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Riseup Labs helps enterprises and companies in the digital transformation of their business through delivering enterprise Quality Engineering and digital Testing Services.

As a leading Quality Engineering Company, we work closely with strategic partners to enhance the value for our clients.

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Quality Engineering Services (QE) and Solutions

Riseup Labs can assist your QE team in preparing for the increased needs and expectations that come with digital transformation and provide them with the strategies, processes, and tools they need to succeed. In addition, our diverse Quality Engineering Services can ensure transparency in your digital transformation.

Why do Businesses need Software QE Services?

Software Quality Engineering Services are extremely important in the software development life cycle. Both steps enhance the process and guarantee that the result is always exceptional. It also saves money on maintenance and provides improved usability and functionality.


Cost Savings

Cost Savings  

The equation is pretty straightforward; the earlier you detect an error, the cheaper it is to fix it.


Optimum Security

The QA service ensures the security of your software to protect it from viruses and hackers.

Best Software Version Iconic thumbnail

The Best Version

Achieving the best software version, Quality Engineering, and QA Services are crucial for business.

Initiate Quality Engineering with Riseup Labs

As a leading Quality Engineering Company, Riseup Labs can help your business grow fast and mature digitally. Our quality engineering consultants offer you solutions to increase revenues, cut costs, improve security, and build new organizing processes.

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Different Types of Hire Services Riseup Labs Offers

We recognize that many smaller businesses do not have the financial means to engage a complete IT support crew to keep things running smoothly. This involves hiring a smaller IT support team or outsourcing to a business like Riseup Labs. That is why Riseup Labs offers different Hire IT services for small, medium, and large businesses. Please look at the following models and decide which one is the best fit for you.

Staff Augmentation Respond to the business objectives through Staff Augmentation outsourcing strategy.
IT Staff Augmentation Onboard extra talent to your team through IT Staff Augmentation; find the right fit.
Resource Augmentation Get qualified employees without any hassle of engaging in a long recruitment process.
Outstaffing Choose Outstaffing to work closely with the providers until the end of the project.
IT Outstaffing Choose IT outstaffing for the managed software development team and scale it up fast.
Hire IT People Hire IT Professionals, Certified and Experienced IT people, and Software Developers.
Hire Dedicated IT Team Outsource a team of developers that collaborate with a client on a long-term basis.
Resource Outsourcing Get Resource Outsourcing Services to get high-quality and efficient IT support.
Team Augmentation Augment team as an in-house team with specialists from outside your organization.
Remote Support Connect and work remotely with the worlds' best IT people from Riseup Labs.
Onsite Development Onsite Development team for IT support, research, competitors analysis, and more.
Offshore Development Partner with Offshore software development company Riseup Labs to enhance business.
Hire Dedicated Team Hire a dedicated team of developers on a long-term basis for your business growth.
Hire Dedicated Development Team Hire tech specialists as a dedicated development team with exceptional IT talents.
Hire Dedicated Developers Team Hire a dedicated developers team with highly skilled and expert software developers.
Hire Dedicated Developers Hire Exclusively Dedicated developers for any project, hire one of our programmers.

Popular Works of Riseup Labs

We work hard for our clients to fulfill their desired requirements. Please have a look through some of our works amongst many works. If you want what you see, get in touch.


Appointment with Doctor AppointMe Today Video CallAppointment with Doctor AppointMe Today Video Call
Appointme Today Appointme

AppointMe is the Video consultancy with doctor & an on-demand marketplace that connects customers with verified service professionals

App & Web System
View App
Volunteer Information Hub Information and Management SystemVolunteer Information Hub and Management System
Volunteer Information Hub Unicef

In this platform, teenagers can get various information from any district of Bangladesh.

Web System
View Web
Unicef Volunteer Online Volunteer Registration and Management System ViewUnicef Volunteer Online Volunteer Registration and Management System in Laptop
Unicef Volunteer UNICEF

Volunteer management is an online platform for young people developed by UNICEF Bangladesh to use their time and skills to protect the rights of children.

Web System
View Web
Meena Game 2 Game on Mobile ViewMeena Game 2 Game on Mobile View
Meena Game 2 Unicef

Meena 3D is the second phase of the 'Meena Game' for iOS, Android, & PC.

View Game

What Riseup Labs' Beloved Clients Say

Our client's feedback. No one says it like our clients. Please watch some of the videos below to see what our clients have to say about working with us.


Riseup Labs Get Featured on

Riseup Labs is an award winning software development company. The country’s top Newspapers and Televisions have featured our best-in-class software, games, and apps. For example, top dailies and TVs like The Daily Star, The Independent, Somoy News, and others published reports on Riseup Labs' creative works. This makes Riseup Labs eminent and one of the best software development companies in Bangladesh. We are happy to receive this honor.

