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Riseup Labs provides QA service for Murka Games Limited, an international game development company. They produce social casino and casual games. However, they require high-quality, bug-free games to provide a good gaming experience. Therefore, RUL is providing quality assurance testing services for Murka Games Limited to ensure the quality of their games.

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How is Murka Games Limited Getting QA Services for Games?

Two teams of Riseup Labs' are working for Murka Games Limited. One team is for Quality Assurance, and another is for Game Development. But now you will witness how Riseup Labs improves games by providing qa service for Murka.

Murka Games Limited

Client Logo of BlackJack 21 Classic Game.

Murka Games Limited is an international game development company that has been successfully producing social casino and casual games for over a decade. Murka Games brings fun and joy to an average of 5 million monthly players worldwide in more than 200 countries. They are actively working to produce more hitting games with ambitious creation plans in the mobile gaming industry.

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Quality Assurance in Game Industry

Quality assurance in game industry

Quality Assurance in the Game Industry was often overlooked. QA was treated as disposable. But the importance of quality assurance is getting attention now. It came to light with the rise of unionization in the games industry. And everyone who has been in the game industry now knows its importance.

Finding defects in the program or bugs and ensuring quality UX in the gaming experience are quality assurance goals. QA includes documenting, testing, and analyzing these differences until it is decided they can be released.

Quality Assurance Testing is about having the willingness to find bugs. It calls for much thought, imagination, and a keen eye for detail and logic. Recognizing that a game has bugs is the first step in identifying them. It is related to the difference between science and superstition.

Although bugs are not usually planned for games. QA testing is useful in this situation since it can spot issues players might not even be aware of.

As a result, it becomes crucial for QA Testers to look between the lines of anything as basic and simple as a single piece of text without becoming distracted by the color and music around them. Now Riseup Labs is also providing a QA testing service for games of Murka.

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What are the Problems of Murka Games Limited?

What are the problems of Murka Games Limited

Muraka Games Limited is an international game development company that has been successfully producing social casino and casual games for over a decade. But for producing the best games in the world, quality assurance service is also important for Murka. Riseup Labs is providing QA testing service for games of Murka Games Limited for the following problems:

  • De-bugging
  • Game-testing
  • Customer Support
  • Release Monitoring
  • Product quality strategy
  • Development process monitoring

Which Services are Murka Games Limited Receiving for Solution?

Services Murka Games Limited receiving for solution

QA specialists of Riseup Labs integrate with the game development team of Murka Games Limited. It's an intelligent and coordinated effort to eradicate inconsistencies in the design, improve the game, and build professional credit. They work to solve problems while developing and designing the game. These are the quality assurance testing services that Riseup Labs provides for Murka Games Limited:

How is Murka Games Limited Benefiting after Getting QA?

Riseup Labs, the Game Testing Company, helps companies to get access to developers at a minimum cost. Which is better than what companies can manage internally.

This is how QA service provider Riseup Labs help Murka Limited Company:


Saved Time and Costs

QA Engineers of Riseup Labs help Game developers of Murka focus on their work, save time, and eventually impact costs. The Qa Team provides QA Service for Murka by letting them spend less time developing new features at lower costs.

QA services for murka games limited saved time and costs

Experienced Team of Best Game Testers

Game testing service provider Riseup Labs provides access to the best-skilled game testers. This team has experience working in different genres of games and on multiple platforms. Their credibility, experience, and wide perspective ensure defects are identified and communicated early, enabling Murka to maintain high-quality standards.

Experienced team of best game testers

Complete Coverage with The Best Tools

Experience with best-in-class tools, technologies and frameworks. QA Testers of Riseup Labs ensure that the games of Murka are tested inside and out. Advanced project management methodologies and proven frameworks enable testing various scenarios faster and more effectively.

Complete coverage with the best tools

Optimization of Up-front and Ongoing Investments

Game testing provider Riseup Labs provides access to the best resources, platforms, tools, and devices at a fraction of the cost and helps Murka to concentrate on the core processes of their business priorities.

Optimization of up-front and ongoing investments

Achieved a Faster Go-to-market

QA Engineers of Riseup Labs test effectively, finding and fixing the bugs. The Qa Team provides QA Service for Murka to reduce the time and manual effort needed in testing. The advent and implementation of new transformation methods using telemetry for reducing test efforts, risk-based testing, shift left, and others further reduce Murka's time to reach the market. This enables them to get their game and patches to the market faster, giving Murka a huge competitive edge!

