (AR) Game Development
❏ Real-time Multiplayer Game Development
❏ Cross-Platform Game Development
❏ iOS Game Development
❏ Android Game Development

❏ Windows Mobile Game Development
❏ Facebook Game Development
❏ PC Game Development
❏ Mobile Game Development
❏ Web Game Development
❏ HTML5 Game Development
❏ Edutainment Game Development
❏ Educational Game Development
❏ Gaming Platform Development

AR, VR, MR, XR, 360 Solutions Outsourcing Services

AR / VR / MR Solutions

❏ Augmented Reality (AR) App Development
❏ Virtual Reality (VR) App Development
❏ Augmented Reality (AR) Game Development
❏ Virtual Reality (VR) Game Development
❏ Custom Augmented Reality (AR) Solution

❏ Custom Virtual Reality (VR) Solution
❏ 360 Degree Video Solution
❏ 360 Degree Virtual Tour Solution
❏ Virtual Reality (VR) Experience Development

Digital Marketing Outsourcing Services

Digital Marketing

❏ SEO Audit
❏ SEO Services
❏ eCommerce SEO

❏ Local SEO
❏ Enterprise SEO
❏ Page Speed Optimization

Automation & Simulation Outsourcing Services


Automation and Simulation Services Riseup Labs

Simulation Services:

❏ 9D VR Technology
❏ 6 Degree Off Motion (6DoF)
❏ Extreme roller coaster machine
❏ VR Experience Zone
❏ VR Theme Park
❏ VR Simulator Machine
❏ Custom VR Experience
❏ Driving Simulator
❏ Flight Simulator
❏ Custom Simulator

Automation Services:

❏ Robotics Process Automation
❏ Data Acquisition & Control System
❏ Embedded Solution
❏ Electrical Controls System
❏ Voice System Integration


If you want, you can fulfill your business demands by taking our widely accepted outsourcing services.

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Multimedia Content Development Outsourcing Services

Multimedia Content Development Services

Graphics / Visual Design

- Branding & Visual Identity Graphic Design
❏ Business Cards
❏ Company Brochures
❏ Corporate Folders
❏ Logo Design
❏ Print Magazines
❏ Print Newsletters
❏ Slide Presentations
❏ Tradeshow Graphics
❏ Direct Mail Infographics
❏ Letterhead

- Marketing & Advertising Graphic Design
❏ Postcards and flyers
❏ Magazine and newspaper ads
❏ Posters, banners and billboards
❏ Infographic
❏ Brochures (print and digital)
❏ Signage and trade show displays
❏ Email marketing templates
❏ PowerPoint presentations
❏ Menus
❏ Social media ads, banners and graphics
❏ Banner and re-targeting ads
❏ Images for websites and blogs

- Publication Graphic Design
❏ Newspapers
❏ Books & cover design
❏ Newsletters
❏ Directories
❏ Annual reports
❏ Magazines
❏ Catalogs

- Packaging Graphic Design
❏ Primary packaging design
❏ Level Design
❏ Mobile cover design
❏ Cover Design
❏ Retail design
❏ Vehicle wraps

- Environmental Graphic Design
❏ Branded Environments
❏ Walls and Glass Graphics
❏ Social Media
❏ Wayfinding systems
❏ Exhibition
❏ Public installation
❏ Placemaking and identity
❏ Signage
❏ Wall murals
❏ Museum exhibitions
❏ Office branding
❏ Public transportation navigation
❏ Retail store interiors
❏ Stadium branding
❏ Event and conference spaces

- Motion Graphic Design
❏ Explainer Video
❏ Product Branding
❏ UI Animations
❏ Icons
❏ Logos
❏ Short Films
❏ Titles (Movies and TV)
❏ Presentations
❏ Infographic
❏ Broadcasting Graphics
❏ GIFs
❏ Brand Videos
❏ Story Telling

- User Interface (UI) Design & UX
❏ Split Screens UI/UX Design
❏ Several Interactive Layers
❏ UI Android App Design
❏ UX Mobile App Design
❏ UI Software Design
❏ UX Software Design
❏ Storytelling, Character Design
❏ Full-Screen Image Design
❏ Custom Digital Illustrations
❏ Bold Typography UI/UX Design

- Web Design & Mobile App Design
❏ Banner ad Design
❏ Blog Design
❏ App Icon or button Design
❏ Website Design
❏ Landing page design
❏ Icon Set Design
❏ Blog Header
❏ Website Header
❏ Form Design
❏ Wireframe