Riseup Labs Achieved Awards from

As a B2B Development company, Riseup Labs is delivering industry-standard AR / VR / MR / Software / App / Web Development services worldwide. The aim is to earn clients' ultimate satisfaction by providing them with sustainable software solutions. They are happy as we provided the service we committed. According to the client's review, Riseup Labs has been featured on many popular platforms including-


best game development company badge from goodfirms

Leading Game Developers in USA - Top Mobile Game Developers

Clutch award of Riseup Labs

ITFirms awards

Upcity profile of Riseup Labs

Trusted Clients and Partners of Riseup Labs

We are proud to partner with businesses, companies, service providers, corporations, government agencies, etc.

Please take a look at some of the leading businesses and organizations that have already partnered with Riseup Labs.


Quality Engineering Service Summary of Riseup Labs

Quality Engineering Company Riseup Labs offers software testing services that help businesses for more high-grade operational productivity and engagement. Hire certified software qa engineers from Riseup Labs who are experts for delivering excellence in testing iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and cross-platform software and applications.

❏ Service Name : Quality Engineering
❏ Service Type :Software Development
❏ Platform Type :Cross-platform, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store
❏ Device Type :Mobile, Tablet, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet, iPad
❏ Operating System (OS) Type :Android, iOS, Windows, Cross OS
❏ Service Provider Company :Riseup Labs
❏ App Development Experience :10 years + (More than a decade)
❏ Total Published Apps :200+ Apps
❏ Total Download Apps :55 million + (55000000+)
❏ Experience you can trust :Meet The Core Team →
❏ Track Record (Portfolio) :Beyond the Limits of visualization →


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Benefits of Quality Engineering Services for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

Benefits of Quality Engineering Services for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

In today's competitive internet environment, enterprises must quickly offer high-quality products and services to customers. This involves the adoption of quality engineering solutions into the agile-driven SDLC. The following are the main advantages:

Implementing AI

Implementing AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help quality engineers speed up and improve their QA processes. Based on previous data, AI can assist in identifying bugs in software programs.

Improve Shift-left Testing

Improve Shift-left Testing

Today's business goals demand that software systems be released quickly across the social, mobile commerce, and cloud domains. Any SW quality engineer should do that with Agile and DevOps at the core of any software development process.

 Improved Agility

Improved Agility

QA simplifies processes, enhances efficiency, decreases costs, and delivers high-quality goods.  Besides, a quality engineer can help enterprises apply industry best practices and adopt the Agile process.

Better Monitoring

Better Monitoring

The success of any software program would be determined by important characteristics such as performance, accessibility, functionality, and security since client expectations are growing by the day.


Benefits of Quality Engineering Services with Riseup Labs

Benefits of Quality Engineering Services with Riseup Labs

We offer Quality Assurance Services with faster release cycle times, lower costs, and a best-in-class user experience for small, medium, and large businesses.

Higher Level Testing

Higher Level Testing

Get the highest maturity level testing and QA services from Riseup Labs.

Closer Collaboration Teams

Closer Collaboration Teams 

Nearshore Agile testing teams with optimal communication and quick delivery.

Faster Releases

Faster Releases

We offer a faster release of your product with continuous testing.

Intelligent Test Automation

Intelligent Test Automation 

We provide Intelligent Testing to boost productivity and reduce testing efforts.

Breakthrough Enterprise Barriers

Breakthrough Enterprise Barriers

Quality Engineering Services are fully aligned to make a breakthrough within enterprise barriers.


How can our Quality Engineering help you to make faster growth?

Please look at how we can help you make faster growth with our 360-degree Quality Engineering Services.

Quality Strategy


Quality Strategy

Our quality engineers establish a comprehensive 360-degree approach to your product quality strategy that trickles down to each project. Discuss testing strategies with our experts.

Improve product quality


Automated Testing


Automated Testing

Our quality engineering solutions use automation to speed up testing, offer developers immediate feedback, and enable quick application modifications. Start automated software qa.

Start automated testing


Process Automation


Process Automation

We use our predefined engineering kits to define and implement a uniform set of quality standards across the business, balancing agility with discipline. Start test automation now.

Start process automation


Test Advisory


Test Advisory

Please take advantage of our extensive experience advising companies on Quality Engineering Solutions for applications ranging from tiny internal apps to large multi-regional systems.

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Quality Engineering Services Offered by Riseup Labs

To meet the new-age problems of business imperatives, we tailor-make complete Quality Engineering Solutions. Our Quality Engineering Services team uses AI, DevOps, Automation, and other technological advances to improve release cycles, shorten QE deadlines, and provide enterprises with a competitive advantage. 

As a well-known Quality Engineering Company, Riseup Labs' Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance services guarantee that testing goes to the left and starts early in the whole SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), assuring maximum test coverage and quality.