QA services for murka games limited achieved a faster go-to-market

New Projects of Riseup Labs

Explore the new projects of Riseup Labs to get more insights about us.

Riseup Labs' QA Services will Fix Your Issues

Riseup Labs' qa services will fix your issues

Riseup Labs, a well-respected quality assurance company, is an expert in enterprise software. As a top QA Company, it'll customize each deployment or upgrade to your business objectives and modernize your platform for a quicker, more secure, and more pleasant user and customer experience.

These are the Quality Assurance services that Riseup Labs provides for you:

Empowering Global Clients to Succeed with Technologies

Riseup Labs has aided globally recognized businesses and technology startups deploying world-class software products. Find out why they selected us and how we assisted them in transforming people's lives.

What We Do?

QA develops and implements standards for developing or creating reliable products. A quality assurance system enables a company to compete more effectively with rival businesses by enhancing work processes, client confidence and company credibility. That's why it needs proper problem finding and solutions.

Here is the process that Riseup Labs implemented during the QA service for Safe-Guard Products.


Finding the Pain Point

When a client asks Riseup Labs to provide Quality Assurance Services, they sit with the Client to find their pain points. The Business Development team listens to customer questions to help see potential pain points popping up before they become major issues. 

In addition to customer listening, Riseup Labs conducts further research to get into the heart of customer pain points.

Providing the Solution

The Quality Assurance team brings out the solution to the Client. They map the customer journeys and personas for the product or service. Then offers a solution through:

  • Identifies the Problem
  • Generates potential solutions
  • Chooses one solution
  • Implements the solution
  • Evaluate results


Quality assurance is a very important part of the game development process because it ensures that the player’s gaming experience is seamless, fun, and without unpleasant interruptions.

In this step QA team of Riseup Labs implements the solution.

  • Prepare for testing
  • Perform the test
  • Report the results
  • Repair the bug
  • Return to step 1 and re-test
Implementing the Solutions

Service Summary

Riseup Labs is a globally trusted quality assurance company. It is an expert with years of experience in enterprise software. As a top QA service company, it customizes each deployment or upgrade to your business objectives and modernizes your platform for a speedier, more secure, and more pleasant user and customer experience.

  • Total QA Services: 4
  • Total Solutions: 4

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Leading brands and well-known businesses have selected Riseup Labs as a dependable partner.

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As a B2B Development company, Riseup Labs is delivering industry-standard AR/VR/MR/software/app/web development services worldwide. The aim is to earn client's ultimate satisfaction by providing them sustainable software solutions. They are happy as we provided the service we committed. According to client's review, Riseup Labs has been featured in many popular platforms including-


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Which Industries Need Quality Assurance Service?

Quality Assurance is used in multiple sectors. They must employ it to guarantee their customers the highest level of service. The following sectors use quality assurance:

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Education Icon
Finance and Banking Icon
Financial Services
Real Estate Icon
Home services
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Why Should You Hire QA for Game Development?

Flaws and glitches don't appear until after the game has been released. So your company can determine what areas require more attention and hire Quality Assurance like QA Service for Murka Games Limited. Then you can see how many bugs the QA team can identify before a game is launched. But learn first why you should hire QA for Game Development.


Providing Quality Experience

The player's joy is the most important consideration while developing a game. To provide players with a top-notch experience, the quality assurance team tracks down every problem possible. Game testers guarantee that a game will be finished on schedule, on budget, and under business quality requirements. The work of a QA tester also entails using different technologies, including bug trackers, test cases, and requirements management systems, as well as a quality assurance with no coding tools (RMS). To ensure that newly found defects have been resolved, they might write test cases either during the early design phases or after the release date.

Providing Quality Experience

Delivering Bug-free Games

QA Testers play through a game to look for bugs and malfunctions. Software testing quality assurance has significantly developed over the past several years. A company needs human testers who are driven and prepared to perform critical thought if they want to create a game with characters who appear and behave like real people. These people have specific characteristics to be successful at QA Testing.