- Art and Illustration for Graphic Design

❏ T-shirt design
❏ Graphic patterns for textiles
❏ Motion graphics
❏ Video games
❏ Websites
❏ Comic books
❏ Album art
❏ Book covers
❏ Picture books
❏ Infographic
❏ Technical illustration
❏ Concept Art
❏ Card Design or Invitation Design

❏ Photoshop Design
❏ Illustration and Graphics
❏ Character & Mascot design
❏ Tattoo designs
❏ Cartoon
❏ Album Cover Design
❏ Photoshop Editing
❏ 3D & 2D Characters
❏ Vector Tracing
❏ Drawing & Sketching
❏ Digital Art
❏ Vector Art
❏ Concept Art

❏ Digital Matte Painting
❏ Digital Painting
❏ Vintage Art
❏ Doodle Art
❏ Drawing
❏ Pattern & Surface Design
❏ Typography
❏ Visual Art
❏ Digital Photography
❏ Business Illustration
❏ Technical Illustration
❏ Apparel and Merchandise Illustration

Social Media Creatives / Content

- Instagram Creative
❏ Video
❏ Photo
❏ Slideshow
❏ Carousel
❏ Dynamic Product Ads
❏ Lead Form Ads
❏ GIFs
❏ Stories
❏ Infographic
❏ Chart
❏ Graph

- Facebook Creative
❏ Video
❏ Photo
❏ Slideshow
❏ Carousel
❏ Dynamic Product Ads
❏ Lead Form Ads
❏ GIFs
❏ Stories
❏ Infographic
❏ Chart
❏ Graph

- Instagram AR Effects (Spark AR)

❏ Selfies
❏ Appearance
❏ Camera Styles
❏ Color and Light
❏ Funny
❏ Love
❏ Weird and Scary
❏ Moods
❏ Games

❏ Events
❏ Surroundings
❏ Fandom
❏ Causes
❏ Animals
❏ World AR
❏ Sci-Fi and Fantasy
❏ Immersive

Video Production

- 3D Animation
❏ Explainer Video
❏ Product video
❏ How-to
❏ GIFs
❏ Brand Videos

- Stop Motion Animation
❏ Object Rotating
❏ Object moving across
❏ Object moving into place
❏ Setting a scene
❏ Bring product to life
❏ Animating people

- 2D Animation
❏ The Specific Product Video
❏ Branded video
❏ Cartoons
❏ Presentations
❏ How-to
❏ Process
❏ Comparison

- Whiteboard Animation
❏ Presentations
❏ Sales Video Letters
❏ Internal Training Animation
❏ Holiday Greeting Videos
❏ The Campaign Update Animation
❏ The Specific Product Video
❏ The Pre-roll Ad
❏ The Overview Explainer Animation

- Cutout Animation
❏ Corporate video
❏ Product video
❏ Promotional video
❏ Branded video

- 3D Mechanical Animated Video
❏ Explainer Video
❏ Presentations
❏ Product video
❏ How-to
❏ GIFs
❏ Brand Videos

- Screencast Video
❏ Demo or Product Videos
❏ Brand videos
❏ Testimonials
❏ Tutorials
❏ Personal connection videos

- Typography Animation
❏ Dynamic Layout
❏ Scrolling Typography
❏ Fluid Typography

- Motion Graphics Video

❏ Explainer Video❏ Presentations
❏ Product Branding❏ Infographic
❏ UI Animations❏ Broadcasting Graphics
❏ Icons❏ GIFs
❏ Logos❏ Brand Videos
❏ Short Films❏ Story Telling
❏ Titles (Movies and TV) 


- Slideshow Video
❏ Explainer Video
❏ Product Branding


- Product creation
❏ 2D model creation
❏ 3D model creation

- Photo Editing
❏ Clipping Path
❏ Photo Restoration
❏ Photo Retouch
❏ Shadow Creation

❏ Vector Conversion
❏ Ghost Mannequin Editing
❏ Photo Masking
❏ Background Removal
❏ Photo Manipulation


- Design
❏ Lettermarks Or Monogram Logos
❏ Logotypes Or Wordmarks
❏ Logo Symbols
❏ Abstract Logos
❏ Mascot Logos
❏ Combination Marks
❏ Letterforms
❏ Emblem Logos
❏ Slime Logos
❏ Fonts Inside A Shape
❏ Minimalistic

- Animation
❏ 3D Animated Logo
❏ Hard-Drawn Animated Logo Design
❏ Expanding Logo Designs
❏ Hiding And Revealing Logo Designs
❏ Morphing Logo Designs
❏ Rotating Logo Designs