We have firsthand expertise with the most up-to-date quality engineering solutions, best practices, and technologies to ensure that your team provides the highest-quality digital services.

  • Expert QA Consultation
  • Strategic Test Planning
  • QA Documentation
  • Manual QA Testing
  • Web Testing Automation
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Mobile Testing Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • API Testing Automation
  • Test Automation
  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Intelligent Testing
  • IoT Testing Services
  • Wearable Testing


Expert QE Consultation Services

Expert QA Consultation Services

Riseup Labs offers full-service software quality assurance consultancy. We provide the complete range of Quality Engineering Services as a top-tier QE consulting company, from developing a unified QE policy and executing various testing methods to developing company-wide coding standards and providing ongoing support.

Our QA consultants and engineers can complete even the most difficult QA jobs, resulting in concrete business benefits. Utilize our experiences to assure high-quality products utilizing software QA consultancy.

  • Test Plan/Strategy designing
  • Test Tools recommendation
  • Assessment of Test assets
  • Test Process planning


treamlining QA Processes Thumbnail

Streamlining QE Processes

We create a systematic QE strategy with clearly defined roles and duties. Conduct a seamless transition to a new software development methodology or improve your QE procedures due to increasing projects.

QA Bottlenecks Thumbnail

QE Bottlenecks

Do you have issues with the composition of your QE team, job distribution, or communication within your QE unit? Our QE consulting experts can help you solve these and other bottlenecks, improving overall performance.

Optimizing QA costs thumbnail

Optimizing QE Costs

We'll recommend the best QE processes, team organization, tech stack, and testing types to minimize cost per change drastically. Plus, our statistics-based ROI calculator can help you assess the viability of test.

Strategic QE Planning

Strategic QA Planning

The number and sequence of QE activities may vary depending on the size and type of the software development project. This is dependent on the scope of the project and its objectives. The first step, though, stays the same. Our QE professionals will conduct a thorough study of the requirements to establish a Software Testing Strategy and plan for its implementation. The goal is to look for flaws in the system design and technology. The above aids in the early detection of expensive mistakes.

Review Requirements thumbnail

Review Requirements

Our Strategic QE Planning starts with reviewing the requirements. Then, experts at our labs perform detailed requirement checks for your project.

Design Testing Strategy Thumbnail

Design Testing Strategy

The best quality engineers of Riseup Labs then design the whole testing strategy ensuring standard quality assurance planning in mind.

Execution Thumbnail


Our Quality Engineering specialists apply the best approaches to make your products flawless when executing the plan. They are well-versed in proper execution.

QE Documentation Services

QA Documentation Services

At Riseup Labs, documentation is an unavoidable part of the software development life cycle. As a result, we focus heavily on high-quality documentation, ensuring that any team member can view any changes made to requirements or documents as soon as they are altered, added, updated, or removed. 

The team uses some of the super tools like TestRail and Zephyr to develop and plan test cases once the requirements have been determined. For example, our Quality Engineers assure software functionalities are addressed in the test planning.

  • Test cases writing
  • Test cases planning
  • Test checklist and data creation
  • Test reports maintenance
  • Software quality metrics creation


Web Testing Automation Services


Web Testing Automation Services


Hire our Quality Engineers to test the functioning of web apps in unprecedented depth, accuracy, and quickness. Our QE team will create cases and execute cross-browser UI testing by emulating genuine user interactions.

  • Smoke testing service
  • Functional testing service
  • UI and mockup testing service
  • Acceptance testing service
  • Cross-browser testing service
  • Regression testing service
  • Integration testing service
  • Field validation service


Manual Quality Engineering and Testing Services


Manual Quality Engineering and QA Testing Services

We offer complete manual QE and software testing services at every stage of the project, detecting issues and tracking them down to address them before the final product is delivered. Besides, our quality assurance staff has extensive knowledge in all testing areas.

  • Smoke Testing
  • GUI Testing
  • Database Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Functional & Regression Testing
  • Product Verification Testing
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • End to End Testing


Mobile App Testing and QE Services


Mobile App Testing and QA Services


Every organization's strategy must include mobility. However, it is frequently prohibited due to functional flaws and bad user experience. Riseup Labs' Quality Engineering staff is well-equipped to cope with device complexity and respond to consumers' questions through mobile testing expertise. Consequently, we've been able to help enterprises effectively deploy their products across mobile devices to give a consistent consumer experience.

  • Mobile APP Functional Testing Service
  • Compatibility Testing Service
  • UX Testing Service
  • And Mobile App Performance Testing


Mobile Testing Automation Services


Mobile Testing Automation Services

Riseup Labs offers advanced frameworks to test mobile apps on all major platforms and devices. In addition, we can create and execute functional, integration, system, and UI tests and run them parallel using our proprietary testing standards.