Delivering bug-free games

Ensures The Success of Every Game

Every game must go through QA testing to be successful. QA is an essential component in ensuring the quality of products in technology. For instance, the intricate intricacy and complexity found in today's advanced computer games, as well as in movies, TV shows, and novels. Each tester can comprehend what they are testing and how it fits into the whole picture because QA Testing is supposed to be thorough and detailed. Their perceptions are continually engaged and maintain attention for the task's duration.

Ensures the success of every game of murka games limited

Saves Company from Bankruptcy

A company can save several thousands of dollars in each game by using QA testing. In addition to helping businesses save money, QA testing is crucial for games that will be launched in the future. Every company invests time and money in creating the game, so QA testers do it properly.

Saves company from bankruptcy

Point of View

Any gaming app's main goal is to keep the player entertained by providing the best possible gaming experience free from interruptions. If the game loads quickly and isn't distracting, every player wants to play it. In a gaming application, ensuring a constant frame rate is essential. Obtaining quality assurance services will enable your application to function better. And increase your earnings by actively monitoring them via Real User Monitoring.

Point of view

Expert's view

Expert's View

QA in game development is much more challenging and chaotic than in other software development forms. Due to games being very complex, it is difficult to assure quality without the proper strategy, mindset and prioritization. QA teams must be synced to Product Management, Engineers and artists alike for it to bear fruition.

-Project Manager, Murka Games Limited Team, Riseup Labs

Meet Our Experts

Riseup Labs is excited to continue providing Software Quality Assurance services and quality control for Murka Games Limited. Meet the professionals who offer the finest QA service for Murka Games Limited. The software from Murka Games Limited has been made error-free by Riseup Labs Software Quality Assurance Engineers. However, as the need for the service grows, the crew will expand.

Meet the Experts of Riseup Labs


Meet the Experts

QA Service for Murka Games Limited FAQs

Frequently asked questions about QA Service for Murka Games Limited. We have noticed that most of our buyers seeking professional QA services have similar questions. To answer their questions, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions answered by our most experienced specialists. It will help you to get an instant answer. Contact us for more information.

What Does a QA Do in Game Development?

Technical gameplay testing is done as part of quality assurance (QA). The QA team for video games goes through a game several times, producing thorough bug reports and noting any problems they see.

Professional QA engineers don't wait for a miracle solution to improve operations. Instead, they take the initiative and strengthen their relationship with their engineers, always keeping in mind how important it is to provide the consumer with a top-notch experience. Testing serves as a tool to achieve the quality itself.

Game testers evaluate video games by playing them and checking their specifications to ensure they are free of bugs or problems that might distract the user experience. They inform the game designers of any problems they discover so they may be fixed before the game's official release.

The PDCA cycle involves four phases and is used in the general quality assurance process.

  • Plan: Establish a procedure and make goals.
  • Do: Create and implement tests.
  • Check: Track results, adjust, and assess whether goals were achieved.
  • Act: If adjustments are required to correct or enhance the process, make them.

The main difference between testing and quality assurance is that testing focuses more on the final result than QA is on the process.

  • QA is a systematic strategy for locating, defining, and modifying a set of processes that can help produce final items free of faults. The primary objective of quality assurance is to create and put into practice methods that will improve the whole SDLC.
  • Testing is implementing QA procedures to achieve a final product free of mistakes. Testing aims to uncover faults, flaws, and problems by confirming and validating the product's functionality.

Quality assurance testing is an important part of game development because it detects and reports defects within a game, which helps improve the product.

Game testers are important because testers help developers identify and address glitches, troublespots, and detractors before games are released.

Users might participate in beta testing, for instance, if the game is multiplayer. The creators provide regular, immediately identifiable game builds to testers. Testers play the game and record any mistakes they find. These might include defects, art flaws, conceptual mistakes, and level bugs.

QA test engineer is not a game developer. He or she is a programmer responsible for developing and enhancing the tools and procedures required to test the game. QA Test Engineers manage the project from a technical point of view.

You may take various routes to work as a game tester. To explore your options, acquire knowledge and experience, and find opportunities for a job or side business, follow the below steps.

  • Build a Good Resume
  • Gain Technical Knowledge
  • Develop Game Testing Skills
  • Participate in Public Beta Testing
  • Know where to Find Game Tester Jobs

You can contact the Riseup Labs team for hiring a quality assurance team. Let them know about your QA requirements. To contact just click the Get in touch button.

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