Image Processing

- Photo Editing
❏ Clipping Path
❏ Photo Restoration
❏ Photo Retouch
❏ Shadow Creation

❏ Vector Conversion
❏ Ghost Mannequin Editing
❏ Photo Masking
❏ Background Removal
❏ Photo Manipulation


- 3D Modeling
❏ Solid Modeling
❏ Wireframe Modeling
❏ Surface Modeling
❏ Shell Model
❏ VR And AR
❏ Architectural Rendering
❏ Printing
❏ Game Design
❏ Animation And Movies

- 2D Modeling
❏ Character Modeling
❏ Object Modeling
❏ Game assets Modeling


If you want, you can fulfill your business demands by taking our widely accepted outsourcing services.

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Diverse Technology Competency of Riseup Labs' Experts


Riseup Labs is dedicated to engineering optimal technology solutions that augment overall gains for global clients. We have expert teams. We have experienced diverse technology sets extending from Mobile Development, Web Development, Video Game Development, Software Development, AR Development, VR Development, MR Development, Multimedia Content Development, UI/UX Designer to Blockchain, AI many more. Please look at the core technologies Riseup Labs' experts hold comprehensive expertise in the following areas.



Hire experts who are skilled with all the latest mobile technologies and platforms. When you hire a developer for mobile app projects, rest assured of quality and competence.

Android Icon
iOS icon
React Native icon
React Native
Flutter icon
Ionic icon
Xamarin Icon
Kotlin icon
Augmented Reality icon
Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality Icon
Virtual Reality
Objective-C Icon
Swift Icon

Front-End and JavaScript

Hire experts for building Web and Mobile Applications with JavaScript technologies. When you hire an expert from Riseup Labs, we ensure to use the latest front-end frameworks for interactive UI.

Angular Icon
Vue.js Icon
React.JS icon
MEAN icon
MERN icon
Nuxt.js icon
ElectronJS icon
Next.js icon
ReNative icon
Web Designers Icon
Web Designers
HTML5 icon
TypeScript icon
Express.js Icon


Hire experts to develop scalable, secure, and interactive web applications. Riseup Labs offers experts for hire who are experienced with back-end technologies.

PHP icon
Python Icon
Laravel Icon
MEAN Stack icon
MEAN Stack
Codeigniter icon
DevOps icon
MERN Stack icon
MERN Stack
Symfony icon
Cake PHP icon
Cake PHP
C or C++ icon
Hadoop icon
Golang icon
Flask icon
GraphQL icon
Hadoop Consulting icon
Hadoop Consulting
Yii icon
RoR icon
Java icon
App Developers icon
App Developers
QA Testers icon
QA Testers
Selenium icon
Appium icon
Firebase icon
Jenkins icon
MySQL icon
Moodle icon
Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) icon

Blockchain, ML, AI and Data Analytics

Hire experts who have outstanding development skills in AI, ML, and Blockchain.

Blockchain Icon
Ethereum Icon
Hyperledger Icon
Smart Contract Icon
Smart Contract
ChatBot Icon
Tensorflow Icon
Machine Learning Icon
Machine Learning
Dialogflow Icon
RPA (Robotic process automation) Icon
ICO Icon
Solidity Icon
Crypocurrency Icon
Multichain Icon
Stellar Icon
Hadoop icon
Powerbi Icon
Crypto Exchange Icon
Crypto Exchange

eCommerce and Content Management System (CMS)

Hire experts from Riseup Labs and make your desired software applications with the trending eCommerce technologies.

WordPress icon
WooCommerce icon
Shopify icon
Magento icon
Drupal icon
Sitecore icon
OpenCart icon
Sitefinity icon
Umbraco icon
SharePoint icon
Kentico icon
WP eCommerce icon
WP eCommerce
BigCommerce Icon
Joomla Icon

Game, Animation, Photo and Video Editing

Hire experts from Riseup Labs and build your desired team to fulfill your demand with the trending technologies.

Unity Icon
Unreal Engine Icon
Unreal Engine
Autodesk Maya Icon
Autodesk Maya
Blender Icon
Autodesk 3ds Max Icon
Autodesk 3ds Max
Autodesk MotionBuilder Icon
Autodesk MotionBuilder
Spine Icon
Adobe Photoshop Icon
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator Icon
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere Icon
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects Icon
Adobe After Effects
Snagit Icon
Cocos2d Icon
Cocos2d-x Icon
Cocos Creator Icon
Cocos Creator
Adobe Lightroom Icon
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Animate Icon
Adobe Animate
Adobe Dimension Icon
Adobe Dimension

Other Services, Products and Offers of Riseup Labs


Our IT Staff Augmentation / Resource Augmentation Services

Recruitment Process of Hire Dedicated IT Experts from Riseup Labs

Affordable IT Expert Services. Find IT experts for hire from Riseup Labs.