  • Native apps testing automation service
  • Web apps testing automation service
  • Cross-platform app testing automation service
  • Cloud services for testing automation service
  • Parallel test running for speed

Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing Services


The most serious issue of site abandonment is a website/app crash. Riseup Labs' performance testing services ensure that the product can sustain a large amount of stress. 

Our experienced QE team has extensive experience with the testing system and has worked on many difficult apps. The apps will be fully tuned during high loads using our software testing technique to ensure they perform as intended.

With the services listed below, our Performance Testing Services assist the business in achieving its objectives.

  • Load Testing Service
  • Stress Testing Service
  • And Performance Evaluation Testing Service

API Testing Automation Services


API Testing Automation Services

APIs are a standard tool in practically any software developer's toolbox, and they should be included in every QA team's test strategy and methodology.

Make sure that any APIs you use, whether third-party or your own, always perform as intended. API testing becomes a simple activity that can be accomplished more quickly with automation.

  • API testing automation
  • SOAP web services and RESTful APIs
  • Custom-tailored HTTPClient
  • Non-UI functional testing
  • Component integration testing

Riseup Labs' complete software testing services include the following API testing services.

API Automated Testing Thumbnail

API Automated Testing

Using API testing automation to prevent functional defects can save you up to ten GUI problems later in the development process.

API Performance Testing

API Performance Testing

Users will search for alternatives if the product is slow. Before adding the UI, make sure all your application's components work together and perform properly under pressure.

Web API Testing Thumbnail

Web API Testing

SOAP and REST testing methodologies are distinct, and Riseup Labs is experienced in both.


Data Analytics Testing Services

Data Analytics Testing Services


Complex data validation at every checkpoint in the cloud, data security in non-production contexts, compliance adherence, data masking and provisioning in the cloud, data quality of packages, correct data for operational activities, and customized data solutions are challenges the industries. 

Riseup Labs' Data and Analytics Testing service enables enterprises to handle these issues by providing targeted solutions for all data-related use cases. It establishes a reliable procedure and a well-managed data validation method. Our IPs and open source technologies detect data abnormalities early in the phase and speed up the whole QE cycle.

If you are looking for a next-gen Data Testing solution, then Riseup Labs' Data and Analytics Testing offering include:

  • Data Modernization testing using native solutions
  • AI-led Test Data Management
  • Package Data Testing
  • Data Operations Testing
  • Core Data and Analytics testing


IoT Testing Services

IoT Testing Services

For a more sustainable tomorrow, connected gadgets and IoT solutions are tested. IoT test services from Riseup Labs include end-to-end functional and non-functional certification for IoT solutions. In addition, our test solutions ensure security and quality so you can stay connected while embracing new ways of life.

Our IoT Testing solution uses device simulation to handle the variety of devices, protocols, and technological platforms and an Edge to Cloud test automation framework.


Cloud Testing Services


Cloud Testing Services


Cloud Testing Services ensure that cloud modernization and migration transformation journeys are successful.

Riseup Labs' Cloud Testing is for all cloud transformation use cases, such as custom application migration, data on the cloud, legacy modernization, cloud-native application, and SaaS packages.

We use a layered and automation-first approach to evaluate transformations that use Poly/Multi-Cloud deployment modes (Public, Private, Community, and Hybrid) and service models (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS). 

Based on the numerous migration disposition kinds, our evaluation methodology provides an approach for determining the scope of testing (type & coverage) degree (Rehost, Refactor, Re-Platform, Re Architect, Remediate, and more).


Customer Experience Validation


Riseup Labs Customer Experience Validation elevates customer experience across all digital touchpoints.

Thanks to increased digitization, consumer experience combines experiences across several different yet interrelated customer touchpoints spanning real and virtual worlds. Customers today demand the most customized and bug-free omnichannel experiences imaginable. The key to corporate success is to provide a consistent and seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and languages.

Customers, workers, and partners benefit from our Customer Experience Validation service since it enables them to develop compelling digital experiences for themselves. 

Riseup Labs' service offering broadly covers:

  • Customer experience journey assessment
  • Accessibility and Usability testing
  • Visual testing service
  • Crowdtesting service
  • Testing of conversational UIs and AR/VR apps


Functional Testing Services


Functional Testing Services

Functional testing is required for all digital applications. Functional testing ensures that a user's needs and functionalities meet its specifications.

Good functional testing services ensure that your software accomplishes what it is supposed to do by addressing its functionality and user interface.

Riseup Labs combines years of expertise in Quality Engineering and digital Testing services with industry best practices to guarantee that your software's functional specifications are covered to the fullest extent feasible.

Ensure your software's functional quality while reducing cycle time and enhancing client loyalty.

Compatibility Testing Services


Compatibility Testing Services


The number of new digital techs is growing at an unprecedented speed. The launch of every new app, device, or OS requires new rounds of QE to ensure the optimal user experience. 

No matter what type of digital product or service you provide, we can test it for the right set of combinations for your environment to assure quality and improved user service levels.

Riseup Labs offers comprehensive compatibility testing services and infrastructure specifically designed for digital. Get optimized compatibility testing services with the latest digital technologies of Riseup Labs.

Security Testing Services


Security Testing Services


Security testing services are the most crucial part of the SLDC (Software development Life Cycle) as the quantity and severity of digital data, and privacy threats have grown.

Riseup Labs' Security Testing services identify security flaws and guarantee that security risks are kept to a minimum. 

We employ the most up-to-date technologies and methodologies to create the most efficient and effective use of resources and time throughout the security testing process.

Take a proactive and deliberate strategy to safeguard your clients and your brand.

Intelligent Testing Services


Intelligent Testing Services


Enterprises are rapidly embracing Agile and DevOps methods to address the growing digital demands and deliver the best quality digital products to market quickly and efficiently. On the other hand, traditional testing methodologies are inadequate for many testing and quality assurance teams to satisfy these new standards.

With a comprehensive range of Intelligent Testing services and technologies, Riseup Labs can optimize your testing cycles from beginning to end. These are some of them:

  • Guidance on strategy
  • Key test cases are identified.
  • Choosing and applying the appropriate technology
  • Execution of tests that is both efficient and thorough
  • Expertise in automating as many processes as possible
  • Test findings are monitored and measured.


Wearables Testing Services



Companies are rushing to implement innovative digital apps and services for healthcare and fitness use cases for wearable devices.

The possibilities, like the technological challenges, are limitless. However, wearables must cram a lot of functionality into a small space, creating significant testing challenges.

From front-end to back-end and everything in between, Riseup Labs Wearables Quality Engineers help clients bring their wearable devices, apps, and concepts to market quicker, with more features and less risk. In addition, we create testing and automation to address the QA difficulties for the newest wearable gadgets, biosensors, and physical property sensors.

Our wearable testing services guarantee that wearables are safe, secure, and comply with applicable regulations in various countries.

Other Services, Products and Offers of Riseup Labs

Besides software development, Riseup Labs also helps businesses by offering a variety of technology solution services. To grow your business, you may need qualified IT experts. Riseup Labs can provide you dedicated IT experts for your business. You can also get other services like mobile & web development, high-quality products & special offers. Let's work together.

Why Choose Riseup Labs as a Quality Engineering Company?

Why Choose Riseup Labs as a Quality Assurance Company?

As a renowned software development service provider company, Riseup Labs excel in Quality Engineering solutions. We serve small, medium and large enterprises through our best in class software testing services. Our progressive roadmap, efficient project management, and consistent delivery helped us gain customer's hearts. Here’s how we care our beloved client’s-

Progressive Guidelines

Progressive Guidelines

Our experts study the Client's business and portfolio with care. Then, after conducting intensive research and analysis, they recommend the best strategic solution. Thus, we provide software development guidelines to our clients, considering other aspects in mind.

Organized Management

Organized Management

We offer a comprehensive project management approach for any software development project. Timely response to proposals is one of the crucial stages for a project, and we do it sincerely. The management team ensures on-time schedules with the maximum priority.

Versatile Engagement

Versatile Engagement

As everything is transparent in the online world, we make most efforts to keep transparency. Our team has the perfect combination of skills to provide improved software solutions. They are committed to maintaining transparency and scalability at all stages.

Consistent Delivery

Consistent Delivery

We use the most trusted tools to provide consistent delivery of software development. Software development delivery tools we use according to the projects are reliable. Therefore, we guarantee high-quality and consistent delivery of every software development project.

Quality Engineering Process of Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs' Quality Assurance in Software Testing starts early in the software development life cycle (SDLC). Our experts gather requirements and comprise the following activities:

Work Process of Riseup Labs Services


See How We Work


Requirement Evaluation

Fixing a fault discovered during testing is 15 times more expensive than avoiding one at the requirements design stage. So our QA professionals analyze and clarify functional and non-functional software requirements to avoid that.


Our QA experts plan tests based on the information gathered during the requirements analysis step. Bug tracking and reporting methods, resources, and other variables all have a role in every types and degrees of testing requires.

Design Testing

At this step, QA professionals create test cases or checklists to cover software requirements. Conditions, test data, and actions are outlined in test cases to validate specific functionality and declare an intended test result.

Test Execution

The test execution starts at the unit level when the development team does unit testing. The test team, in turn, takes over at the API and UI levels. Finally, manual test engineers carry out the test cases to a defect tracking system.


Test engineers retest the functionality in question once the flaws are resolved. In addition, they do regression tests to ensure that bug patches don't break associated functionality or cause it to deviate from what was described.