Hire IT Experts

Trusted Clients & Partners

We are proud to partner with businesses, companies, service providers, corporations, government agencies, etc.

Please take a look at some of the leading businesses and organizations that have already partnered with Riseup Labs.


Some of our Works

We work hard for our clients to fulfill their desired requirements. Please have a look through some of our works amongst many works. If you want what you see, get in touch.


Meena Game 2 Game on Mobile ViewMeena Game 2 Game on Mobile View
Meena Game 2 Unicef

Meena 3D is the second phase of the 'Meena Game' for iOS, Android, & PC.

View Game
U Report Application Your Voice Matters MockupU Report Application Your Voice Matters Mockup
U-Report App UNICEF

The U-Report application aims to support the initiative for peacebuilding and adolescent empowerment initiatives in Cox’s Bazar.

App & Web System
View App
Treasure Wars Game Banner with CharactersTreasure Wars Game Banner with Characters
Treasure Wars Robi Axiata Ltd.

Treasure Wars is the ultimate undergo of massive Battle Royale encounters with an experience of familiar battle locations.

Game & Web
View Game
Vimory Photo Video Slideshow Maker SamplesVimory Photo Video Slideshow Maker mockup
Vimory Photo Editor and Video Slideshow Maker

Fun and fast, Vimory helps your social media posts stand out from the crowd; perfect for Facebook Profile video and Instagram video moments.

View App
Nutrition e-Learning Platform Moblie and Tab Mockup View BannerNutrition e-Learning Platform Moblie and Tab Mockup View Banner
Nutrition e-Learning Platform UNICEF

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has implemented nutrition programs for mothers, children, and adolescents.

App & Web System
View App
Grido for Facebook Create Unique Photos on MobileGrido for Facebook Your Awesome Moments
Grido for Facebook

With an easy, quick, and smart way, Grido will help you stand out from the crowd on Facebook.

View App

Words from Our Clients

Our client's feedback. No one says it like our clients. Please watch some of the videos below to see what our clients have to say about working with us.


Outsourcing FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Riseup Labs outsourcing services. We have noticed that most of our clients seeking professional outsourcing solutions have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced experts. We hope it will help you to get an instant answer.


I have got an idea, how and where do I start?

Riseup Labs provides Resource Augmentation services to fulfill your requirements.
Please contact us → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Software Development Company.

They have a high level of recognition for their services.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/portfolio


Riseup Labs have an online portfolio.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/portfolio


Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading technology solution and service provider Software Company in Bangladesh.

Yes, we can.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Yes, we can.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/contact

Yes, we can.

Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

And each group includes

- Project Manager

- Architect

- Product Designer

- UI/UX Designer

- 2D Artist

- 3D Artist

- Graphics Designer

- ML AI Expert

- AR VR Expert

- Software Engineer

- Q/A Engineer

- Digital Marketing Expert

- Consultant

Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

And each group includes

- Project Manager

- Architect

- Product Designer

- UI/UX Designer

- 2D Artist

- 3D Artist

- Graphics Designer

- ML AI Expert

- AR VR Expert

- Software Engineer

- Q/A Engineer

- Digital Marketing Expert

- Consultant

Yes, we do.

Yes, we are.

Riseup Labs specialize in highly bespoke projects, and it is natural for us to work with the existing team.

For a small project, typically, we will invoice a 50% opening deposit and a final 50% deposit on completion of the work.

We will split the payments over the project's life at monthly intervals for larger scopes of work.

Each planning day fees are due in advance of the initial planning day meeting.

Riseup Labs works this way because it supports your cash flow and means that you don't have to pay too much money upfront to see some output from us.

Please visit → https://riseuplabs.com/contact to send your queries.

You reached here because you have an idea; otherwise, you have fundamental business issues trying to solve.

If you want to know more about Riseup Labs, you can visit the "About" page, the "Services" page, explore "Portfolio" page.

If you want even more information, it's a good sign.

It means it's time to discuss between you and Riseup Labs.

You can start instantly by sharing what you are looking for via our contact page or giving us a call on 📞+88-0175-974-7387.

Within 24 hours, you will get a reply to your email enquiries.

Get a proposal →