Our test team identifies software functionality affected by the introduced changes and determines test suites necessary to cover the deployment build's scope after the development team delivers a release notice with a smoke testing.


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Quality Engineering Services for 

Riseup Labs offers Quality Engineering (QE) Services for startups and enterprises. Let's explore our QE offerings for different types of industries.

QA for Startups

QA for Startups

Any new business starts with a specific product or service in mind. However, this is usually followed by a limited budget and tight deadlines. As a result, most companies are more concerned with meeting the objective than doing it in a high-quality manner.

Much hard effort and quality consciousness are necessary to make a decent enough product or provide exceptional service, and finances typically run out quickly.

Riseup Labs is here to help the Startup business by removing the above stress from their pipeline. And we offer the most cost-effective Quality Assurance Services for Startups.

Get software QA for startups

QA for Enterprises

QA for Enterprises

Despite the fast adoption of disruptive technologies such as IoT, Cloud, ML, and others, enterprises have become critical to provide high-quality products and services to assure customer happiness and improve the consumer experience.

We understand the specific characteristics and quality needs of IoT products/solutions built for diverse sectors at Riseup Labs. As a result, we deliver effective QAService for Enterprises with a shorter time to market.

Software, hardware, online apps, cloud solutions, mobile apps, and others are all covered by our QA services.

Get software QA for enterprises

Industries We Serve

With over a decade of experience as a leading software development company, we have developed many user-centric and business-friendly mobile applications for our clients in nearly every industry. Including the following:

Finance and Banking Icon
Finance & Banking
e-Commerce Icon
Telco Icon
Real Estate Icon
Real Estate
Software Icon
Health and Fitness Icon
Health & Fitness
Food and Drink Icon
Food & Drink
Music Icon
Medical Icon
Pharmaceutical Icon
Automotive Icon
Education Icon
Travel Icon
Entertainment Icon
Retail Icon
Business Icon
Photo and Video Icon
Photo & Video
Non-Profit Icon
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Trusted by

"Riseup Labs worked like a true professional, they understood our sudden requirements and recommended us the best solutions. They are also very fast to deliver the work on schedule."

Syed Makhlesur Rahman Communication Officer, Unicef Bangladesh

"Riseup Labs is very good to work with. They meet the deadlines they committed to. The Unicef Volunteers website turned out very nice and made the system a lot easier than we had to do in the previous manual process. "

Farhana Rahman Paula Communication Officer, Unicef Bangladesh

"Although they had to train the adolescent members for their digital platform. But they made it in such a way, like- there was a natural adoption of the platform with very little training. Users immediately see the benefit to themselves and loved the platform."

Monira Hasan Communication Officer, Unicef Bangladesh
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    Diverse Technology Competency of Riseup Labs' Experts

    Riseup Labs' developers create up-to-date, frictionless, and highly functioning applicaions that combine compelling features to fit your business. Our skilled Developers use their knowledge and cutting-edge technology to create mobile applications tailored to your company's demands. Diverse technology competency of Riseup Labs' Developers use are:


    QA Technologies

    Riseup Labs In-house Quality Engineers and QA specialists use the following software testing tools and technologies to provide Quality Engineering Services with the highest satisfaction.

    Jenkins icon
    Appium icon
    Selenium icon
    Cucumber icon
    Mantis Icon
    Jira icon
    Bugzilla icon
    Redmine icon


    Hire experts who are skilled at all the latest mobile technologies and platforms. When you hire our developers for your mobile app projects, you do not have to worry about quality or competence.

    Front-End and JavaScript

    Hire experts for building Web and Mobile Applications with JavaScript technologies. When you hire an expert from Riseup Labs, we ensure to use the latest front-end frameworks for interactive UI.


    Hire experts to develop scalable, secure, and interactive web applications. Riseup Labs offers experts for hire who are experienced with back-end technologies.

    Blockchain, ML, AI and Data Analytics

    Hire experts who have outstanding development skills in AI, ML, and Blockchain.

    eCommerce and Content Management System (CMS)

    Hire experts from Riseup Labs and make your desired software applications with the trending eCommerce technologies.

    Game, Animation, Photo and Video Editing

    Hire experts from Riseup Labs and build your desired team to fulfill your demand with the trending technologies.

    Unity Icon
    Unreal Engine Icon
    Unreal Engine
    Autodesk Maya Icon
    Autodesk Maya
    Blender Icon
    Autodesk 3ds Max Icon
    Autodesk 3ds Max
    Autodesk MotionBuilder Icon
    Autodesk MotionBuilder
    Spine Icon
    Adobe Photoshop Icon
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator Icon
    Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe After Effects Icon
    Adobe After Effects
    Cocos2d Icon
    Adobe Lightroom Icon
    Adobe Lightroom

    Resource Augmentation Services - Hire the best Quality Engineers from Riseup Labs

    Resource Augmentation Recruitment Process from Riseuplabs

    Riseup Labs is one of the greatest IT outsourcing firms in the world, with a reputation for providing world-class software products. We provide high-quality outsourced development services at a reasonable price.

    We can assist you if you require resource augmentation for your new or prospective AR/VR/MR development project. In that situation, we will follow some specific procedures in order to provide you with the best outcomes possible.


    Resource Augmentation Steps

    Riseup Labs can help you hire the best IT people. All you have to do is follow the following steps.

    • Step 1: When clients seek outsourcing services, we first gather their requirements.
    • Step 2: The next step is to narrow down the contenders and send their CVs to them.
    • Step 3: Following that, we begin delivering resource outsourcing / IT staff augmentation after performing a technical interview session.
    • Step 4: Finally, onboarding the team.

    Hire dedicated IT staff/developers and affordable development services from the best IT outsourcing company Riseup Labs.

    History of Riseup Labs

    Story of success of Riseup Labs

    Riseup Labs is one of the most successful Software Development companies in the world. Our successful development journey started with developing an AR app on the Language Movement of Bangladesh on the 21st February of 1952. The historic 7th March speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of 1971 is also our greatest work.

    Besides, we have achieved worldwide recognition for our development works, such as software development, web development, game development, apps development, and many more.

    We have also developed many successful projects for national & international organizations like UNICEF, BBC Media Action, Robi Axiata Ltd.

    Tech enthusiast Mr. Ershadul Hoque is the founder of Riseup Labs and has been the Founder and CEO of this creative platform from its starting time. Now we are working to make a real change with our creative services.

    Let's Test Your Software With Riseup Labs


    Riseup Labs offers top-notch software quality engineering and QA testing services for global clients that ensure success for small, medium, and large businesses. Do you need a pool of educated IT and technology professionals for your projects? Our qualified team will do planning, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance for your software development projects. Share your ideas and we will make them real.


    Hire IT Professionals for your Projects!

    Hire Experienced Professionals on any Skill and Technology. You can hire Freelance Resources, Dedicated Team, and project outsourcing for your IT-based projects from Riseup Labs. Besides, you can build a research and development center by partnering with us!

    Hire Freelancer Resources


    Hire Freelancer Resources

    Riseup Labs connects businesses with freelancers, independent talent, and agencies worldwide. We help companies by providing freelancer resources to work together in new ways and environments. 

    Benefits we offer with Hire Freelancer Resources are:

    • Proof of quality
    • Exceptional Talent
    • Safe and secure
    • Wide Expertise

    Hire Freelancer Resources for web design and development, software development, and more.

    Hire a Freelancer

    Hire Dedicated Resources


    Hire Dedicated Resources

    Hire dedicated resources from Riseup Labs to accomplish your dream project by building an excellent website, software, mobile app, IoT, AR/VR/MR solutions, and many more. 

    Get qualified dedicated resources with expertise in:

    • PHP
    • Python
    • AngularJS, .NET
    • Objective-C, Java, Swift, and Kotlin
    • Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, and more

    We can help you find the best-dedicated resources within no time. Just share your thought with us and we will help from every angle.

    Hire Dedicated Resources


    Hire Dedicated Team


    Hire Dedicated Team

    Riseup Labs offers a cooperative model for hiring a dedicated team. The highly-skilled, dedicated team at Riseup Labs can help you with any software development services.

    Our Hire Dedicated Team Services offer:

    • Big-scale and Long-term projects
    • Tight-knit cooperation
    • Management of team's work
    • Cost-Effectiveness
    • Limitless Access to Tech Talents
    • Outstanding Flexibility

    Also, we provide a team of dedicated engineers that will work exclusively with you on a long-term basis. So, hire the dedicated team from Ruseup Labs.

    Hire Dedicated Team

    Project Outsourcing


    Project Outsourcing

    Do project outsourcing to boost your capabilities and scale easily. We can help you with comprehensive project outsourcing services.

    Benefits of IT Project Outsourcing:

    • World-class IT professionals
    • Highly economical
    • Unlimited operational capacity
    • Consistent communication
    • Flexible team upgrade
    • Automate everyday tasks

    Relieve workloads to ensure your in-house team focuses on what they do best by upgrading your project with our IT project outsourcing. We will help you with the most accessible project outsourcing services.

    Do Project Outsourcing


    Build Research & Development Center


    Build Research & Development Center (R&D Center)

    All-in-one place to set up your own R&D Center for any software development. We can help you build R&D Centers. And you can establish or run your development team. 

    We can help you build a Research and Development Center (R&D Center) in the following fields:

    • Find a great office
    • Recruit tech stars
    • Accounting, payroll, and HR services
    • Employer branding
    • Business travel support
    • Legal Assistance

    Set up your R&D Center to Scale up your company's workflow by hiring more talented programmers and developers.

    Build R&D Center

    Quality Engineering Services FAQs

    Frequently asked questions about Riseup Labs' Quality Engineering Services. We have noticed that most of our clients seeking professional QE have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced QE specialists. We hope it will help you to get an instant answer.

    I have got an idea, how and where do I start?

    Please contact us to know more.

    Riseup Labs provides Resource Augmentation facilities for Mobile Application Development to achieve your app development goal. Please contact us.

    Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Software Development Company.

    They have a high level of recognition for their Mobile Application development services. Please visit.


    Riseup Labs have an online portfolio. Please visit


    Riseup Labs is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading technology solution and service provider Software Company in Bangladesh.

    Yes, we can. Please visit

    Yes, we can. Please visit

    Yes, we can.
    Yes, we can.
    Yes, we can.
    Yes, we can.

    You can observe every bit of step during the app development period.

    So, you can fulfill each bit of desired requirements without any confusion.

    Client satisfaction is our primary goal.

    #Requirements Analysis and Planning

    #User Experience




    #User Interface


    #Testing and QA

    #Beta testing


    #Going Live

    #Maintenance and Updates

    Yes, you can.

    In that case, to ensure a secure service, we do not publicly detail all our security precautions.

    Please contact us.

    Many factors contribute to launching a successful app, and some requirements may result in the task taking longer to develop than others.

    Please contact us for detail.

    Yes, we can.

    Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

    So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

    And each group includes

    - Project Manager

    - Architect

    - Product Designer

    - UI/UX Designer

    - 2D Artist

    - 3D Artist

    - Graphics Designer

    - ML AI Expert

    - AR VR Expert

    - Software Engineer

    - Q/A Engineer

    - Digital Marketing Expert

    - Consultant

    Riseup Labs have enough and highly qualified human resources.

    So for each project, Riseup Labs assigns a single team to maintain quality work.

    And each group includes

    - Project Manager

    - Architect

    - Product Designer

    - UI/UX Designer

    - 2D Artist

    - 3D Artist

    - Graphics Designer

    - ML AI Expert

    - AR VR Expert

    - Software Engineer

    - Q/A Engineer

    - Digital Marketing Expert

    - Consultant

    Yes, we do.

    Yes, we strongly recommend that you begin by launching the simplest possible version of your vision first.

    Continue to adapt it over time.


    • Laravel
    • Bootstrap
    • VueJS
    • Flutter Mobile



    • Android
    • iOS
    • Windows Phone


    Programming languages:

    • JAVA
    • PHP
    • Objective
    • C



    • jQuery



    • MySQL
    • Apache



    • Firebase
    • Retrofit
    • RapidPro
    • MVVM
    • PortWallet
    In that case we start by creating a central database that will hold all your data; then, we put an interface (an API) to allow the mobile and web applications to send and receive it.
    Yes, you can.
    Yes, you can.

    Yes, we are.

    Riseup Labs specialize in highly bespoke projects, and it is natural for us to work with the existing team.

    Yes, we can.

    Yes, please.

    We need your support with testing the project.

    We have testing and quality assurance processes, but the way we think and use your application is different from how you will.

    You know best what you want better than anyone else.

    Probably you will use and interact with what we have built-in in ways that we could not have predicted.

    In that case, as the business grows, the commercial landscape may also change and make in-housing the development team a sensible long-term decision.

    And, we're okay with that.

    For a small project, typically, we will invoice a 50% opening deposit and a final 50% deposit on completion of the work.

    We will split the payments over the project's life at monthly intervals for larger scopes of work.

    Each planning day fees are due in advance of the initial planning day meeting.

    Riseup Labs works this way because it supports your cash flow and means that you don't have to pay too much money upfront to see some output from us.

    Yes, we are.

    If it is digital, almost all mobile application projects create custom visuals of how the app will look and feel before developing.

    We start the design process by research and analyzing the value behind your brand.

    It includes the image and your entire business.

    Once we understand your app development objectives and requirements, then we can engineer a design that is easy to use and performs for your business.

    Probably, Yes.

    If possible, then we prefer to follow our design process.

    As it allows us to deliver top quality and consistency, but we can be flexible with it.

    If designs are useful, then yes, we will work with them.

    If they do not match our high standards, we will be honest and recommend creating the designs for you instead.

    Yes, we do.

    Please visit.

    Please visit to send your queries.

    You reached here because you have an idea; otherwise, you have fundamental business issues trying to solve.

    If you want to know more about Riseup Labs, you can visit the "About" page, the "Services" page, explore "Portfolio" page.

    If you want even more information, it's a good sign.

    It means it's time to discuss between you and Riseup Labs.

    You can start instantly by sharing what you are looking for via our contact page or giving us a call on.

    Within 24 hours, you will get a reply to your email enquiries.

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